How to add a photo to the Aurifil Threads Flickr group

With all of the changes to Flickr in the recent months there have been some questions on how to add photos from your Flickr account into your favorite Flickr groups.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make sure all of your wonderful Aurifil inspired photos are added to the group and make certain you will not miss out on any of the giveaway opportunities or fun in the Aurifil Threads Flickr Group!

To get started, open your  Flickr account and locate Communities on the bar.  Under the Communities heading use the drop down to find the Groups List. Select the Groups list.

The Groups List will take you to all the wonderful groups you currently belong.   Click on the group you wish to share your photo(s).  To share your Aurifil creations click on the photo Aurifil Thread group.

When the group page pops up look next to the group title and there is an +Add Photos button. Click on that button.

This page will appear and you are almost done!  Simply click on the photo(s) you wish to share. You can share six at a time. For this example, I selected ( the photo in pink) my 2013 December Aurifil Designer Block of the Month by the FAB Pat Sloan!  The photo you choose will appear in the “Your Selections” box to the right of the screen.

The final step is to hit the “Add To Group” button at the bottom of the “Your Selections” screen.

There it is in your favorite group!  January’s block is done and shared!

Hope this will help you to be able to share your wonderful creations without creating a headache! Looking forward to seeing all of your Aurifil blocks and please add any other projects that you have made with Aurifil.

January Designer of the Month Brigitte Heitland

2014 Brigitte Heitland Zen Chic Jan aurifil designer button

Hi this is Designer/Radio show host Pat Sloan! I’m once again honored to be hosting the Aurifil Designer of the Month program.  This year we selected a fresh clear palette of fabrics and invited a modern designer to create our January block.  I asked each designer to create a block for a woman who has inspired them. I’m looking forward to learning who sparks the creativity in each of these quilt designers this year.

We have a sew along with a MONTHLY thread BOX giveaway (seriously folks… you could win a box of my thread which is over $120.00 value.. for making a quilt block… you have to join in!).

And we have an added feature this year of a machine quilting tip from Natalia Bonner. Look for that at the end of each interview!

Our January Designer Brigitte Heitland is from Germany and her company name is Zen Chic. If you have been following her work it might have blown your socks off, it does mine! Brigitte has a way of taking modern, clean, and simple lines and making them sing. I find that people who don’t think they do ‘modern’ are buying up .. and making her designs. Her added quilting layer is a brilliant accent to her patchwork.  She has a degree in interior design, which you will instantly notice on her pattern covers. I want to remake my home every time she releases a new photo!

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Brigitte on June 6, 2012. You can CLICK HERE and scroll back on the player to listen

EACH MONTH we will pick one random winner that has made a  block from our 2014 designers and that random person receives a FULL BOX of my Aurifil thread as the  prize! Winners are all contacted via Flickr email and posted at our FLICK GROUP HERE

Let’s get to it!

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2014 Aurifil Designer of the Month Challenge Fabric

2014 Aurifil Design Team in Houston

We had a chance for a group photo while in Houston!

2014 team 3

A lot of fun messing around .. almost the entire group was there this time!

Pat Sloan 2014 Aurifil challenge fabric

For 2014 we selected this group of fabric for the Design team challenge. The prints are all from “Wishes” by Sweetwater for Moda. Plus the Moda Bella Snow.

Each designer is going to create a 12″ finished block with a modern/clean feel using some of these fabrics and adding in ONE fabric from their stash. I love having that added spark that the designer uses to make the block perfect.

Pat Sloan bobbins and bits and bella 2

Many on the design team also design fabric, so you will see some of them making the blocks with their fabric lines, which is what I’m going to do!  I’ll be using my Grey with a bit of the Green and Orange from Bobbins’ and Bits.

Pat Sloan 2014 Wishes by Sweet water

And I love this line so much this pretty bundle is here to inspire me.. ((that’s my story.. you know the rest… wink!))

The first block is from Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic, which will set the tone for the entire year. I will be posting her interview and block the first week in January.

Be sure you are signed up for Aurifil’s newsletter at the top right of this block and mine on the right sidebar of my website!

The Team
Scott Hansen
Camille Roskelley
Carrie Nelson
Emily Herrick
Heidi Pridemore
Jane Davidson
Pat Sloan
Pat Wys
Natalia Bonner
Michele Foster
Brigitte Heitland
Angela Yosten
Amy Smart
Amy Gibson

Let the fun begin!

1 Watermak-Needle-Black

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day Dec 2013 Camille Roskelley Simplify ( winner announced)

Are ready for Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day featuring Camille Roskelley!


Camille Roskelley‘s style is graceful and timeless.  Light and bright, clean and happy are the colors that fill her patterns, fabric lines with Moda, her books published by Stash and  her Aurifil thread collections.



( All photos by Camille Roskelley)

The fantastic giveaway today is for the newest Camille Roskelley large spool collection Simplify. Twelve colors of the finest 50wt cotton with 1422 yards of thread on each spool.

Congratulations to Audrey!  Thank you to everyone for your participation in this fun giveaway and please stay tuned in for more giveaway opportunities in the near future :o)

I love looking at fabric stores, not just to ogle the fabrics, but also to get an idea for awesome color palettes for future quilts. Love! I’m also a huge blog reader.


December Designer of the Month Pat Sloan

2013 Dec Pat Sloan aurifil designer button

Hi I’m Pat Sloan the Aurifil Designer of the Month coordinator AND the featured designer for December! I decided to ask you what you want to know about me over at my blog a few weeks ago. Fun right?

It turns out there are a lot of questions, so I put half of them here, and half on my blog with my version of all 12 Aurifil blocks done in my Bobbins and Bits fabric. CLICK HERE to see.

I’m always sharing which of my radio shows the featured designer is on, well you can hear me on ALL the shows.. wink! To Listen to my All Quilting radio/podcast show CLICK HERE.

EACH MONTH we will pick one random winner that has made a  block from our designers and that random person receives a FULL BOX of my Aurifil thread as the  prize! Winners are all contacted via Flickr email and posted at our Flickr page in the winner topics.

Let’s get to it!

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Meet Designer Pat Bravo

2013 aurifil designer Pat Bravo

Hi I’m Pat Sloan the Aurifil Designer of the Month coordinator. I’m so pleased to have a chance to interview Pat Bravo, the designer of  “Rock and Romance”, the fabric line the DOM Team used to create the monthly block.  Pat and her husband Walter own Art Gallery Fabrics. That is where Pat and her staff create beautiful fabrics for all of us to use!

EACH MONTH we will pick one random winner that has made a  block from our designers and that random person receives a FULL BOX of my Aurifil thread as the  prize! Winners are all contacted via Flickr email and posted at our Flickr page in the winner topics.

Let’s get to know Pat!

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Aurifil 30th Anniversary

aurifil 30 anniversary alex and elena Hi I’m designer and radio show host Pat Sloan here to tell you about Aurifil Thread’s awesome 30th Anniversary! First meet Elena Gregotti the CEO of Aurifil USA and Alex Veronelli the Marketing Manager. these are the two people that lead the company to bring you amazing Aurifil thread! The past few weeks in Houston we had so much fun celebrating their Anniversary. aurifil team 2 Elena, Alex, myself and Kim Neidzwiecki, the social media manager, all popped in and out of the Aurifil booth at the trade show. alex elly elena And everyone was delighted to finally meet Elly Destro the sales and marketing specialist who works with the quilt shops! pat sloan golfing The Aurifil team set up a mini golf game.. ‘put put’ for Aurifil thread!  It took me some practice.. but I got better! aurifil 2013 golf game houston And the games continued all during Festival in Houston with loads of special guests showing up. Here are just a few of the celebrities that played golf for our 30th Anniversary. Hanspeter Ueltschi the president of Bernina (click here for a cool article), Jerry Granata, Marti Mitchell, and Victoria Findlay Wolfe! Click over to the Aurifil Facebook page for tons of fun photos from the 2 weeks in Houston! aurifil 30 anniversary party 1 Every anniversary needs a party! Alex and Elena set up the party at the Four Season’s hotel… many wonderful friends of Aurifil Arrived for the celebration! We certainly love the Electric blue of Moda President Mark Dunn‘s jacket! aurifil 30 anniversary party 2 I was super delighted to introduce my good friends on this special party night! aurifil 30 anniversary party 3 There was amazing food, great wine, two magicians and a lady doing awesome caricatures!

I hope you enjoyed meeting the people who make Aurifil amazing!

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November Designer of the Month Laurie Tigner

2013 Nov aurifil designer buttonHi I’m Pat Sloan the Aurifil Designer of the Month coordinator. November’s Designer of the month is award winning Quilter Laurie Tigner. Laurie’s work is show stopping. It’s not wonder she has won countless awards for her quilts. I’ve interviewed Laurie twice and you MUST listen in! The first time she revealed what happened when she attended her first quilt show, super funny!! And she also talks about using fabrics other than cotton. Want to know how she get’s that shine to her quilts? Well it’s not cotton!

Laurie has been on my Radio show Oct 1, 2012 and July 15, 2013. To Listen to my show CLICK HERE. then scroll down until you see the Green “Disco” ball. Once the shows load.. scroll the radio player to the date Laurie was on the show with me.

EACH MONTH we will pick one random winner that has made a  block from our designers and that random person receives a FULL BOX of my Aurifil thread as the  prize! Winners are all contacted via Flickr email and posted at our Flickr page in the winner topics.

Let’s meet Laurie!

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Big City Bags Review (winner announced)

We are so very excited with this new book by Sara Lawson!  Aurifil is known for its excellence in piecing and quilting but not very much is shared when it comes to garment and bag making.  Aurifil’s quality is the perfect choice for all of your sewing projects which Sara shares in her new book Big City Bags. Sara used both Aurifil 40wt and 50wt in all of the bags for her book.
headshot“My name is Sara, and I live with my family in Chicago, Illinois. My son, William, is 7, and my daughter, Violet, is 5-1/2. I love horses, sewing, photography, reading books, Australian Shepherds, and music. The blog was named for one of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs that I had on a cute pink 7″ record. It just sounded cool with the word ‘sew’ in front of it. :-)

I started blogging because I love sewing, and I am really inspired by the sewing community out in blogland. My blog would not exist if it wasn’t for the wonderful blog Amy Lou Who and for my partner in (fabric) crime, Kim.

My grandmother, my mom, and my aunt all sew. My grandmother is very good at making and altering clothing. I learned the basics when I was in 3rd grade, when my mom taught me and my friend a little sewing class once a week. I made a simple dress, which I proudly wore to school (my friend’s mother did not allow her to wear hers). At the time, I loved all sorts of crafty things, and so sewing took a back seat for a long, long time.

As an adult, I began sewing again when my first child was born. I needed something to occupy my time in the evenings while my baby was asleep, and I found sewing. At first it started out as a weekly goal to complete a little sewn project, but soon I was spending every free hour in the evening sewing. I was obsessed. I laugh because I often show my grandmother my finished bags, and she is always quick to point out that I have twisted a strap, or that my topstitching is not perfect.

Even though I take care of my family during the day and work a part-time job on the weekend, I devote every spare minute and stay up until midnight every night, so that I can work on my bag designs and blog. I have found my calling, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I started designing free bag sewing patterns for Pellon Projects, in late 2011. They include detailed instructions and step-by-step photos. My book, Big-City Bags, was published by Martingale on November 5, 2013. I also produce pdf and paper sewing patterns.

My love for sewing has truly brought me out of my shell. I have always been a shy person, but now I feel confident in myself and in my sewing abilities, and I can now do things that I never in my life would have imagined that I would be doing. I taught two classes at Sewing Summit in 2012, I’ve had patterns appear in magazines (Modern Quilting, Sew News, Stitch, etc.), I have taught lectures and classes at events and guilds, and I’ve even been on Pat Sloan’s ‘American Patchwork and Quilting Radio’ internet show.

I am proud to say that I use By Annie’s Soft and StablePellon interfacings, and Aurifil Thread (usually 40 wt., but I enjoy 50 wt. as well) in all of my bags.”

There are twelve adaptable projects in this book. These bags are designed to be made by everyone in their own personal style.  Sara has a team of testers to make certain that every bag pattern is well written and looks good no matter what fabric is used.

4 square bag

Throughout the book Sara gives her personal tips for everything from what interfacing to use and why to what kind of fabric glue she uses to make sure your twist locks stay secure.  The pattern pieces are printed in the pages so you do not have to worry about unfolding and refolding, just trace and sew!  The projects in the book have many photos with very detailed instructions for sewers of all skill levels.

Let’s look at some of the fabulous bags you could make from this book.

The Miss Independent Bag is the perfect selection for that girl on the go, with pockets for all of your pens or other work and school related necessities.  It also includes a pattern to protect your laptop that will fit right inside.

Miss Independent Bag

The Bee Sweet Bag is a wonderful choice if you want to really show off that large scale or statement print.  Sara’s bag shown is using Tula Pink’s Flutterby.

Bee Sweet Bag

For a purse with a flap and secure clasp closure, Sara offers the Go-Go Bag.  A moderate sized bag that still includes all the storage space you could possibly need. Looking to upgrade from your messenger bag?  This bag looks fabulous no matter if you are in business attire or jeans.

Go Go Bag

Sara has graciously offered a signed hardcopy of her book Big City Bags!

To make this giveaway even more exciting there will be also an Aurifil The Basics Collection by Mark Lipinski.  This collection features 12 of Mark Lipinski’s favorite threads, the Basic Collection includes a variety of Aurifil’s outstanding threads in the 12 most versatile colors, each 1422 yards, 50wt.



One winner will receive one signed copy of Sara Lawson’s book and one collection of Mark Lipinski’s thread collection

Thank you everyone for commenting and Congratulations to Rita who said

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Meet the 2014 Aurifil Design Team

Aurifil 2014 Design team announcement

We are very excited to announce the 2014 Aurifil Design team!

This coming year we will have 12 fantastic blocks designed by this incredible group. Pat Sloan will be our host interviewing each designer and sharing their work with us! This year we have a special guest, quilter Natalia Bonner. Each month Natalia is going to share a machine quilting tip and at the end, she is going to quilt the finished piece!

2014 is going to be a super exciting year, please give our design team a warm welcome and visit their websites all year long!

Scott Hansen

Camille Roskelley

Carrie Nelson

Emily Herrick

Heidi Pridemore

Jane Davidson

Pat Sloan

Pat Wys

Natalia Bonner

Michele Foster

Brigitte Heitland

Angela Yosten

Amy Smart

Amy Gibson