8 thoughts on “Color Inspiration

  1. While in Italy this fall I saw a few stores carrying Aurafil. They looked delicious and if I could, I would have bought one spool of everything!! Nothing like the colors here. They were vibrant, rich, delicious!!

    • Hi, I’d love to know if there is an Aurifil color chart on your site or blog so we can know what colors to look for at our local shops or to order online. Can you tell us if there is one available?

  2. I would be interested if there was a “Master Color Chart” here on the website also. Sometimes you’re not sure if one shade would be better than another and most websites only have a color number and a word description of the color. It would be really nice to have a place to see the real thing.

    Thank you,

    Lisa Stahl

  3. Dusty Orange
    Light Jade
    Thank you so much for the opportunity for the Aurifil collection sampler and Sweet as Honey Fabrics. I have been so inspired and my planning is about fin and these would top off at least 3 of my projects.

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