Announcing the 2013 Aurifil Design Team!

2013 Aurifil DOM buttonfullPat Sloan here to announce the 2013 Aurifil Design team!  This is going to be a very exciting year. We have 12 Designers creating an awesome PIECED block ….did I just hear a HUGE CHEER!!!…  We are using Pat Bravo’s amazing fabric line called “Rock and Romance”…

Let’s see who is on the team!

2013 Aurifil Design TeamLeft to right…

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

rock and romance by pat bravoAnd this is a peek at “Rock and Romance” CLICK HERE to Art Gallery to see the entire line.

Are you ready for a Rock and Roll year? We are!


  1. Oh my!!! Just when I wanted to use more black and greys – my wish comes true!!
    Squeal!!! Looks like a great line up – exciting!!

  2. This is going to be so much FUN! The talent you have is awesome! Now to the fabric…yes I drooled lol Wish I knew how much we’d need so I could go ahead and buy it in advance. HINT HINT Love ya Pat! 😉

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