Marti Michell, AURIfil Spokesperson

  AURIfil is proud to announce Marti Michell, one of the pioneers of the current quilting revival, as the AURIfil USA spokesperson.  

Marti says : “After sewing only a few seams with AURIfil Mako 50/2 I was in love with the thread. The seams are soft, but strong. The thread is fine and occupies less space —Good-bye scant seam allowances! In addition, there is virtually no lint left in the machine. The other AURIfil threads provide the same excellent results! However this relationship was culminated after I met the company leadership and learned both the history and the goals of AURIfil.”


Marti Michell and her husband Richard have been involved in the quilting industry since 1972 when Marti’s hobby turned into a patchwork kit business named Yours Truly, Inc. In 1991, she was the first recipient of the Michael Kile award for contributions to the quilting industry and she was the International Quilt Festival 2004 Silver Star Honoree, a coveted lifetime achievement award. She served as President of the International Quilt Association from 1999-2003. During her career she has had record-breaking successes with tools, kits, patterns and fabric designs. Sales of books she has authored are nearing 2 million copies. Currently, she and Richard also produce acrylic tools under the brand name From Marti Michell. They live in Atlanta, Georgia.


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