Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day with Aurifil and cupcakes ( updated with winner announcement)

Welcome to another fun round of the fantastic Giveaway Day hosted by the wonderful Sew Mama Sew.  Twice a year, all the best sewing and craft related giveaways  posted in one spot so you can grab a cup of coffee, start up a film for the kids, kick back, browse and enter for a chance to win everything you could possibly want in your sewing stash.

Do you know what cupcakes and Aurifil have in common?



“What happens when a great Italian thread maker joins forces with a bold American quilter? You get thread with a passion.

Look, anyone who knows Mark Lipinski knows that I speak my mind and have passion for the truth. I’ve based my quilting career on it. So you can trust that when I put my name on a box of Aurifil thread, it’s not for celebrity or money, but for the pure love of the thread.

When you use a quality thread on your patchwork, quilting and embroidery you know it. And there is no better thread than my personal favorite, Aurifil. Here’s the deal: When I sit down to a project, I want to finish with the least thread breaks, without having to change spools, and produce projects that have the flattest seams and less bulk. I also want a smooth thread, one that’s practically lint free, machine washable and colorfast! Aurifil fits the bill.

While this imported Italian, 100% cotton Mako thread is super thin, it’s also super strong and has more thread on the spool than competing brands. There is no denying that it’s a great value and the favourite of traditional piecers, art quilters, long arm and home machine quilters, and embroiderers. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll be hooked just like I am!

I chose a few of my personal all-time favourite and most versatile colors to get you started, but don’t stop here.

Aurifil has 252 amazing colors to choose from including variegated threads.  Oh, and before I forget, can organizing your Aurifil threads be any easier? Use the Aurifil color card  to get the right thread for the right project every time.

Aurifil rocks, baby!”

The Aurifil Giveaway Day contribution is Mark Lipinski’s The Basics Collection.

A case filled with the best threads in neutral colors that every sewer can use for every season and project.  Perfect for piecing, detailed machine applique’, quilting and embroidery.

The Basics Collection includes:

12 spools of 100% cotton thread, 50WT  1422 yards – 1300 mt each

Colors : 2000 2021 2024 2310 2314 2325 2326 2370 2600 2605 2610 2692



To enter the giveaway, please leave one comment filling in the blank  “The color of thread I use most is ______.”

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Three chance to win this incredible collection of thread!

Many thanks to everyone that participated in the fun!

Congratulations to Cindy Keery!

Definitely grey.


    1. My go to threat color is a neutral cream but I love to use many of the bold colors in this line as accents

  1. The color of thread I use most is WHITE. Always white. And then I run out and have to go buy 10 more spools.

  2. I am new to Aurifil but about to finish off my first spool of white. Most of the time I see with white thread.

  3. The color of thread I use most is cream. (not sure of the actual name of it – but it is the 2nd one back on the left in this collection. I LOVE IT!)

  4. I use mostly neutral colors while piecing but sometimes a spark of color is needed to add to machine quilting elements.

  5. WOW, the basic collection are the colors that I use, and what a wonderful Idea og them all together, Ideas are popping to use them all

  6. The color I use most is 2310
    And 2600 these r my go to favorite everyday
    Colors .
    There is no other thread to use than Aurifil

  7. The Aurifil thread I use all the time is 2326. I would love to win this as I must drive 75 miles or more to purchase this awesome thread ! I will keep my fingers crossed & thanks for this opportunity!

  8. What a wonderful gift. I am thanking you in advance in case I win. If not it is a nice thing for you to do.

  9. The color I use most is light grey #2600, I already follow Aurifil on FB and on my way over to Pinterest, THANK YOU for the chance to win a wonderful collection of basic Aurifil threads.

  10. Although I use grey and white occasionally, the color I use most is 2000- an off-white. I just bought some variegated to try for quilting. Love Aurifil!

  11. I use white the most often – boring I know but I sew a lot of garments where the thread doesn’t show. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a huge collection though 🙂

  12. The color of thread I use most is: White. ;c) It’s pretty versatile in regards to piecing, but I also use alot of white backgrounds so white for quilting! ;c) Oh, and I LOVE Aurifil!

  13. Aurifil 2310 is the color I use most – I use it for all my piecing. But I’m getting adventurous and branching out – I bought a spool of 2600 to use for piecing my next quilt!

  14. My go-to thread is an off-white or natural thread. I know the purpose of grey, to blend, but I’ve never totally warmed up to it yet. I choose threads that match the majority of what’s in the quilt top to quilt with. Love your thread! Thanks for a chance to win!

  15. The color of thread I use most is 2325 for piecing beautiful batik or color-full quilt tops. My machine loves Aurifil thread and purrs like a kitten.

  16. it is my signature to use a shade of purple in every project. but The color of thread I use most is white.”

  17. I use an off-white color most unless I am stitching on really dark fabrics…I just started using Aurifl and love it! Judy R from Buffalo

  18. Lately it has been pinks or purples. I finally have a little girl after having her two older brothers. I all ready follow you on facebook and going to look at pintrest now.

  19. Most of the time I use beige or gray for piecing. I am a facebook follower and now a Pinterest follower. LOVE Mark Lipinski!!!

  20. I use Aurofil exclusivly in my quilts! I tend to use the nuetral color for lighter fabrics & a smokey color for the darker colors. It works great for me!

  21. The color thread I use most is black (sometimes when white or a color would be sooooo much better! lol).

  22. The color I use most is white. All my piecing is done with white. Th color I use most when I quilt tends to be gray.

  23. The color of threadbias find myself using the most is gray. It seems to blend perfectly when quilting and is great for piecing too. Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  24. The color of thread I use most is either white or off-white. What an extraordinary gift to win. That would sure make a nice present to receive in the mail, We all want fabirc but you need thread to sew your fabric with. Thank you for being a part of this giveway and giving all of us a chance to win this oh so generous giveway. Both Aurifil and Mark rock baby!!

  25. My favorite color is 5021. It blends perfectly with most my fabrics. I even used it recently on my blanket stitch appliqué that I couldn’t find a thread to blend and it was perfect! I have black, gray and white thread in my collection. I recently bought the thread chart with the thread samples and love it since I don’t have a quilt shop that sells Aurifil thread near me.

  26. The color I use most is white. I follow your Facebook page and am a new follower of your Pinterest boards. Love your threads.

  27. Most of my quilts have a lot of bold color in them, so I use light or dark gray thread the most. I’m working on expanding my color range though. Pastels, creams, and whites are starting to make their way into my work a little more often, so having a cream thread on hand is becoming a necessity too.

  28. I use Aurifil almost exclusively. I’ve tried other brands, but they leave so much lint in my machine. Aurifil does not. Love the colors too!!

  29. I try to match color of thread to color of fabric, but when I can’t… a cream/beige is usually what I will use.

  30. the color i use most is bright colors i like to use all colors that match what i am working on and some times i will even use a bright color on dark fabric i think it make the quilt or what every i am woking POP..

  31. I use white the most but desire to come up with a ‘signature’ color something exciting and tropical. 🙂

  32. The color I use most is cream. I’ve finished 2 spools of 2312 already! I need to get the cone, I think!

  33. I also follow Aurifil on Pinterest. I’m very new to Pinterest, so, I can’t wait to see how it works. Thanks.

  34. The color of thread I use the most is white for sure. I need to step out of my comfort zone and experiment more. Thanks for the chance to win! Would love this awesome thread!

  35. The color of thread I use most is white. I buy the other colours by the spool, but I buy cones of white. I plan to start using more grey though. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  36. I use the neutral grays the most. They seem to melt into the fabric & disappear. Wonderful for piecing!

  37. The color of thread I use the most is cream. And have just recently fallen in love with your thread!! Hoping beyond hope that my name is pulled for this gorgeous box of thread!! 🙂

  38. I use most a light tan for piecing, and threads matching my quilt for quilting. I’ve recently changed to Aurifil and I’m absolutely in love with the 50wt threads.

  39. The color of thread I use right now is 2000! I am just finishing 3 quilts for my sofa and I quilted with the 40 wt 2000. I love the even look I get when quilting with Aurifil! And for hand stitching the binding nothing beats Aurifil – it doesn’t snap or curl into knots like most other threads I have used!

  40. And now that I found you on pinterest – I follow you there too! I like the fact that you show of the talented quilters who use Aurifil! It gives an extra boost to be mentioned!

  41. It really depends on the project. I use whatever color goes with the fabric I’m working with. But I do use white quite a bit.

  42. I seem to use Ecru or beige the most. And since I love that shade in my neutrals I must have this thread collection. I am so impressed with the quality of this thread. We buy the best fabric for our quilts. Buying the best thread seems to be a no-brainer!

  43. The color of thread I use the most to piece is a light grey. It seems to blend well with light and darks.

  44. I use a lot of grey but love Aurifil and cannot get enough of the lovely colours for machine applique

  45. I use a natural color (I think the sticker on the cone said “zen”) off of my gigantic cone the most, for piecing, neutral quilting, topstitching, you name it. It just tends to be the perfect color.

  46. I use different colors on my quilts..I use mostly white for the bobbin. I love Auriful thanks for a great giveaway!!

  47. The thread color I use most is natural. It blends with just about everything. Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. The colour of thread I used most is a tie between pale gray for piecing and black for my quilting. (There have been a lot of Haloween quilts lately. 🙂 )
    Thanks for the chance to win. kj_hahn(at)telus(dot)net

  49. The color of thread I mostly use is cream/off white and sometimes another color when the quilt needs it. Great give away, thank you

  50. The colour I use the most is grey (2605) as I do a lot of EPP and it’s perfect with so many different colours. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  51. My favorite color is #2325 not sure of name it is beige/greenish blends with most colors love it for piecing

  52. I use the very palest of Aurifl greys all the time for piecing. It’s the best. Once I started using Aurifil I never looked back. Thank you for the chance to win some more.

  53. I’m going to sound so very BORING … the thread color I use most often is a medium gray. When I was making hats for an opera company, I learned how, when you don’t have a matching thread color, gray always works and if it shows, it reads as shadow on the stage (and in real life, too).

  54. My new favorite the variegated yellow aurifil, pretty enough to make you smile while you sew yet light enough not to show through!

  55. The color of thread I use most is off-white. Thanks for the chance to win, I am a huge fan of Aurifil thread!

  56. WooHoo! Mark, cupcakes and Aurifil …. can’t get any better! The color of thread I use most is white … but I’m transforming my thinking to grey.

  57. I have not been able to try your thread yet but I am looking forward to purchasing some on line. I have been told that it is the best. I mostly use white thread.

  58. The color I use most is light gray. White is a close second. Thanks for the generous giveaway!