Ready for playtime with Angela Yosten and Flats!

So playful!  Angela Yosten is bringing back the fun and imagination of paper dolls with her new fabric collection Flats from Moda Fabrics  and coordinating thread collection from Aurifil.  Due for release in May, the bright colors and modern designs make it perfect for any project for the young or the young at heart!





It is not surprising that Angela, a busy wife and mother, is so talented with color and design.

“Since I was young, I was influenced by many talented people. Growing up I was raised in both a technical and creative atmosphere.While my mother taught me how to sew and encouraged all things arts and crafts-related, my father owned a computer business and taught me how to be independent and figure things out on my own.  My grandmothers and greats were also a constant influence with their own special talents of knitting, sewing, quilting and art.  I have always enjoyed  drawing, painting and designing, but it was not until I had my own children that inspired me to find my way back into the sewing room to discover my own style

On the technical side, I work full-time as a web developer for Moda Fabrics. On the creative side, I have my own design company as an outlet to be able to share my designs through books, patterns, and tutorials.”

Angela is also the author of Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! published by Stash Books and a contributor to Modern BlocksFresh Fabric Treats, and Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bake Shop Chefs.


Aurifil is presenting two thread collections to accompany her fabric. Each collection has 12 spools of the finest cotton.

The first collection case includes 12 colors of 12 wt thread in large spools each containing 386 yards .

Colors included : 2021-2311-2314-2372-2360.4241-2625-5007-2886-2105-2140-1103



The second collection case includes 12 colors of 50 wt thread in large spools each containing 1422 yards .

Colors included : 2021-2311-2314-2372-2360.4241-2625-5007-2886-2105-2140-1103



Aurifil and Moda have teamed up to make your sewing playtime twice as nice with a giveaway  featuring a fat quarter set, 24 prints and four panels, of Angela Yosten’s fabric line ( this will be shipped in April) and an Aurifil 12wt thread collection.

The giveaway will close Sunday Feb 17th at midnight EST.  A random winner will be announced by Tuesday Feb 19th.

If you are a no reply blogger please leave your email in your comment for example,

aurifil (at) wordpress (dot) com so we will be able to contact you.

To enter this giveaway please leave a comment sharing  your favorite childhood game.


  1. I loved playing Flashlight Tag in the woods near my grandmother’s summer house with my cousins. 15 to 20 kids of all ages, some of my best friends growing up!

    1. Love the fabric and matching thread! My favorite childhood game would be hide mad seek especially if we played outside, thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I played with dolls all the time. It was no other child near by, but I was very fond of my dolls, and I sewed new chlotes all the time.

  3. My favorite childhood game was playing softball- what fun we had! Thanks for the opportunity to win the Aurifil threads, my favorite thread for quilting! bmoubray (at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. I loved playing house or shop with my younger sister! We would set it all up in lots of detail and play for hours. Another one was planning and performing a “concert” for our mom (or anyone else who might have been there) – all together with “stage lights” (aka table lamp on the floor, turned up 🙂 ).

  5. Love the collection! My favorite game growing up was red light-green light. Boy, thinking about this has brought back some great memories!!

  6. I loved the game Colored Eggs, I don’t remember the exact details on how to play it but I remember having a lot of fun with my friends at recess!

  7. I loved playing all of the outdoor games, jumprope, roller skating, etc. But some of my favorites were when my sister and I built a fort out of sheets on our front porch and the games we played late at night when we went to bed! We had twin beds in our room and we used to play that we were on a raft that got split, we would hold hands until we “floated” to far apart-then one of us would swim to the other “raft” were we would try to survive together! LOL

  8. When the weather permitted we played an invented game called handy over during the day and ditch when the sun went down. Indoors we played cards. A neighbor and I played canasta regularly and other neighbors were always around to watch. Ah the good ol days! The fabric is beautiful but the best part is the addition of Aurifil thread. Great giveaway!

  9. My favorite childhood game was ‘Cat’s cradle’ I would sit for hours either on my own or with my friends figuring out new ways to play! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


  10. What a great collection of threads. While sitting on the cement sidwalk, my next door neighbor and I would play gin rummy and crazy eight. Great times.

  11. Beautiful thread colors and fabric! My favorite game was Kick the Can. The neighborhood kids would play this every night during the summer. Those were some of the best childhood memories. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. My favorite game was one we (my twin sister, little brother, and 2 favorite cousins) made up when we were out our grandpa’s house – The Pirate Game. Our grandpa’s house had 3 outside porches which became our pirate ships. Imaginations we had!

  13. I love games of any kind and seeing this fabric line took me back a few years! Would love to win it and the Aurifil thread to match!!

  14. Love to play outside with my friends…hop scotch, jump rope. hide & seek etc. This fabric brings back a lot of great memories for an older lady!

  15. What’s wonderful giveaway! It would be wonderful to have the perfect thread to se with the gorgeous fabric! My favorite game was marbles on the school playground…in the days when school grounds were not paved.

  16. When I was a kid my favorite game was hide and seek, but I really loved it when we went to my grandparents house in Kentucky and played the game. I would go to the tobacco barn and climb all the way to the top of the barn and hide between the tobacco stalks that were hanging there. No one could see me and I won. I would love to win this collection. Good luck eveyone.

  17. I read alot in the apple tree, or by the creek, but I did love to play hop scotch on the front stoop. (When not playing trucks with my brother.)

  18. We use to get a group of kids together and play hide& go seek.We would hide under porches ,behind bushes anywherewe kids cannot seem to do in the subdivision they live in now in the city.Lots of Fun.

  19. I loved playing Hide and Seek as a child. It was always fun trying to think of a place no one had hidden before. One time my brother hid in the clothes hamper and we like to never found him! 🙂

    scotty4me39 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. My favorite game was Canasta but my favorite pastime was reading.During my “second childhood” I learned to quilt but I still love playing Canasta and reading.

  21. I loved playing with my baby dolls and dressing them up in the new clothes my mother made for my Christmas presents. I had four brothers and if I played with them it was army or cowboys and Indians. That never worked out in my favor. LOL

  22. My favorite outdoor games were hop scotch, hide and seek and double dutch jump rope. Indoors was playing rummy with my mom and sister. For some reason the game just isn’t the same without mom.

  23. Childhood memories of jacks, paper dolls, checkers, monopoly and cribbage. It is so much fun to create quilts for young people with eye catching colors and patterns that can cretan a conversation either with parents or grandparents

  24. I read and sewed as a kid, but when mom threw us out of the house, we would play red rover and hide and seek, if not get on our bikes and ride to the library and a treat at the ice cream shop that was not too far away!

  25. We lived at the end of the street with a street light in front of our house which was the perfect “base” for tag – we would play for hours with plenty of hiding spots and space to run. We also had the perfect yard as our lawn and the neighbors lawn made for a big area for us to play all kinds of games – red rover, dodge ball, etc.

  26. I used to play “The Price Is Right” with my friends at our porch, which had a chicken wire netting (I think) on it to which I attached the cardboard letters by using clothespins. We liked to build tents, play dodge ball, and roller skate with those clamp-on skates! trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

  27. I think the favorite game was pick up baseball on a corner lot. The bad part was that we didn’t learn until we were in Jr High not to throw the bat after a hit. Very few of us walked away from that childhood game without a scar above our eye….I’m still filling in my eyebrow where my scar sits

  28. My siblings and I played pretend store all the time. My brother had a collection of bottle caps that we used for money, and all sorts of things were the merchandise – quite often his baseball glove became a ham at the “grocery store.”

  29. What a fabulous giveaway! There were lots of favorite childhood games, some of my favorites were capture the flag and the card game “speed”.
    whit5733 (at) msn dot com

  30. I would play with the neighborhood kids in an old school bus that one of the parents bought and put on the back of their property. We had so much fun pretending all different kind of situations. One neighbor had chickens so we were given some of the “cracked” eggs and pretended to be cooking all kinds of things.

  31. I loved building forts in the forest with my brothers. Building would keep us busy and out of mom” hair. Starting point for me becoming a passionate homemaker.

  32. Kickball was my favorite childhood game. We played outdoors every chance we got. When we didn’t go outside, our Daddy took a lot of time to teach us how to play card games and board games. We had the best childhoods ever!

  33. I loved playing with Betsy McCall paper dolls that I got out of my Grandmother’s McCall’s magazines and with sewing cards. I know saying this is REALLY dating myself! Love this giveaway & Aurifil & Moda…thanks for a great giveaway!

  34. Hard to say what was a favorite since there were so many fun things to do! Ball with the neighbor kids, bike riding with my sister & brothers or cards with grandma when she visited. Then there’s always the times I was allowed to use mom’s sewing machine to make doll clothes! (and later clothes for me) Rules were simple–be careful around the needle, ask for help when needed and clean up your mess when done.

  35. My Favorite childhood game had to be playing imagine with my friends. Where we would run around imagining we where different people or on different planets or in our favorite cartoon shows. I loved being able to do that with my friends and not be the damsel in distress but the knight going to slay what ever evil dooer we imagined.

  36. Is playing in the sprinkler a game??? I am from SoCal and often we turned on the rprinkler in the backyard and played for hours. Running Jumping and laughing in the sunshine….Those were the days 🙂
    Love the fabric, Love Love the thread !!!! Aurifill is the Best.

  37. I loved to play jacks when I was young. We used to play with a golf ball because it used to bounce higher and give you a better chance at winning

  38. I had a good memorable childhood even though we had not much money. We always made our own stuff to play with….one that I really love was paper dolls with many different hook-on dresses.

  39. Wow- favorite childhood game? Hard to pick one… but in our neighborhood we would have huge hide and seek games involving tons of kids, multiple backyards… they were great! I also loved inside games- Spite and Malice was my favorite card game and the board game Trouble! We did not own the game so I always wanted to play when I went to a friend’s house! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. 1-2-3 Red Light. Neighborhood kids would line up and race to a finish line. The leader would hide their eyes and then yell 1-2-3 red light. Anyone still moving was out. Whoever got there first won. No prize -just fun. Equipment needed- none. Fun had – lots!!!

  41. what a nice colourful collection! My favourite game in childhood was my caleidoscope, I would be lost in looking at it for ages…..

  42. I used to play at Fireball XL5 on a fallen tree in the woods. The girls never got the chance to pilot the spaceship…how times have changed!

  43. Hide & Seek, Button, Button, who’s got the button are two that come to mind right away. And my neighbor friend and I would always play school.

  44. I have two favorite child hood games, Marco Polo in the neighbors pool during day, flashlight tag after dark. Thanks for the give away!

  45. I liked lots of games. I fondly remember playing card games with my aunt. She belonged to a canasta club…and taught me. I would have to relearn the rules now. She always was sewing something too, and her stash was pretty extensive.

  46. I remember playing “apartments” with my sister – we had bunk beds and used to play house, take care of our barbies, have tea and cookies, color, paint, share giggles for hours. So blessed that we are still best friends!

  47. I loved my paper dolls and playing jump rope games. This collection is so beautiful ..I can’t wait to create something wonderful withit.

  48. I used to love playing hide and seek – our whole cul de sac full of kids would get together and play (even better in the dark)! Thanks for the chance at a wonderful giveaway!

  49. Hide & Seek was my favorite childhood game – loved playing it with my sister & brothers. Thanks for the chance to win these fantastic fabrics & thread.

  50. When all the neighborhood kids got together we played baseball, but my favorite game to play with my girlfriends was Movie Star.

  51. I loved playing ‘house’ with friends or with my dolly & kitty at the time. Also played many many board games, still love to play them! Beautiful threads & fabrics, thank you for the giveaway! Ani

  52. summer evenings last forever in alaska, so we kids would be out playing a wide variety of games … pack salmon was our fav game ’til we started playing ‘the thing!’ after we were scared witless by that movie.

  53. I used to love playing ‘hide and seek’ when I was growing up. We were about 15 children growing up in the same block of flats and we had a huge garden to run around in. It was brilliant!
    Thank you so much for the chance of winning such a fabulous prize.

  54. I have heard so much about Aurifil thread, that I have decided to try it on my next quilt…and this would be a great start with such a beautiful fabric/threads collection..

    My childhood game was “Hide ‘n Seek”

  55. I come from a family of 6, 3 girls first and then 3 little brothers. We used to play Partridge family, with fake musical instruments for our band. We’d put their record on the record player and sing along. The younger you were, the less chance you got to be one of the cool members of the family….luckily, I was the second oldest.

  56. Love your new fabrics and love that Aurifil have made a matching thread set in different weight cottons. Congratulations Angela . My favourite game was mousetrap

  57. I loved playing jacks when I was a child, at school or home, it was loads of fun. Your fabrics and the new sets of threads are just wonderful. Hope I win!

  58. My sister and I used to love to play Monopoly but it is not very fun with only two people. We would pay my older brother a quarter to play with us. After a bit, he would be so obnoxious that we would quit and he would happily walk away with our quarter in his pocket 😦

  59. Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite game was Ghost in the Graveyard (night tag) with the neighborhood kids! Since we lived in the country there was plenty of space to play, and no streetlights made it especially dark!

    Olivia.hascher (at) yahoo (dot) com

  60. When I was little there were many other children in the neighborhood & we played outside for hours. We played kickball & four square but my favorite was Ghosts In The Graveyard. It was a hide & seek game where the “hiders” would try to make it back to home base before they were tagged by the “seeker”.

  61. My sister and I loved to play house with our cabbage patch dolls. My mother would sew clothes for them so we had lots to play with.

    Srussett514 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  62. I just LOVED making “houses” out of Fall leaves. The neighborhood kids would all rake their yards into what looked like house rooms. Then, we’d take our dolls and go “visit” each other’s leaf houses. AH, thank you for the memory.

  63. Over here in England we used to play gymkhanas! We would set up jumps and hoops and pretend to be horses. The most important part was choosing our names. I was always called Peach ha ha 🙂

  64. My favorite childhood game was what we liked to call “Queenie Rides”. 2 Children would make a type of chair by linking their arms and then a third would sit on their arms and be carried around the room while waving. Sounds boring but it often turned into a rolling pile of kids that kept dropping someone because they were laughing so hard. Good Memories 🙂

  65. Wow!! That is a tough question!! We played outside after school and on weekends. We had to be home when the street lights came on! We played hide and seek, S.P.U.D., hopscotch, Cowboys and Indians, Honey West, The Monkee’s, bike riding, tree climbing, tadpole hunting in the lake, dressing our troll dolls and Barbies!! But roller skating was probably my all time favorite! Not the cool in-line roller-blades they have now…the old kind that you clamped onto your hard soled shoes using a little key you wore on a string around your neck!! Yes! I’m older than dirt!! LOL!! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome MODA and Aurifil thread!! Moda is sooooo my favorite color!!

  66. My favorite childhood game was LIFE. I still enjoy it to this day, even though I’m terrible at it. And yes, I do see the irony in that statement. 😉

  67. When I was little we lived in a really big apartment complex with a lot of outdoor space and there were lots of children. The game I loved playing the most was hide and seek. There would be so many of us that it would take forever for the one looking. One time I fell asleep and got in trouble for being late for dinner!
    I haven’t thought about this for a long time ~ thanks for the memory!

  68. We had a pony that was broke to pull a cart, Applecart was difficult to catch. Our favorite game was hiding the rope and luring him in. First one to catch him got to drive first. It sure pays to sneek treats to the ornery one! I’m pretty good at harnessing up and driving!
    Fun times….

  69. My favourite childhood game was building houses under the trees near my house with my friends. We used to decorate our “houses” and we would spend hour there eating swets and playing with our dolls.

  70. Scavenger hunts. My brother and I would organize massive scavenger hunts for each other on the farm we grew up on. Good times.

  71. My favorite childhood game played outdoors was hopscotch, favorite indoor game was Candyland. I loved the graphics on the board.

  72. The game I remember playing the most (besides Tag, which wasn’t my favorite) was Scrabble. It was my Mom’s favorite game, so we played together as a family fairly often. I don’t know how much I enjoyed the game, but I loved the fun with my family.

  73. I loved when the entire family played tripoly. We mostly played outdoor games with the neighbors. i was terrible at sports but I loved to taked the ball and run and have the entire group trying to catch me.

    Wonderful thread colors!

  74. What a great giveaway! I loved playing a game of hide n seek…where there is only one person hiding…and when the seekers find the hider…the seeker hides with him…until there is only one person left seeking the others.

  75. My favorite childhood game was always my own version of hide and seek–my twist was that I’d hide from the other children while they played together. 🙂 Some of my best memories are sitting up high in a tree watching the other kids play below me while I worked on my own project. Usually crochet or needlework.

  76. I loved playing Monopoly with my two older brothers! One of my brothers passed away in April and those marathon games are a wonderful memory for me.

  77. Loved to play cribbage with my dad. He was ruthless!! Taught me a lot. The flats and threads are wonderful. I have a 4 year old granddaughter who would love to help make fun things with :0)

  78. I love this fabric! My favorite “game” as a child was playing school with my cousins in the school room at our grandparents house…we had everything: chalkboard, teachers desk, and old student desks from an old school.

  79. My favorite childhood game was playing ‘house’; we had this cute little playhouse in our backyard my dad built – shingles and all…and you can imagine how furious he was when he found out we had punched a hole in the roof to add a second level…ya, I was 8. My sister 7. We were grounded forever! lol

  80. My favorite childhood game was Mousetrap! It was crazy and fun, and I loved that my big sisters would play it with me for hours. Also–I have to say I am simply blown away by how gorgeous and fun this collection is! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  81. What a great kit, I’m trying to increase my collection of aurifil! My favorite childhood game was playing jacks with my sister. I guess that tells you how old I am, I’m not sure if they even sell them anymore!

  82. Loved playing hop-scotch after school in front of our house. When we could gather more friends, we would play double jump rope… Love your fabric designs and the new colors of Aurifl threads.

  83. My favorite activity was playing with fashion dolls. Mom taught me to sew for them at the age of 5, & she taught me to make furniture & such from odd stuff around the house. A tissue box was her bed, a wooden spool, pencil, & deodorant cap was a floor lamp. My doll had everything a lady could want.

  84. HI! My favorite childhood game, if you can call it that, was playing “house” in the playhouse my Daddy made us one Christmas

  85. I have many happy memories sitting around our kitchen table playing “Cartoon Cards” with my family. Or heading outside to play “boat” on our front porch with the neighborhood kids!

  86. I loved making forts and decking them out as much as possible. My brother and I would use all the blankets and sheets in the house and turn the dining room chairs upside down to make the fort as big as possible.

  87. My favorite childhood game was Jacks! I especially loved it because my grandpa would sit on the floor and play it with me. And I never did beat him! Some of my favorite memories. I’m so excited for Angela’s new fabric line because I have 2 adorable little granddaughters that would just love the Flats and the Flat house to play with Grammy!

  88. We would play “No Ghosts are out tonight” nearly every summer night of my childhood. Great memories with all the neighborhood kids. 🙂

  89. Hide and seek was my favourite. We grew up on a farm so there was lots of great hiding places. Thanks for the opportunity on the draw.

  90. In Italy I use to play the game “witch calls a color”. The witch called a color out and the others had to find something with that color and run to touch it. Loved it, just like I love all the aurifil threads!

  91. My favorite indoor game was Crazy Eights (still is, when my nieces visit). My favorite outdoor games were tetherball and badminton. Thank you!!!

  92. My 3 brothers and I were marathon Monopoly players. We would start a game Friday after school and it would last until Sunday night when Wonderful World of Disney came on.

  93. Reading some of the comments brought back so many memories. My very first thought was to say “Operation”. I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up. But after reading some of the older games, I remember playing “Button, Button” at my Grandmother’s house. I don’t know if we actually played it correctly. But she always had that big tin of buttons, and we would hide them all over the house, and then tried to find them all again. 🙂 Happy memories!

  94. What wonderful memories all the comments here bring to mind! It’s hard for me to pick one favorite, but I love Red Light, Green Light. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  95. So many fun games and memories to choose from! Barbies with my sister, Rook with my brothers, “Clue”, “Life” and Jigsaw puzzles with everyone. Great childhood!

  96. Beautiful giveaway! My favorite childhood game was Pictionary, it was great to be able to draw and laugh with my family! It was always fun to see what the other one would draw and it was a great time to just relax and laugh! Good quality family time

  97. I used to love Candy Land, and Kings in the corner with my great grandmother. I don’t know if it was her that made it fun, but we would play that as soon as I woke up with eggs and toast 🙂

  98. i loved playing hoscotch and using keys to mark my place, I love the new collection and the colors are sp pretty! Laurene

  99. I loved playing jacks and all kinds of card games as well as roller skating and jumping rope. I was the oldest of five so I always had playmates.

  100. My favorite game as a child was charades w/ my brother. After school we would watch the game show channel and play charades on commercials while waiting for our mom. So much fun! 🙂

  101. This bundle reminds me of my favorite childhood game, Candy Land. It was always fun moving the gingerbread pieces over the colorful path to the castle. It is a game I now enjoy playing with my daughter, who always begs to play. Thanks for the chance to win. Love this.

  102. I loved playing hop scotch with my friends when I was little. I can still see us writing on the sidewalk. It was the best time. And I would love to win the Flats. I am in love with them.

  103. I loved the hula hoop and hopscotch. And in the evening the bigger kids would congregate on someone’s lawn and we would play Baby in the Air and Freeze tag. Good times!

  104. Love the fabric and the thread. One of my favorite games was Where’s the Button. We played this with my Grandma and she would tell us if we were getting hot (close to the button) or cold (moving away from the button). It’s one of many great memories of her.

  105. What a wonderful giveaway!! My favorite childohod games were playing with my metal kitchen set, and we also played grocery store. I had a cash register and lots of pretend food and a little
    grocery cart. I would play with my cousins. Thanks for the chance to win!


  106. The threads and fabric look yummy! I loved to play jump rope with my girlfriends when I was young. I wasn’t very good but I was enthusiastic!

  107. When I was a child as a family we didn’t have many toys, but thee were plenty of children. We did have a large rock behind our house and we were always playing ” King of the “Mountain”. My older brother was ussually the king, but we all had fun.

  108. Summer night’s on my neighborhood were spent playing nightgames, olli-olli oxen free was my favorite (basically hide-n-seek). I miss care free summer night’s.

  109. I loved playing kick the can with the neighborhood kids during the summer. But when we had to stay inside, dad taught us to plan poker and 500 rummy. I still have some fancy shuffling skills that impress my husband today. : )

  110. i LOVED playing Monopoly with my 5 siblings. Since I was the oldest i tended to win more. Hmmm maybe that was why i liked it. PS I LOVE your fabric.

  111. My brother and I used to play a game we called make me laugh. It’s pretty self explanatory. We had to make each other laugh. To this day, no one cracks me up quite like my brother.

  112. tag football (I know, not a typical girl game) with the brothers.
    this fabric is great. . . Thanks for the giveaway opportunity~

  113. My favorite outdoor game was Hode & Seek. Favorite board game was Monopoly. My favorite thread is Aurifil :-)). Thanks for the giveaway .

  114. We played lots of games as a family. Cards, board games, riddles, out door games … lots. We turned almost everything into a game. Risk, Rack-o, Stock Ticker, Hearts, War, Snap, Old Maid, Memory were all favourites.

  115. I loved kick the can in the summer time. It was always fun with all the kids in the neighborhood! Thank you for sharing our beautiful fabrics and threads!

  116. I think my favourite childhood game was “elastics”, it was played a lot in primary schools in NZ in the ’70’s and was the only physical game I was good at. I could even do “necksies” which was when the big long loop of elastic was held at neck height (and width) and you had to jump high enough to get over one side, to the middle then over the other side; great fun!
    sable (at) xtra (dot) co (dot) nz

  117. Growing up, I lived in a huge development that bordered a wooded area and a lake. And there were tons of kids. Playing outside was mandatory. Kickball; red light, green light; softball; street hockey; ring-a-lareo; and a complicated game of hide-and-seek that was done by teams. My all-time favorite was the team play of hide-and seek! What lovely memories!

  118. My favorite games were the ones we played outdoors: Mr. Wolf, Skipping, Double Dutch, Marbles, Frozen Tag, Statue Museum, Kick the Can, Hide and Seek…. oh my gosh… there were a bunch more… sigh… what great memories 🙂

  119. I loved building forts out of hay or sticks in the woods. My favorite board game was Monopoly and my grandma and I would play for hours. Wonderful giveaway!
    peachspark (at) hotmail (dot) com

  120. Whoohoo!.. my absolute fave game was hide n seek. The reason why is we lived in a trailer park and we would have so many kids playing. We’d play after dark……back when kids would stay out till the street lights came on. 🙂

  121. My sister and I got a game for Christmas one year, Pig Pong. It was a game of volleyball/ping pong that had a light “ball” and pigs that you squeezed to blow the ball over the net. I have many memories playing that game–with my cat curiously watching.

  122. When I was a child in the 60’s, we played tons of games out in the front yard of our house and all the houses of the neighbors. It was not unusual to have 8 or 10 kids playing until our moms called us in to dinner. Hide n seek was a common game, along with all kinds of tag games (freeze tag, cartoon tag), but my favorite was called Trails of 49.

  123. I loved playing “Hide ‘n’ Seek” out at the lake where it was soooo dark at night. It’s a miracle that we didn’t break ourselves falling over and running into things! In our teen years, we played cards nearly every night – it didn’t matter what we were playing as long as the bunch of us were together hanging out.

  124. My brother and I were into all kinds of board games. Monopoly with my Dad if we were a glutton for punishment, but I also liked “Mousetrap”. Thanks for the giveaway! FLATS looks like a great collection!

  125. It’s amazing how a question like that can bring back so many memories. We made up a game using marbles, a hula hoop, and a broom. My girlfriend and I are in our mid 50’s and we still talk about how much fun we had. It’s amazing what you can think of without the use of technology.

  126. Red Rover was one of my favorite games at school. When I was a child we played outside all of the time and made of lots of games. Love the fabric!!!

  127. I loved playing Chutes and Ladders indoors and hide and seek outside. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway opportunity. The fabric, the thread, and the fun packaging are a bundle of sewing joy!

  128. Love this fabric bundle giveaway. I loved to play twister, and loved that my kids loved to play it also. thanks so much for the chance to win some awesome prizes.

  129. I enjoyed playing hide-n-go-seek outdoors and my Dad taught me how to play gin rummy card game, I felt like such a grown-up. Beautiful fabric and thread! Thanks for the giveaway. Hartwicks4 (at) metrocast (dot) net

  130. My favorite game was Four Square out front of our house. Whenever the family gets together we love having a game I’ve it ….not sure how much longer wel’ll be able to since some of us are in our 60’s now!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. We played lots and lots of kick the can. All the neighborhood kids would gather and play til the sun went down. We also played lots of Fish. Thanks.

  132. We made up an outdoor game when we were young and named it ‘Aha! Spies!’. It consisted of running from one pre-arranged base to another after aha! Spies! was called out. If you were tagged, you were it and everyone started over at base one. Man those days were the best!

  133. My favorite childhood game was Hop Scotch! Oh, and Clue.. Oh and stoop ball… Oh and barbies… Ah! I loved all my childhood games. Well, except Dodge-ball. ouch.

  134. i was never allowed to play with kids, especially games. i dont even know at age 63, how hopscotch was played or jacks. I had a strict mom.

  135. So many different games I loved…jacks, hopscotch, capture the flag. Inside games were parcheesi and monopoly. Summertime was spent swimming and play playing Marco Polo in the pool. Love the fabrics, like paper dolls

  136. Growing up recess always included tether ball! I remember learning the game and strategies used! So much fun. Can we go back to that simpler time? Well maybe in my dreams.

  137. My favorite childhood game was Hide and Seek. We’d get the whole nieghborhood to play, backyards and front yards it would go on for hours. ;->

  138. I loved played night games every summer with all the neighborhood kids. We did Kick the Can, Jailbreak, Sardines and lots of others. Thanks for the chance to win!

  139. Thanks for the opportunity to win the new Moda fabric and the wonderful Aurifil thread. Favorite childhood game was probably Jacks.

  140. My goodness! One favorite game? I’d have to chose Red Rover, or Jacks, or night tag, or hide the button, or dominoes with my granddad. Such a blessing to have had such a wonderful childhood. The Flats bundle is so happy! Thank you!

  141. I used to love to play flashlight tag outside on warm summer night. Love the new line. Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. My favorite childhood game was jacks. My mother used to play with me, It’s so sad that I can’t get the plain rubber type ball that we used to use. The jacks now come with a superball type ball and it makes the game harder to play. I also liked pick up sticks!

  143. It is so hard to choose. I loved hide-and-go-seek in the dark with the neighborhood kids. Jacks with the girls and designing my own paper doll for single play.

  144. My favorite game was kickball. This was back in the days when kids would spend full summer days outside with the neighborhood kids. All the kids would figure out what they wanted to play. Most of the time for us, it was kickball…until we heard our mothers calling us home for dinner!

  145. Duck Duck Goose was always a favorite of mine in elementary school. Even now, if I pass through the gym at the school where I teach and a game is underway, I have to stop and watch for awhile.

  146. The two games I played most often were knuckle bones and skipping ( Do you call it jump rope in the US?) We would skip singly or with a long rope or double dutch, whichever was the current favourite. I think we played knuckle bones more in the winter when we were sometimes confined inside when it was raining.

  147. Kick the Can was my favorite childhood game… My brother and I spent every summer night for what seems like years playing with the neighborhood kids on our block until the street lights came on. 🙂

  148. My favorite childhood games were Hide and seek and Marko Polo. Loved playing both with my siblings and cousins when we were together at my grandmas house. Thanks for the chance to win.

  149. I loved playing with dolls. My first sewing projects were doll clothes.
    Thank you for the give-away – I would love to win!

  150. I loved playing Candyland with my friends. I didn’t have brothers or sisters so I hot to spend tons of time with my mom and dad! Thanks for the giveaway.

  151. I loved playing gin rummy with my grandmother. Thanks for the chance to win that pretty fabric and Aurifil, the only thread I use!

  152. I loved playing jacks with my mom our our kitchen floor. She was really good!! I now play jacks with my grand girls, and I even have my own bag of jacks with my name on it! 😀

  153. My favorite outdoor game was Red Rover. Favorite board game was Sorry. Favorite inside-recess game was Heads Up 7-UP. And I loved to play with Barbies with my sister.

  154. Our neighborhood gang loved to play our very own game called “cougar and the deer!” It was a mix between red rover and tag. Or “monkey catcher” as we would climb our tree and someone on the ground would have to try and touch us. So much fun!

  155. By far “freeze tag” was hands down the bestest game ever played! The neighborhood kids and friends all ran around laughing and having just the best fun ever!! Thanks for the sweet trip down memory lane 🙂

  156. After drooling over the beautiful fabrics & thread collection, I had to really think back to remember what my favorite childhood game was. When the weather was bad, Old Maid card game won hands down. When it was nice outside we played Red light green light, or Red Rover, Red Rover send ….. right over.

  157. What a wonderful giveaway!! My favorite childhood game was either “statues” or Kick the Can! Great memories. Freeze Tag was fun too!!

  158. I loved playing a card game called “Dirty Dog” around the old round oak claw foot kitchen table with my Grandmother, Great Aunt, and sisters. Oh, how we laughed and giggled into the night!!

  159. I loved card games, still do. I remember being on holidays, no TV and it rained all the time so we played all sorts of card game and this was where I learnt to play canasta still one of my favourite card games

  160. Hi We used to play lots of games, cards, monopoly, go!, north sea ( a game about drilling for oil), poleconomy (elections and taxation…) however my favourite would have been marbles- I had a huge tin of them- I wonder if they are called jacks in the US.

    It’s a wonderful collection of fabric and thread- thank you for the chance to win.

  161. “Witch in the Well” which was basically tag with a role play part at the beginning. My mom made it up I learned when I suggested it to any other kid ever.

  162. My favorite childhood game was neighborhood wide hide and seek. My greatest coup was one day shortly after Halloween, time was running out and I hadn’t found a hiding spot, the kid who was “It” was coming. So I just draped myself, all limp and saggy, over a split rail fence and the seeker walked right by thinking I was a discarded scarecrow or Halloween dummy. After he passed I was able to run to “home” and tag in without getting caught. I always got caught, because I was smallest.

  163. Red Rover and Sidewalk were always popular in our neighborhood. Great fun…and some good memories that I haven’t thought about in a long time. Great giveaway and thank you for the chance. 🙂

  164. My Dad taught us a card game, Fan Tan, and we would play it for hours. In fact, when my 3 sisters & I get together with my Dad, we still play Fan Tan – for hours. Thanks.

  165. I loved playing hide and seek with my cousins. We added a “spooky” dimension to the game because we played after dark. One of my cousins always jumped out from his hiding place to scare whomever walked by. Great memories.

  166. When I was little I used to love to play house with my 2 sisters, Also we love dto play in Momas fabric scraps and make doll clothes for our baby dolls. On occasion we like dot go outside int he fields with our bog brother to look for baby…yep mice…They were so cute and pink when they were tiny…My brother was fascinated with them. Till Moma found out and fussed at us. then no morebaby mouse hunting for us. So he started sewing with us and made all of our dolls little doll quilts… conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  167. My three sisters and I played a game called “Neighbors”. We would lay in bed at night before we fell asleep and talk about our make believe lives. We would have husbands and children and we would describe our houses and what we were cooking and wearing. Our one sister was a little pest and we would tell her she was a Nun in the convent and she had to pray in the corner.

  168. One of my favorite games as a child was Scrabble. It was a fun evening around my grandmother’s diningroom table with female family members engaged in what was usually a very competitive game! My mother would always accuse my grandmother of making up words and they would fuss at each other until the matter was decided. All in good fun though. 🙂

  169. Love the collection! My favorite game when I was little was Candyland. Then when I was a teenager we’d play Mille Borne all the time. We’d go to a fast food restaurant and pull out the cards and play.

  170. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Much appreciated. 🙂 I loved jumping rope, all the songs still pop into my head so many years later.

  171. My favorite childhood game was ISpy on car trips, whether a vacation or simply a trip to the grocery store. Thank for the giveaway!! Email is amberpatrice32216 at yahoo dot com

  172. Kick the can at the cabin. With a gaggle of kids, the hills, the beach and the woods, it was a lot of fun. Those were the days! 😉

  173. My favorite childhood game was Redrover, until we were no longer allowed to play because someone git a head injury falling.

  174. First off I love the fabric and of course the thread!! I guess growing up because we moved so much, my father being in construction, I played with my sisters playing dress up and pretending to be in plays and movies.

  175. Its hard to pick just one game, but there was a board game called Othello that my fifth grade teacher had and that was my favorite. I loved it when we had game time at school.

  176. My favorite childhood game was Fox and Geese. Snowy days with my Dad, uncle, siblings and cousins were the most fun with lots of laughter keeping away from the fox.

  177. Playing House, playing with dolls and making clothes for them, we would play dress up and make a house out of quilts, it would keep us busy for hours.

  178. Sardines! Similar to Hide-and-Seek but when you found the person hidden…you hid with them (ie..packed into a closet like sardines) and so on until the last person arrives….then that person was the next hidee! Thanks for he opportunity and the reminiscing!!

  179. Growing up my sisters and I played a fair bit of interesting and fun games. A classic that we loved to play with our neighbours was Cops and Robbers, however my favorite would have to be our pony time. My oldest sister was really into horses for a time when we were little. She worked at a stable and competed in events. When she wasnt at the stables, events or school, she would get us to play pony time in the basement. One of us, usually me, would hold onto a rope (because mom caught us tying it to our necks and quickly suggested that we couldn’t do it that way) and we would set up jumps around the “ring”. Then, with me pretending to be her pony, she would yell ‘giddy up’ and I would start running through the course to see if I could do it and how fast I could finish the course in. If I finished well, we would make the jumps harder and then try again until I couldn’t make them anymore. We would play this for hours! What a fun time! LOL

  180. My favorite game was playing pretend – we would play house, super heroes, store, make pretend soup with leaves, berries and dirt mixed in a bucket of water… hours of fun outside in my yard.

  181. My favorite game was “hideout”- my siblings and friends would pretend that we were like the Boxcar Children, and someone was looking for us. We’d set up our own makeshift house just like the Boxcar Children!

  182. My favorite game was “Sorry”. It was the only game everyone in the family could play together no matter the age. We wore our game out and had to replace it several times over the years.

  183. We would play a combination of hide and seek and tag, and as older kids scavenger hunts were the best. Would love some lovely fabric, and thread.

  184. My family was big into card playing, so my favorite games were card games… Solitaire when nobody else was available, Double Solitaire if I could get an opponent. Also betting-type games like 21 and Poker, and the usual Go Fish and Rummy.

  185. My favorite game was hide and seek. We would run all over the neighborhood, hiding under or behind houses, trees, bushes! Everyone could play…..we had a great time!

  186. Love, Love the fabric line! Can’t wait to start playing with it. My favorite game as a child was Jacks. Everyone brought their own to school and couldn’t wait for recess so we could play!

  187. I favorite game to play was Candyland if I had friends over. If I was by myself, I was crazy for Colorforms (which, I guess is really a toy rather than a game)! I love Aurifil threads–I’ve been buying the big cones so I don’t run out!

  188. Love the colors! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway! My favorite game, as a child, was marbles on the school grounds. I could beat anyone!

  189. When I was a kid we had this rotating plastic fishing game and that stack of fat quarters reminds me of all the different colored fish that went around and around bobbing up and down!

  190. My favorite game was backwards hide-and-go-seek! Turn off all of the lights in the house, and try and find each other in the dark! If you scares the peas out of someone you played with, it was even better!

  191. Growing up we played freeze tag and spin the biscuit where the person who was “it” swung you round and round. When they let go you had to stay in whatever position you landed. If you moved you lost. It was definitely a simpler time and life was good.

  192. Would you believe I loved paper dolls!!! I still look for such items when I travel for my grandchildren. And, I buy the cardboard dolls and make Nonna dolls for them to travel with and take home to remember me. How funny, paper doll fabrics. Love, love, love it!!!

  193. My favorite once a year game was a clue game with “Santa.” At the bottom of the stocking was a clue that would go to clues hidden throughout the house and ended with an awesome present.

  194. When we were little, there was a park down the street with a “massive” hill…we would all lay down, roll down it, racing to see who would get there first. Then wobble back up it and go again…I was ten when we moved from there, and I just got the opportunity to go back home this summer (36 years later)…my massive hill must have shrank! Good times…

  195. When I was a kid I loved to play zoo with my sister. We would set up for hours with all of our stuffed animals and play until our mon made us clean up!

  196. My fave game was Price Is Right, we used our imaginations to copy games we saw on the show, so fun! Beautiful fabrics! So many possibilities!

  197. Beautiful collection. Just started quilting and I’m absolutely loving it.

    My favorite childhood game was dinosaur. We had huge granite rock on our ranch growing up in the foothills. Us four kids had our personal dinosaur rock that we had many adventures on. We didn’t have much but our imaginations and each other back then but we still to this day talk about our dinorocks.

  198. Kick the can! We had a lot of kids in my neighborhood growing up, so there were always enough kids on hand for several games of kick the can after dinner. Fun!!

  199. I loved to play jump rope. All the kids in the neighborhood, including boys, would play. I remember the rope used to be so heavy that we would have to hold it with two hands. Lovely memories!

  200. Oh how I loved to play hide and seek in the yard. All the kids in the neighborhood would play. Those were safe, fun times. I also loved to play whiffle ball and spud. The fabrics look quite delicious. Love them…

  201. I loved jump rope and riding my bike and then all was chased away by a seriouse love for horseback riding and my very own pony :)…..those really were the days !!!!!!

  202. My sisters and I loved to play with our Barbies, Susie Sad Eyes and Jane West dolls. We spent hours making new clothes and furniture for them with miscellaneous household items. Fun!!

  203. what a giveaway! My sisters and I used to play mud pies. I guess it was really just playing in the dirt pretending to make cakes etc, but we always called it mud pies.

  204. I would love to make the flats for my new grand daughter…might be a few years til she can play with them, just gives me plenty of time to make them! My favorite game as a kid was rummikub, a game of tiles played like rummy.

  205. beautiful fabric and thread how I’d enjoy it. My favourite childhood game was skipping double dutch and taking turns entering and leaving without stopping the rope.

  206. Such pretty fabrics and threads! My favorite thing to play as a child was with my Barbies and other dolls. My Mom made all of my Barbie/doll clothes. We would go to the local dime store and we would look at the Barbie clothes and my mother would come home and sew up outfits just like the ones in the store! I still have those home made clothes and treasure them. My mother passed away just a year ago and I have so many wonderful memories her sewing for my dolls and me! I inherited her sewing machine and notions and now am excited to begin to learn o quilt. lbefort (at) hotmail (dot) com

  207. My grandmother lived on a corner so when all the cousins at gramma’s got together we would play monkey in the middle, I have to admitt because I was the youngest of 16 cousins, I was often the monkey. We also played kick the tin can.

  208. My favorite childhood game was jumping on my pogo stick– I held the neighborhood record! Kids these days probably don’t even know what that is– and I’m only 32 years old! Thanks for the chance to win– I love the collection and threads!

  209. My favorite game was “Boulder Dash” on the Commodore 64 (and yes, I am still in looooove with this old computer…) It was a combination of strategy and good reactions needed to play this game (and I didn’t have to wait for someone to join me for this game…

  210. My favourite game was Hide’n’seek! Weplayed for hours! We live in a small town in Namibia and there is alot of places to hide!

  211. My favorite game was Peter Pan, especially when played with my good friend, Linda, as we ate ketchup – no kidding – sandwiches. These days I prefer quilting – thanks for the chance to win!

  212. Anti-I-Over with the neighborhood kids and sometimes even Mom and Dad would play! Playing dolls was just wonderful too! Great give-a-way!!

  213. My favorite was “Playing Barbies” I was in the 1st generation of Barbie dolls! Oh the parties and vacations all us girls took!

  214. This is a wonderful giveaway. We are taking my younger sister out today to buy a sewing machine. We talked her into quilting with us. It would be great to win this to give her a great start to quilting. Our favorite game as kids was “Mother, may I.”

  215. My favorite childhood games was either Red Rover Red Rover or Red Light Green Light. Both were fun and we would play them a lot of times after church on Sunday nights.

  216. I had many but I will always remember playing gin rummy with my grandmother…..she taught me all the hands names and I thought it was fascinating.

  217. I loved playing Jacks, although mine weren’t the plastic knobbly ones. They were 5 cubes made from some sort of clay, each in a different colour. I can’t remember what they are called at all! I loved them though!

  218. Oh my gosh! So many come to mind: sock wars, hopscotch, jacks, hide-n-seek-in-the-dark…. But I guess my very favorite was playing stuffed animal wedding!

  219. I loved playing marbles! Even though I had to wear a dress to school, I would still park my butt on the playground and get ready for some great games with my schoolmates. Cats eyes, biggies, steelies—ah, those were the days!

  220. I used to love playing hide and seek. My family wasn’t much for game-playing, but the neighborhood kids always got together for hide and seek on summer nights. The best time was just after the sun went down, before we all had to go in for the night. If you were brave enough you could just hide in the middle of a dark field; the “finder” being afraid to venture that far away from home base and into the dark, no less. If I think on it hard enough I can smell the freshly mowed grass and hear the cicadas chirping in the sticky breeze…those were the days! Thanks for the giveaway.

  221. We used to play a game where you would go on safari or an adventure and find exotic animals around the world. Our own Planet Earth.

  222. Love, Love Love the fabric and yummy matching threads! I lived in a neighborhood full of boys with no girls my age and I was a pretty good quarterback until my father took my helmet and shoulder pads away when I 11 😦 But then my grandmother taught me to sew 🙂

  223. My absolute favorite game to play was the basic wrestling in a dirt pile. My identical twin brother and I would be dressed by my wonderfully patient mother in hand sewn and embroidered matching outfits then got as dirty as possible! I have many stitches scars from all of our shenanigans!

  224. This looks to be a very nice reward for who ever should be the lucky winner..I liked to play with my friends.. It really didnt matter what the game. We just like hanging out and being together

  225. Such gorgeous fabric and threads…love the rainbow of colors!! My favorite game was Hide and go seek. My brother and sister and I would play with several of the kids on our block on hot summer nights. Such fun!!

  226. I loved to play hide and seek with all the neighborhood kids until the streetlights came on. It was sooo much fun. I also love to jump rope and to color.

    These threads are lovely and I appreciate the chance to win.

  227. I grew up living in a four plex that my grandparents owned. The entire back yard was fenced and it was a magical playground. Between the four units there was a total of ten kids. We spent many hours playing made up back yard games. Precious memories!!

  228. This fabric is beautiful…my favorite childhood game was jacks, and I was quite good at them. (I also liked playing marbles with my baby brother.)

  229. I loved playing cards with my family and they still do it today. In the summer when we finished cleaning house and all the chores were done we would sit and play cards, Rummy, crazy eight, Rook anything to do with cars for hours, we loved the family time and sharing with each other. Learned a lot over that old dinning rtable while playing cards with my family.

  230. We made up our own version of tag involving the Justice League of America. I almost always got to be Wonderwoman since we had a heard of boys in our neighborhood.

  231. My favorite childhood game was making blanket forts. Great memories! Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful product.

  232. I loved board games, but my passion was making doll clothes for twin baby dolls that I got for Christmas one year. It really inspired my sewing talents for later in life.

  233. My favorite childhood summer thing to do was to make a tent in the backyard out of sheets. We would bring out books out to read, and then play with our paperdolls! We also played croquet with the neighbor kids. We would have hobo’s come and ask for food and we could bring the sandwiches out to them! It was a magical time.

  234. I’ve had such fun reading about all the wonderful childhood games! My favorite was an imaginary game. I would go out in the woods behind our house, with my dog & the neighborhood dogs & pretend I was on an island with only dogs for my friends. I was inspired by seeing “The Island of the Blue Dolphins”. Yes, I did have friends (kids that were my age), but the neighborhood dogs were so much fun!

  235. My grandparents had Mousetrap – it was always the first thing my brothers and I would play with when we went to visit! We also loved Life – getting to spin the wheel that always fell off!

  236. My favorite childhood game was kick the can…when it would start getting dark all the kids in the neighborhood would get together and play. There were about 20 of us. Wish kids today could play outside and enjoy each other’s company and feel safe like we did.

  237. How did I miss this?! My favorite childhood game was guess who! I think it is still in the closet in my old room at my moms house!

  238. When I was just a child I remember one of my favorite things to do with my siblings in the summertime was play with fireflies. We put them in mason jars and ran around the yard with them.

  239. My favourite childhood game was skipping- we all used to take turns turning the rope for everyone to jump in. A skipping rope was essential gear in my school bag!

  240. My favorite childhood game is Mousetrap. I don’t really know why, but its what we played most. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  241. My favorite game when I was a child was flashlight tag and freeze. We would have all the kids in the neighborhood over to play! Lots of fun ….. Thanks for bringing back the memories! And thanks for the great giveaway.

  242. My favorite childhood games were Cowboys and Indians with my brothers and sister and Jacks with my friends. Oh the joys of being a child. I love the collection.

  243. Hide and Seek outside when staying on a family friends farm, this game was mostly played in the long grass and trees and then may be the board game snakes and ladders on a wet day.

  244. This probably isn’t the type of game you are thinking of, but my fondest memories were sitting on my daddy’s lap playing computer games on our Commodore 64 like Ultima. He was a quadriplegic, but we always had fun with computer games, chess, fishing that sort of thing. 🙂

  245. favorite game was clue just to see who did in the lounge with the candlestick I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters it was fun thanks for letting me share have a nice day.

  246. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COLLECTION! I’m so excited to possibly win. The colors are wonderful!
    Seems like so many of your bloggers enjoy Monopoly as I (as a young married adult) requested my husband take the day of my birthday off from work one year and we spent the entire day playing Monopoly but as a child, because of my maternal Grandfather, we played Sorry! or Parcheesi however, since my Grandfather was so competitive and became angry if we won,
    LOL, I didn’t enjoy it with him……only with my cousins. 🙂

  247. We played 4-square on the corner where the sidewalks met. Our house was on the corner lot so we were the hosts of the neighborhood game. The streets were not busy then so we were safe to play there.

    1. After dark my niece and nephew and my brother (who were all youger than me) would play hide and seek. We lived on a farm and had out buildings, hedgerows, and cornfields to hide in. Oh we had fun!

  248. The first game I thought of was Red Rover. Our school bus had a stop every afternoon when we had to meet another bus and the driver would let us play In a large ditch while we waited. That would never happen these days.

  249. I loved being able to play outside with the neighbors and we played many games that included hide and seek and red rover among the most fun.

  250. My favorite childhood game was paper dolls. Mom would let us get in her fabric stash to make clothes too! I also started making my own doll clothes when I was about 6 or 7! I still have some of them!

  251. We used to play a lot of Red Rover, Red Rover, let ____ come over. Fun, fun!! And I LOVE Aurifil thread and the colors/patterns of the fabric. Great giveaway..thank you!

  252. When I was very young and lived with my grandmother we would spend hours cutting the McCalls paperdolls out of the magazine. She would play with me in the evenings after she came home from work. When I was a little older I learned to play Sardines, it’s like hide and seek but only one person hides and everyone else counts. Then as you’re looking for the one everyone hides with him until the last person then they are it and you start again. My grandkids love this game.

  253. What a great question and trip down memory lane! My favorite game was jacks. And, getting a new set of ball and jacks was the best! Beautiful fabrics and threads!

  254. My favorite childhood game was playing hide and seek under the stars! it was so scary (or so we thought) and everyone on the block would get together to play. Our parents would provide us with flashlights to make it more fun! Once my brother hid, and hid so well that we couldn’t find him and when we called out he still didn’t respond. We got the flashlights and found him sound asleep behind the bushes! What fun we had as children!

    Vanessa in Oklahoma

  255. Beautiful collection! I loved to play hide and seek with my cousins who lived across the street, I think we played every night!

  256. I loved jump rope… And at night we would play hide n seek in the dark. The younger kids would get to hide with the older kids, to help alleviate being scared, and then they would become the “older kids” eventually. l lived this because when I was the little kid, I felt like a big kid when I was with them, and as I got older I loved being “the protector”
    Gorgeous fabric & thread collections- I hope I’m a winner!

  257. my favorite childhood game was croquet. We played a lot of it at my grandparents house, at home, and with friends. I still enjoy it today!

  258. Love the colors and the fabrics! My favorite game was hop scotch! And playing any sports outside!

    pojeda50 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  259. Everyones choices bring back so many memories. Played so many of them, but my favorite would be Hop Scotch. Love the fabric line and the thread colors are great. Thanks for the chance to win. Can’t wait to use!

  260. I loved playing Monopoly; my sisters and I would start the game with the best of intentions until someone got their feathers in a ruffle and quit! So excited for a chance to win this fabric. Thanks!

  261. oh my goodness. this would be such an amazing giveaway to win. i could really put the thread and fabrics to good (thrilling!) use, and it’d be my first aurifil. oh please, RNG, pick me! my favorite game as a child… hm. i liked candy land, chutes & ladders, pente, kickball, and random made-up storytelling games! (and i turned out to be a writer!)

  262. I loved playing Canasta with my grandmother and putting together puzzles.
    Which is sort of like putting together quilts these days.

  263. We used to play Hide and Seek in the woods next to my Aunt ‘s house which was in Eire Pa. The woods don’t look so big now that we are older.What great times we had then.

  264. I enjoyed parcheesi as that was one game Mom would play with us, Also enjoyed freeze tag. Thank you for the opportunity to get more fabric and thread.

  265. I grew up on a dairy farm and my favorite thing was to play freeze tag in the hay mow with my cousins and brother! I was the only girl out of the bunch and it usually ended with us all just wrestling and jumping around!

  266. So beautiful. I would love a chance to make something with those fabrics! Tmroy79 at gmail dot com.

  267. So excited that Angela sent me over for this give away. My favourite childhood game was probably “Elastics” we had really long loops of Elastic (About 2-3m stretched) and 2 people would put them around them stretched out starting at the ankles and there were rhymes and you had to jump over the elastic to the rhyme & then the elastic would be moved higher and higher . You could touch the elastic but couldn’t get caught up on it or miss a beat in the rhyme.

  268. Love this line of fabrics. I got 2 jelly rolls to make Anita Goodesigns Prayer Garden. I am from Ohio, and an only child. I loved play with the fire flies a night I would catch them in a jar and then release them before I had to go to bed. Great memories.

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