Côté Passions …..a must see blog


Today I wish let you focus on a MUST BLOG I discovered online “Cote’ Passion “ is a French blog ( that also provide an English translation ) where you can really breathe the needlecraft air, quality of the pictures and contents will of course drive you in tourbillion of emotions and techniques.

The blogger…. Veronique… shares with us with love her full range of Passions……for Embroidery, Couture, Deco, Garden , Merry Cox,  Cross stitch , Knit and of course Patchwork…….

verom1 In her blog Veronique gives us also a large overview on Lea Stansal one of the most cult French Artist in needlework…she will let you know about her classes …expo and books.



 cimg1500I really love Lea’s creations too and I will post later about her new book “ Poches Pochettes “ as I will end to read it,  ……………………….for fun you can see me with Lea in this “nowadays vintage picture”  during Carrefour Européen du Patchwork 2006 , where I was as Aurifil Sponsor and she as President of Jury for the contest, in the picture of course we can see also Christophe Crupi someone that we all have to thanks for the great activity in promote patchwork in Europe. 

so let join http://www.verom.canalblog.com/….. it’s at a click distance


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