Witness the birth of a piece of art!

      Parisian fiber artist, Fanny Viollet  ,  creates Contemporary textile art based on text and assemblages of embroidery and diverse fabrics.  She expands the materials and uses of fiber arts in multiple directions, today she is revealing for us her techniques …

   She will show you, unwinding the spools of thread, how to mix the colours, just like a painter mixes his colours out of the tubes

  She starts by suggesting how to choose the colours, unwind and lay them on a slightly rigid foundation (fabric or vinyl)

  Then she shows how to enhance the composition……

  and to cover it with a hydro soluble film, then how to pin it together

Lastly, to sew it all by machine in  free motion

Then if you behave, she will tell you how, after spending a few hours in a bowl, the palette comes out of the water as delicate as a water colour!    Witness the birth of a piece of art!




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