A rainbow of colors in Prism ( a giveaway)

Michele Scott is a fantastic designer, teacher, author and so much more! Her bubbly personality is very apparent in her work that you can see on her blog The Pieceful Quilter. It is only natural that she would want to design a collection of Aurifil threads that is very similar to her personality, full of all the the colors in the rainbow.

1953_58582186390_5350_nApproximately eighteen years ago, Michele decided to take up a little hobby of quilting to pass the time. Like every other self-respecting “quilt-a-holic”, it quickly became a passion. Machine quilting was of particular interest to her, as it was just becoming a popular and acceptable way of quilting your quilt. Michele was fascinated with the freedom of free motion quilting – especially creating designs that need no marking. Embellishing quilts with a variety of decorative threads was thrilling to her, and she was determined to incorporate as many of them in my quilts as she could! Working with these threads could sometimes be frustrating, so she spent countless hours developing strategies to work with them more effectively.

Her main goal as an educator is to conduct positive upbeat classes that teach solid techniques and give all levels of quilters new confidence. For the past 10 years, she has taught at many quilt guilds and shows across the United States and Canada. In addition, she is on the faculty of Quilt University. Quilt University provides the quilting community with a variety of classes for quilters online.

At the same time that Michele began lecturing and teaching, she began working with McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts magazines. Over the past 10 years, she’s had over 60 quilts published in their magazines. With several articles in Quilter’s Home Magazine, she’s begun designing for Fons and Porterand writing for Quilter’s Home magazine and Quilter’s Choice Network (QCN), a new online quilting community. In addition to being published in an assortment of magazines, she released the 2 hour instructional DVD, Bobbinpalooza and Machine Quilting Fun!

Michele’s newest passion is designing fabric for Northcott Silk. Her fifth line entitled Flirty Birdies will be flying into shops July 2013.

flirtie-birdies-2-turquoise-brownHer book, Bobbin’ Quiltin’ and Fusin’ Fun was debuted by AQS at the International Quilt Market in Houston, Fall 2011.flirtie-birdies-2-blue-pink

Michele paired up with Aurifil Threads to create her own line of machine quilting threads called Prism. Prism threads are a heavyweight (12 wt) variegated thread that span the colors of the rainbow!


If you are looking for a quilt pattern to use all of these wonderful variegated threads, look no further. Michele has designed the perfect pattern that is available in a free pdf available at her blog Pieceful Quilter.


The large spool collection case includes 12 colors of 12 wt cotton thread containing 386 yds each. Colors : 3840-4653-4655-4652-4657-4658-4668-4667-4662-4663-4647-4648


The small spool collection includes 10 colors of 12 wt cotton thread containing 56 yds each. Colors : 3840-4653-4655-4652-4657-4658-4668-4667-4662-4663


The giveaway is for one large spool collection case of Michele Scott’s Prism

To enter giveaway please leave a comment on your favorite variegated color combination in the Prism collection.

If you are a no reply blogger, please put your contact email in your comment so we will be able to contact you.

The giveaway will end on April 23, 2013 at 11:00pm EST and the winner will be announced on April 25, 2013


  1. Since I use a lot of white and off-white, I would just tend to choose these colors. Of course, I love the color blue. Thank you for the chance to win and for the wonderful tutorial.

  2. I love the blue variegated and the greens are close seconds. I’d share with my daughter who’d be delighted with the red and orange! Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I love the turquoise and white thread, I have a lot of turquoise fabrics so that thread would go really well with them. Love verigated threads 🙂

  4. I love the turquoise and white thread.. ????? question please, I am new to Aurfil, would like to buy this set, is it Quilting I thought 50 wt was quilting, I have a new Jamone and need some large spools too? I sew alot on Linen and want the variegated for creating …….

  5. I like the turquoise and the red variegated threads. My last quilt was quilted with variegated thread and it’s just beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful thread.

  6. I love that black and gray thread – now that I know it exists, I must have it 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I love the orange. The purples are pretty, too, but that orange is really calling my name. I’d love to win.

  8. I love variegated thread, but have never used Aurifil. I would love to try it! I like the earthtones as I would use them the most

  9. I love the yellow through red tones as they remind me of the azalea in my garden. It comes into full bloom, like a tequila sunrise- with guaranteed rain the following day! I’d make a quilt to remind me of it all year 🙂

  10. I really like them all. I enjoy the bright and bold colors and would be leaning more to the purples or reds today. Thanks for a great giveaway and a chance to win.

  11. It’s a great collection of colors. I especially like the yellow-gold. It always seems to me that adding a bit of yellow, fabric or thread, to a quilt gives it the quality of dappled sunshine falling on the surface.

  12. Oh my what a lovely rainbow of colour! I would have to choose the yellow at present. It brings to mind the lovely daffodils that are blooming all around.

  13. Asking me to choose a color is like asking me to choose between chocolate and chocolate I love them all! If I have to choose, I’d go with the blues, simply because I tend to use a lot of blues in my quilting.

  14. What a choice to have to make! i LOVE the Perennials, but if I have to choose one color (and Iapologize to all the other beautiful ones,,,,!!!) I will choose the purples/lavenders. But those teals are a close second!

  15. Hard decision but I’d have to say the green. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to see them and possible win them.

  16. I’m a purple / mauve girl, but after looking at these threads green is making itself standout there too, beautiful threads, have not had the pleasure to try these yet, heading to Canberra to the quilt fair in Aug so I do hope to find some there,,,mThanks for opportunity to enter cool comp…

  17. Ok…my eyes went to purple….then teal…then red. But that orange variation just called my name!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. They are all so beautiful I’m having a hard time picking just one color! If I have to choose, it would be a toss up between Sunset and Blue Hawaii. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Either lavender or pink would be perfect for the quilt I’m making for my daughter. So, those would be the colors I’d select.

  20. I absolutely love them all! But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be lavenders. I love Aurifil thread. Thanks for the chance to win.


  22. Love the pink variegated as well as the rainbow colored one. Could have used the black & white on a quilt I finished last fall! 🙂

  23. I love all the colors especially the pastels. I recently purchased Aurifil thread and love it. Right now I am using mostly the white and neutral colors and would love to have some colors to add to my collection.

  24. The turquoise reminds me of summer, long evenings, gentle breezes, lots of talk, song and laughter. That colour would be my choice for a lovely coloured and sparkly summerquilt.

  25. They’re all so gorgeous but I particularly like the grey variegated thread. Thanks for the chance to win these lovely threads.

  26. definetely love them all, but at the moment I’m in the mood for the turquoise…. reminds me of crystal clear water under the sun! Thanks for this giveaway!

  27. come scegliere fra tanti colori belli? Ho usato il verde e il lavanda e hanno una resa bellissima sul lavoro! thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I’m loving the variegated yellows and blues, my daughter and I are making her first quilt together, she would love these!

  29. The color combinations are beautiful! I use alot of blue in my quilts, so those are the ones I’d run out of first. Thanks sew much for this chance to win those lovely Aurifil Threads! 😀

  30. I am feeling the teal and green varieties today… Love these colors. Met Michele at my guild mtg last year, wonderful knowledge and skills….

  31. This is about the only thing I would like to enter a drawing for besides a long arm to use it with, haha. I LOVE this thread and the variegated is beautiful!

  32. My favorite color in Michelle’s Prism collection is Spring Green Aquarelli. I have been trying to choose a color for my quilt of shells and ocean colors. I think I’ve found the perfect color!
    Thank you Michelle and Aurifil.

  33. So pretty. Is there such a person as a thread hoarder? As a new quilter (used to sew clothers ? years ago), I did not realize the range of threads or weights of them until the last few months and I thank Aurifil for the posts to learn from. A friend gave me a machine when she upgraded. In it was the most beautiful bobbinful (is this a real word?) of varigated thread. It almost shimmers and I can not bring myself to use it. To me, any color would be a joy to own. Since my favorite color is blue, I would covet it. I may even promise to use it.

  34. Love them all, of course, but I can see wehre Spring Green would be lovely for all those applique stems and leaves. Oh, the lavenders and blues…………..

  35. I love piecing and quilting with Aurifil threads. It is so hard to pick a favorite Prism color, I tend to lean toward natural colors, but love the teal!! I would love, love, love to win this collection!!

  36. All of this collection’s threads are beautiful, but I’m most partial to the shades of green. Thank you so much for a chance to win; I just started using your thread this year, and I’m in love!

  37. I’m typically partial to pinks and purples, but they’re all beautiful! I love varigated threads for crafting

  38. I love the yellows — nice and bright. But I like them all — and since I have many UFOs that need to be quilted I could probably use all of the colors!

  39. The blue’s are my favorite but would love any of them so please email me at lteel1@cox.net and tell me I am the winner. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to win great thread!

  40. While it’s tough to choose one favorite from this collection, I’ll go with the Sunshine Acquarelli (#4658). It makes me happy on a day when we are experiencing stormy weather here in Missouri!

  41. Thank you for a chance at this great giveaway. I have used very little Aurifil thread but, look forward to using more.

  42. I Luv 4647 – Cotton Candy – First and foremost it reminds me of my moms iris garden and second as a child I loved cotton candy. To this day I am still amazed at the wonderful colors of that pure sugar in its paper cone.

  43. I would love to win the giveaway…I love all the colors! Verigated thread is terrific for quilting and thread painting!

  44. I love all of them but the one that represents the rainbow with all the colors is my favorite, then blue, then green, then red, then purple, then orange, then yellow, can you tell, I love them all 🙂 Thank You!

  45. The egg-yolk yellow is my favorite, even though it reminds me of the dandelions that are consuming my yard right now.

  46. I love them all!!! My favorites would be the red, lavender & green. I live in a rural area where we aren’t able to buy Aurfil thread. I would love to win these threads! Thank you so much for the chance to win!


  47. I just started using Aurifil, after a friend sent me a gift of red; I love the finish it gave my quilt. I love all of these colors!

  48. You want me to choose one? Only ONE??? Oh my… how can I choose only one? I love them all!
    My favorite color is turquoise – so I think I’d say this is my favorite color… but I loooove alll the other colors as well… and Aurifil just works like a charm on my APQS longarm…

  49. I LOVE Aurifill threads…..and have purchased MANY of them. I have to say I LOVE the turquoise as I really like bright things……I also love when you can purchase them in sets!!

  50. I love the turquoise, the yellow, the green…..oh heck….I love ALL the colors. Aurifil has me spoiled anyway. All the colors are so clear and wonderful to work with.

  51. I love the purples and teals….and today is my birthday…that would be a perfect birthday gift!! lol Thank you for haveing the contest!!

  52. I absolutely love the teal, however, I am actually in love with ALL of them! I have the perfect quilt to machine quilt with the Prism variegated threads! Would love to win!

  53. Do I have to pick just one? wellllllll, okay. Today it’s the greens… but tomorrow it might be the turquoise, and yesterday it was probably the purples!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. If you love fabrics and quilting, the threads seem to go hand and hand. The colors of the fabrics influence all ofyour love for thread colors and types. When I finish up a spool of Aurifil, I am disappointed that I have no more. It’s like Old Mother Hubbard who when to the cupboard–no one wants a bare Aurifil thread supply. The colors in these selections are just too beautiful to select just one color!! I also have a grand-dog that I have to hid my Aurifil thread from–she will always select the Aurifil over any other brand. It’s a sad death of the spool by the puppy!!

  55. Just one how can I pick just one. I love them all, but if I must pick one, I think blue, no red, oh well I like them all.

  56. Yellow-yellow-yellow! I have been on a yellow kick for about 6 months. I am thrilled to see all those variegated colors. What a treat it would be to quilt with!

  57. my favorite in the big box is 4657. I love the hot color combination of yellow, orange. Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. The blue vareigated thread is my favorite. I searched around to see if they had specific names but couldn’t locate that information…. so it’s the blue one for me.

  59. I’m ever so slightly obsessed with red and turquoise/aqua together these days. Something about clashing colors just makes me happy!!

  60. They are all beautiful colors. I would have to choose the turquoise/aqua. It reminds me of water and the ocean. I’m working on a quilt with fish and a ocean type setting, the aqua would fit in perfectly.

  61. I love the aqua/teal colors because I dream of doing and ocean freemotion project. But I would really love the green because it would make for some lovely grass and ground cover. 🙂

  62. gosh, they are all stunning, really! I do feel a pull towards the light green but the bright yellow could be my new favorite! LOL

  63. Love the teal, but I use verigated all the time, it’s my go to for almost all quilting. The more colour, the better!!

  64. Yellow! 🙂 it is so bright and just makes me happy. Thanks for the chance to win some of your beautiful thread. I love Aurifil thread – it is awesome.

  65. Such a hard decision, they are all beautiful. Since I always gravitate to green, I will go with the green variegated.

  66. Green is my favorite color but lately turquoise has been calling out to me, honestly they are all so beautiful. Love them all!

  67. I am actually throwing away other thread to make room for more Aurifil on my thread racks. Spring has me thinking daffodils and tulips so the yellow and pink and purple are calling my name. Oh, heck, I love every one of them.

  68. beautiful colors. i like the green the best. getting some spring sewing done and green is popping up everywhere.

  69. How to choose…..How to choose….. I love the blues, but also love the black/greys and can use that in my next project. I really love all of them!

  70. I can’t go past combining ‘jewel’ colours — amethyst, sapphire, emerald, ruby — and am sooooo elated to see that Michele has catered for my colour combo passion in her Prism collection. Can’t wait to see them in reality & hope to have an opportunity to play with these variegated hues. Fingers crossed I win!

  71. I love the teal combination! I hope I win so I can try these lovely threads. I live n a small town and no one sells aurifil thread without going 90 miles to get it.

  72. I love them all. Upcoming projects would use any colors of nature, including blues, greens, and browns. I have wall hangings to do and the variegated threads would help bring life to the trees and movement to the water.

  73. Love the Aurifil 12 wt. as I do a lot of utility hand quilting, however have had a hard time finding the colors need in both the 12 wt. and 28wt.

  74. Oh my – how does one choose?? Love them all!
    BUt OK – I can see that fresh green, sky blue and lavender in a beautiful ode to spring…or that orange, yellow and green on dark fabric as a celebration of harvest bounty… 🙂
    thank you for this great chance!

  75. That is a really hard choice since they are all so great. That said, I have to go with my favorite color, lavender! So pretty, know can find something to us them ALL on though.
    Happy Spring everyone!

  76. WOW, the colors are so clear and bright, Love the red, orange, yellow and turquoise. What a special collection

  77. Ooohhh I love variegated thread! My favorite would be the aqua / teals! Would love to try some Aurifil Thread! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  78. I love them all but if I must choose it would have to be the blues/turquoise. I am so grateful for the chance to win some. Thank you so much.

  79. It’s kind of hard to pick a favorite when you’ve never seen the thread. So I’ll do what I’m sure everyone else is doing. My favorite color is turquoise. I hope I win because I have wanted to try Aurifil thread for a long time.

  80. Wow wow wow, what a great giveaway. I am really partial to the brown/tan variagated then comes the turquoise. I really gravitate towards earth tones though. My DH keeps trying to get me to step outside my box. LOL

  81. It’s so hard to pick a favourite. The oranges and the turquoises, perhaps, but depending on the project at hand, any of these could be “favourites”.

  82. i just love all of the colors but my fav is the purple i can see any of these colors on wonderful quilts with free motion all over them.

  83. The turquoise is really jumping out at me but I like them all. I usually always quilt with variegated thread. Thanks for this opportunity.

  84. I am totally in love with variegated threads and that variegated collection just makes my heart sing. Wow to the bright oranges, the bright blues… so many I can’t help but drool over!

  85. Love, love your thread…my favorite..it’s hard to pick a color, but the orange & turquoise colors have my attention. Thanks for this opportunity.

  86. I have always loved variegated threads and 12 weight threads always look beautiful when embellishing a piece.. The turquoise blue colorway reminds me of our New Mexico skies and our beautiful Native American jewelry. Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity and look forward to winning the thread to use it on your beautiful Prism Perenial wallhanging. Thank you.

  87. I have really been into oranges this spring. But reds would always be awesome too! I love quilting with varigated threads!! 🙂

  88. I like the neutral one. It may be boring, but the thread totally disappears into the texture of the fabric.

  89. Aurifil thread is my go-to thread. Just love it for piecing, quilting, and thread play. I love the whole assortment of colors. they remind me of a bright sunny spring day with all the flowers in bloom. I would have to pick the yellow for SUNSHINE which is something we haven’t seen much of since Hurricane Sandy.

  90. They all are wonderful, but I’d probably use 4653 and 4667 the most. The greens for embellishing leaves and stems, and the neutrals for adding pizzazz to backgrounds.

  91. So difficult to choose! The orange-reds appeal to me for use in Australian Outback landscapes;
    the lavender/blues would get a good work-out for mountain settings and skies

  92. It’s really hard to choose because I love all jewel tones and this thread is just perfect for me. If I was only able to choose 1, I guess that I would have to pick the light blue/teal one. Thanks for the opportunity to win these threads.

  93. Hard to choose but if I have to, the turquoise and white. But I love them all. Thanks for the opportunity to win these beautiful threads.

  94. This is a really pretty collection. I love playing with variagated thread. I’m working on a quilt that would match the blue perfectly!

  95. Variegated threads are my favorite quilting threads. Love your purple and the teal/turquoise, but, of course would want them all:)

  96. They are all beautiful! I have been a bit intimidated by veriegated thread, but maybe my next quilt will be adventuresome. The pinks, purples, and blues are very inspiring!

  97. i love the blues as they compliment most all quilting and make the eye follow the motion of the quilting

  98. You mean I have to pick only one?! I love blue, but of these I would said it would be the one that has purple, yellow, and blue. (Big box-right hand side, second from top) LOVE THEM ALL!

  99. My favorite color combination is the purple. I love the way it gives me so much variation in such short time.

  100. I can’t believe you are making me choose. What if I said all of them! On the top of my list would be purple.

  101. I’m really loving the yellow variegated, in fact using similar in a 50 wt right now on a wedding quilt. The pastel variegateds would be great for the donation baby quilts our guild makes each month. I’d love to try the 12 wt thread for a variety of projects!

  102. I am a total purple freak it is my signature color. Everything I do has to have some small amount of purple in it. LOVE IT

  103. The dark blue variegated is my pick. I’m always drawn to blues. On the other hand they are all lovely so I’d hate to leave any behind.

  104. Hello from KS – All these rainbow colors are simply gorgeous! I hand embroider a great deal with variegated thread, so imagine my thrill at stumbling upon this Prism collection for machine sewing! Of the 12 colors in this set, my favorites are the two spools that feature a combination of all the colors. The hours of fun that could be had with just these two!

  105. I love all colors but I do love the bright yellows, orange and reds as I can not see all colors and these are a sure bet 🙂

  106. Love the purple! Bought green and blue yesterday at Cozy Quilt Shop. Love to have the entire collection. Was runner up in naming an Orange Variegated last year. My choice was Orange Maze. Other name was prettier.
    Runner up got nothing! Bummer. lol

  107. It’s very difficult settling on just one color but if I must I’d have to say green. But then again blue and purple are great colors too!!! 🙂

  108. The colours are all so beautiful but the turquoise captures my eye. what a treat it would be to have such a selection. Oh my!

  109. It’s hard to pick just one, but my favorites are the orange and the turquoise, with the green a close third. Beautiful colors!

  110. My favorite color of thread would be the Blue, I love all the colors though. The quilt is beautiful too, and so many of my favorite colors in it too. Thank-you so much for the pattern

  111. I love using purple and yellow together to give a shadowy effect in my embroidery pictures, especially the florals…thanks for such a great thread….

  112. Gorgeous thread set, love all the colors. Now if I had to choose one only, it definitely would be the color of sunshine… Yellow 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. I love the pale sea blues and have a selection of fabric ready for a project to match them! A great giveaway…thank you!

  114. Color 4668 really appeals to me with the varying shades of blue and turquoise! This is a very juicy selection of colors and a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.

  115. I’m picking them all. I know I have fabric to go with them so the perfect way to finish a great looking quilt with this thread. Mdjssatgmaildotcom

  116. I really love the autumnal tones. The oranges and browns seem to glow. Then again, the turquoise and blues are divine…. All the colours are amazing. Thank you for the chance to win some of them.

  117. Oh, my!! These Michele Scott’s Prism colors are all SO wonderful!!… And they’re Aurifil, the BEST!!!! Love (and could use!) them ALL!
    Pick just one???!… … I guess of the blues… the darker blues/greens is calling to me most insistently!!
    Thank you!!
    Pat T.

  118. I love all of the colors but if i had to pick one…it would be the blues. I do so much with the color blue. Please keep up the great thread….i so love aurifil thread.

  119. I’m thinking of greens as I look out my window at all the glorious shades of Spring bursting forth. What a gift from God!

  120. I have known Michele since she was just getting started. (I’m SO proud of her!) Her variegated threads look like they’re (almost!) good enough to eat! Good source of fiber in more than one way, eh? lol My favorite colors are in the teal/aqua family, but they all look pretty good to me! Well done, Michele!

    1. J’aime particulièrement la variation “rosé”. Mais tous auraient une place dans mon atelier. merci pour toutes ces belles couleurs.

  121. I couldn’t find the given names for the spools of color, but I am always drawn to the greens and aquas…my favorite in everything!

  122. What a hard decision to make! Looking at my present project, I would have to focus on anything in the blue family. But, they are all just beautiful.

  123. All the colors are superb, if I have to pick just one color, it would have to be the turquoise, it is so vibrant!!!!

  124. My favorite color combination in the Prism line is the light browns/tans/creams. Traditional, yet beautiful!

  125. I love the aqua colorway: it would go with so much that I am quilting lately!! thanks for the chance to win the wonderful thread assortment!

  126. Hi. All the colors are beautiful. A lot of my quilts are blue { that is my favourite color} so I will have to say” Blue” Thank you

  127. We have to choose one colour? Oh my that’s not an easy task. They are all so lovely!

    I guess I’d have to go with the marine blue even though the greens are calling to me too. But the blue would make wonderful sashiko style waves on a Japanese themed quilt that I’m making.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Iamaeble (at) gmail.com

  128. I love the orange and the yellow! But they are all beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity! I love Aurifil thread!

  129. Hi love all the colours LOVE variegated thread but especially the yellow and pink. Thanks for the lovely opportunity to win such beautiful threads.

  130. I love the turquoise. All the colors are beautiful. But Im a blues girl. That color combination makes me happy.

  131. I would love towin this! I am teaching myself to quilt, with the help of tutorials, and this would be greatly appreciated! I have a new grandson and I’m trying to make him a quilt and would adore those teal/turquoise threads! Thanks

  132. I just ❤ all Aurifil treads! Lately I use a lot yellow in all different shades, but petrol is also important for ongoing projects. Yellow for spring, petol for summer!! I can't narrow it down more!!

  133. It has to be the purple… but they are all beautiful!! I’m making a purple quilt for my god daughter for her graduation in 2014. The purple thread would be beautiful with the batiks I plan to use!! She’s a great kid, great student and all around sweetheart. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees it!!

  134. The red would be my favorite, but the blue runs a very close second. All of them are beautiful. I have red, white and blue quilt that is an ongoing project. The red would look really good with it.

  135. This is almost like having to pick your favorite child!!!! They are all beautiful in their own way! But I have always been a blue person so I must go with blue! Don’t hate me green, orange, turquoise, etc……. I still love you!

  136. I love them all but would have to go with the blues. I live on an Island and the ice is just leaving the harbors and we are now seeing the beautiful blue water again.. PS I would be happy with any color of Aurifil thread. Thanks. .

  137. I love the bright turquoise. It reminds me of sunny spring skies, which we are just starting to have after a very long winter. I’m itching to get out in the sunshine and play in my gardens!

  138. I am currently working on a piece that features the mysteries of the ocean so the teal/turquoise would be my choice for this piece. I’m also working on some pink tulips in green grass so I would love to have the green variegated! Actually I don’t know how I would choose just one! Thanks for this opportunity!

  139. The fall colors are always a favorite, so they would include brown, orange, and yellow. Or is that 70s colors?? Let’s stick with fall, then I won’t be showing my age as much! LOL Thanks for the chance to win this.

  140. I like all the colors that are right there in Michele’s collection. They are beautiful! Can’t imagine all that could be done with those.

  141. Just love all colors but I guess I could pick the 3rd row, 2nd one in – looks turquisey/greeny and I love those colors!

  142. They are all beautiful. I really love the yellows but I think the lavender/pink/blue combo is just GORGEOUS. Fingers crossed, thanks so much for the opportunity to win. Gx

  143. i love the blue mixes……just gorgeous. my favorite color is pink with blue as a close second – but i don’t see a nice mix of pinks.

  144. Colors as fresh as Spring (if it ever arrives where I live)! Each different “flower” would certainly brighten my day and add another touch of sparkle in my Aurifil world.

  145. I too started making quilts as a way to pass the time. I love this little hobby of mine and would love to win these threads.

  146. The green… I just finished a paper pieced top in lavender, pink, Betty Boop fabric triangles at the corners to turn it on point ~ the green would absolutely POP on it!!

  147. I like the yellow / orange variegated thread combo. I’m a devoted Aurifil user & convert as many quilters as I can to this wonderful thread. It really does seem to improve piecing accuracy!

  148. definitely the purple. I have many Kansas State University fans in the family and the purple variegated would work for several projects.

  149. My favourite colour is orange, love vibrant colours! I use Aurifil thread exclusively, it is a treat to work with! awolk at rogers dot com

  150. I love the red/orange–it looks like flames. And the purples are great, since purple is my favorite color. But the yellows are my favorite–I like to use yellow in my quilts, so this would be perfect! I adore variegated threads and would love to try Aurifil!

  151. They are all beautiful but if I had to choose one color, I love the Turquoise


  152. I love the blues and greens, reminds me of the summery outdoor grasses and trees… oh, but then I love the red, oranges and yellows, reminds me of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets… but the lavender and purples catch my eye…. They remind me of my daughters…. Guess I would go with that as my best. Gotta say…. hard to decide! Typical of beauty!

  153. I love the Aurifil threads! Since I use only the whites, grays, beiges, I would love to try any of the variegated threads. I have not found a local store that has a variegated combination. Thanks for a chance to win.

  154. I love all the vibrant color blends…but if I have to choose…I choose the turquoise/white blend. This blend reminds me of fun on the beach!

  155. I think they all look so YUMMY, but if I had to pick just one it would be the beautiful variegated green. It’s my favorite color and reminds me of nature in the spring and summer……only if it ever arrives in Manitoba Canada.

  156. The blue, no the red, no the yellow, no the orange…oh my..don’t make me pick one because they are all great and I have had the need for all these colors in the past and still do in the future.

  157. Choosing my favorite color is like choosing my favorite grandchild or grand-darlings, as I call them. Turquoise is my favorite color today because my new Birkies came yesterday and they’re Turquoise. Thank you sew much for this opportunity to try Aurfil.Variegated thread is sew fun and is just like a kid. You don’t know what will come next.

  158. Oh my goodness! I am torn as to which one I would like “best”, however, I am really feeling the pink, purple, and green ones – but that could be due to the quilt I am planning for my grandchild due in November. I am also loving the blue shades and would enjoy using those for a quilt for my grandson – considering making a quilt for his toddler bed as I am expecting he will be using one in the near future.

  159. The colors are stunning and make me smile. I especially love the yellows. Winter has stayed a bit too long in my neck of the woods and the yellows are making me think of sunshine and summer!

  160. I love the tangerine and mustard combination in the middle of the top on the vertical picture! I don’t know where to buy this. Where is it sold? I want to try it in my new quilting machine!

  161. I love the teal and purple colors. I love using the Aurifil threads. I am gradually getting one color at a time. It would so nice to win this.

  162. I agree they are all so pretty, but I tend to lean more towards the blues, especially the turquoise. Crossing my fingers!

  163. I love all of the colors, though the greens and blues are especially appealing. Oh and the red and all of the other colors. What can I say?

  164. How do you NOT LOVE the rainbow???? It’s like picking your favorite child! I can only imagine the beautiful waves of colors on a quilt. Love this thread!

  165. Do I have to pick just one? I love them all. I guess if I could only afford to buy one of the colors it would have to be the yellow. It is so cheery and happy. I would love this whole collection.

  166. My favorite is the oranges. I live in TN, and we tend to make a bunch of orange and white quilts here for UT fans….our local high school colors are orange and blue….so it’s a no brainer for me!!!

  167. Beautiful thread colors! Lovin the perennial selections… blues would be my choice for current projects 🙂

  168. I love the blues and yellows. I can’t decide which one is my favorite. I have Mark Lapinski’s and Edyta Sitar’s collection and I would so love some variegated threads.

  169. I am an Autumn girl, and those are the colors in my fabric pallette, so I would choose the earth tones thread.

  170. I love the varigated colors and any of the colors would be fantastic. I love most purples and blues. Thank your for the opportunity to win.

  171. What is not to like about these colors? They are all so vibrant. If I HAD to choose just one, I would have to say the blues, only because I’m dreaming of Caribbean waters right now.

  172. I’ll be honest- I haven’t been fortunate enough to use the Aurifil threads yet- and I’ll be even MORE honest in saying that I am a relatively new sewer although I HAVE been cranking out quilts (I’ve made 7 in one year) but the top quilting I do ends up being boring and nothing worth noting. I would love to try these threads to expand my sewing experience and to broaden my horizons. I think it would be the perfect motivation for me to get out of the ditch (if you know what I mean) 😉

  173. I love all of the

    I love Auirifil threads- they are the best threads on the market by far!! If I had to choose one color, it would have to be the greens! Thank you for the chance to own more Aurifil!!

  174. Honestly, I love them all and they make me hungry just looking at them, because they remind me of a Jelly Belly store 🙂

  175. Which color isn’t to be loved? I am one of those when I like them all, I buy them all. I may not be able to buy them all at once, but I work on it. All the colors remind me of the coming spring, April showers bring May flowers.

  176. The yellow is singing to me today. Great color for a summer quilt! Thanks for the chance to win the collection 🙂

  177. I love the blended colors! I use colorful fabrics a lot and it is hard to choose a single color for my quilting.

  178. The red varigated (4648) looks great. A real splash of bright colour, just what you need when winter is dragging it’s heals. They all look lovely though 😀

  179. My favourites are always orange or pink, but all the colours in this selection are lovely! Thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Ooooops! (I hit enter by mistake!) GOTTA HAVE TURQUOISE in every quilt I make! …and of course ORANGE to compliment it! ❤

  180. So many beautiful colors–so hard to choose. My favorite would have to be the purples. Thanks for the great quality and wonderful selection of colors.

  181. OMGosh how are you ever going to pick just one person……I am so glad I am not you when it comes to that. My favorite colors would be the yellows and the greens, yum! I am among all these aurifil thread users but I cannot say that I have ever used it myself. I have hear that some people cannot use it in there machine and I am afraid to put that much money out and not be able to use it. Now if it works fine then you don’t mind the money. Thanks for having such a nice give-away no matter who wins.

  182. Wow, what beautiful colors. Blues are my favorite, but all the colors will work with so many things. I can just see it with appliques.

  183. Ya know, it just isn’t fair to ask us to pick one. They are all just scrumptious. I’ve been using Aurfil for some time now and I Love them all. Seeing as I have a new granddaughter soon to be arriving I think I’ll be using a lot of the pinks.

  184. Would love to try this thread everyone is raving about! The colors are all wonderful but if I have to choose just one I would choose orange, it makes me feel happy!!! Thank You for the chance to win these lovely threads…

  185. Love the orange because it’s such a HAPPY color…mind you, I love all the colors! What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for considering us readers!

  186. The orange looks so peachy and spring like, and the yellow looks like th e sun, which we don’t see very often lately. They are all lovely