I have a longarm machine and Aurifil runs smoothly every time

bookcover  Today we meet Barbara Persing . Barbara is pleased to announce the release of her book StrataVarious Quilts, published by C&T Publishing.  The book was written with persing_hooverher sister Mary Hoover.  The book has 9 beautiful Strata Quilts with directions and quilting tips . She  says : “ I have been sewing and quilting for over 25 years. In 2000, I wanted to change my working situation and started my own business providing Longarm Machine Quilting services. My business grew quickly and I soon recognized that my customers appreciated my ability to provide guidance in choosing the quilting designs.
autumn_breeze_small1Having the opportunity to work for quilters who have a wide variety of interests and styles has helped to stretch my imagination. I enjoy the challenge to be creative for each quilt regardless of the style or pattern. This was the beginning of my quilting approach “I work for the quilt”. The most important part of my job is to marry the quilting to the personality of the quilt.

I am thankful to my clients for they have given me so much inspiration as a quilter. Each quilt I work on teaches me something new. I have learned more about myself and enhanced my abilities when I am pushed to work outside my own comfort zone.
country_blessings_image_small In the last year I have again undertaken a new business. In addition to my Longarm Quilting business, my sister Mary Hoover and I have started a pattern company called 4th & 6th Designs . Mary lives in NY and owns a quilt shop but we collaborate daily on designs and ideas. Please see www. 4and6designs.com.
In my free time when I am not enjoying my 2 teenage sons and husband, I work on my own quilts which you can view in the gallery.
sunmoon_smallAurifil thread is my favorite thread to use for both piecing my projects and machine quilting.  I have a longarm machine and Aurifil runs smoothly every time, and in every weight.  The thread has a beautiful sheen and my clients love the look on their quilts.  I am very picky about the correct thread color when working on a quilt and Aufifil has the largest color selection I have seen. Aurifil is my thread of choice. “

Let visit Barbara’s website



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