“Quilters Dream ” a new shop in Be.needlework

sparkie-carver    snapshot_013  Be.needlework the largest craft show in SL enlarges with a new shop “Quilters Dream” , today we have here with us  Sparkie Carver the shop owner.  Sparkie says “My passion is my quilting .  I live life  the fullest  I hate wasting time.  I m always on the go.   Hobbies and interest are way to many to even mention.


In Quilters Dream you can find a large selection of Quilter’s SL tools, like….  fat quarters, bolt of fabric, yarn, and tables

snapshot_012 you can also buy a nice sewing machine with fabric bolts

snapshot_999 and of course you can’t miss the nice rotary cutter, I also got one for me …

snapshot_0011snapshot_0021  snapshot_0031 snapshot_0042  snapshot_0081  snapshot_0061snapshot_0051

so let join Sl and visit Be.needlework in the Region of Caravane ….. Sparkie will be happy to welcome you in her Quilt Shop.

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