LUKE! and a special Giveaway

There are some who think a quilt is something to be placed on a bed or sofa, to throw over a chair and to drag out when it gets cold to provide warmth.  For others, the idea that what is providing comfort is also a piece of art is foreign.  Fortunately, in the world of quilting, there are artists with many different styles of quilting that open up the opportunity to create something for every one to enjoy.  They show that the possibilities of quilt art are almost infinite. The quilting community has been taking the art world by storm with artists that are creative, fun, provocative and even scandalous.  These artists are taking art out of the bedrooms, off the sofas and putting it back where it can be seen in galleries and museums.

One of the quilt artists that takes all doubt out of quilting as an art form is LUKE!

luke-profileLUKE Haynes creates scenes, images, portraits and environments out of fabric and thread. Drawing from a tradition of meditative American portraiture, with influences ranging from Chuck Close to Kehinde Wiley, Haynes depicts the images with which we find comfort, constructed within the traditional quilting process, layering found cloth pieces, inscribed by thread. With roots in the American South, and an architectural education at Cooper Union, his work lies within the juncture between form and function, art and craft, quilt tradition and contemporary design culture.
Quilting for 10 years, Haynes has completed almost 200 quilts, the largest to date reached 9×17 feet. His work has been showcased in exhibitions and installations in 15 states and 3 different countries. Haynes gives new life to the tactile American experience. His work is in the collections of the Newark Museum, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Private collection of the Norton Family, and in the lobby of Duke University to name a few. He is coming up on his 60th exhibition.
Haynes was born In Colorado, but grew up primarily in the American South, which was the generative source of his craft and culture. He has lived in 15 States and attended 14 schools creating a foundation of knowledge and human interactions that is ripe within his work. He currently splits his time between New York and Seattle.

Luke’s art is a interesting combination of traditional blocks with an abstract feel and raw edged applique images to create a visual buffet that appeals to both quilters and non quilters.

Recently, Luke designed this fantastic art piece for Mr. Aurifil himself!  It is safely in the hands of Alex and is on permanent display at the Aurifil offices in Milan.


The back of this quilt is as stunning as the front showing Luke’s amazing attention to detail.



Other artworks of Luke include a favorite of the Aurifil office:

[Iconography #8] Material Girl

[Iconography #8] Material Girl  36%22 X 36%22 [Iconography #7] Rags to Riches  

This piece is constructed from reclaimed Textiles.

“I took Clothes and sheets discarded from the people of NY and created this quilt.”

The quilt is an image of both Kanye and JAy-z. I used an Image by Troy Gua for the design.

The Artist with [Iconography #7] Rags to Riches

Luke also creates other images with his quilting that show his wonderful sense of humor and love of good food!

[Iconography #5] Ice Cream Cone 59%22 X 33%22

Luke’s work can be seen on permanent display at Brooklyn Museum in New York and  coming soon to American Folk Art Museum October 1, 2013- January 5, 2014 and The Business of Art Center

To celebrate art quilting this giveaway is offering a special, one of a kind Aurifil Collection!

The collection is 12 large spools of the finest 50wt cotton thread in rich wonderful colors that would be the perfect addition to any sewing room.


generico open

Sorry for the delay, the computer is more in control of passwords than I am at times,lol!

Congratulations to the winner of the Aurifil Art Collection

I’m more a traditional quilter, I love the older styles but I would love to get into art quilt they just look so neat.


  1. I am more of a traditional quilter. I am awestruck by the quality of some of the art quilts. They are truly amazing. Thanks so much for sharing

  2. My favorite quilt style has to be modern. I like the bright colors, the wonky designs, and the limitless ways the quilters express themselves. So much better than traditional quilts in dark, county or civil war colors. Luke’s quilts are amazing, even my husband was impressed!

  3. My favorite quilt style is whatever my mood is. I prefer applique but love to mix up applique with piecing whether it is a “modern” style or traditional or Baltimore. It’s what looks right to me.

  4. Luke’s quilts are stunning! I make quilts to hug my relatives when they need comfort and I also make quilts to display in my home as wall art. I vary my quilting style depending on my mood at the time. Currently, I have the hexagon fever really bad; therefore, most of the quilts I have been making lately are english paper-pieced quilts in modern and semi-traditional setting.

  5. I am more of a traditional quilter. But I am really interested in trying some of the patterns for modern quilts. Who knows? Maybe art quilts will be next!

  6. These are stunning! I would have to say “semi-traditional” – I like utilitarian scrappy quilts, but tend to kick up the colors/settings to suit the recipient – sometimes more modern than others.

  7. I lov to create,,,some of my work pops out if my head,,, some takes time,,, then I have to make the traditional quilt,,,blah,,,, why can’t I say NO

  8. I really like modern quilting and modern traditional. I’ve recently started to try out some improvisation type quilting which is a departure from my normal “follow-the-rules” kind of style

  9. My gosh what an exceptional quilter he is. His work is absolutely amazing. I am slowly becoming a modern quilter. I still love patchwork. Thank you for sharing with us and for also the chance to win your giveaway.

    Sandi Timmons

  10. I like traditional piecing but like to use bright colors in my quilts. I also try to make my quilts reflect the recipient. I guess you could say I’m a “modern traditionalist”!

  11. i like quilts that tell a story. be it spoken or not. to me they are all works of art and evoke a memory or feeling to all who view them.

  12. I am an art quilter bound by modern-traditionalism, time, space and resources. In other words…I can’t keep up with all the patterns and designs floating around in my head. 🙂

  13. Currently, my preferred quilt style is modern! My quilting might not be as modern as some, but it is still more modern than traditional. And, I always use Aurifil thread for piecing, quilting . It is simply the best. Thanks for the give away! Someone will be very happy with this collection of threads.

  14. Depends on what day of the week it is and my state of mind, but I do love improvisational. Your quilts are stunning.

  15. I’m definitely a modern quilter. I do enjoy a little traditional quilting, but tend to put a modern spin on it…

  16. I enjoy taking traditional patterns and geometrically changing them into something of my own. Mathematics now makes more sense!

  17. amazing quilts definitely works of art. my style of quilting is traditional patterns and modern fabric choices.

  18. I do mostly traditional blocks, but try out untraditional settings. I love applique, but need a pattern! Lovely portrait! Love the use of color!

  19. Is there such a style as “modern traditional” as I like the simpler traditional blocks in modern fabrics. Though I wonder if improv would be more suited to my standard of stitching.

  20. Have been a utility quilter but just started on my first art quilt; developed from a wonderful photo of an ocotillo cactus in winter that my friend sent me. Truly a journey for mind and soul.

  21. I tend to gravitate towards modern quilts that are derived from traditional blocks and style. Luke’s portrait quilts are amazing, and true works of art!

  22. My favorite style of quilts is art quilts. It is nice to see an art quilter get this kind of recognition. I am always amazed that art quilting is not valued more in the world of fine art, considering the complexity and time involved. Bravo, Luke and Alex.

  23. My favorite style is traditional but I certainly appreciate all styles and am trying my hand at more modern styles. I am amazed at Luke’s creations…especially Mr. Aurifil himself! Thanks for the chance!

  24. My favorite style is a pieced quilt that is happy. I love modern fabric colors. Luke’s quilts (creations) are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win some of this AMAZING thread. Once you go Aurifil you never go back!

  25. My quilts lately have been whatever style fits the person getting the quilt, recently finished a semi-modern for an arsty young lady and a muted traditional for a bride.

  26. I would have to say modern, those types of quilts look young, fresh and new to me. Luke is a very talented man!

  27. I have been transcending toward modern quilts over the last few years. I used to be traditional, but have moved into the new modern trend–mostly queen/king bed size. I am loving the designs and colors. I also greatly enjoy creating art quilts–more on the wall hanging size.

  28. I love modern and straight line quilting generally. But it may also be that I wish I could do great free motion (still need a LOT of practise). Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I love the recent modern quilt trend with the retro twist. My current project is a hand pieced Grandmother’s Flower garden, with current “low volume” fabrics.

  30. Wow his quilts are amazing! I love a variety depending on my mood or what I’m into during a particular time. I love modern and bright but I also love pastels. Thank you for the chance!

  31. I have had an interest in quilts for many years and this year finally started to make A few. I love learning about quilt history, traditional quilts and the new Modern Quilt movement, of which has captivated my artist within. Love working with Aurifil threads!

  32. I’m more a traditionalist when it comes to quilting, but have been branching our, will try anything as long as it looks like fun !!! Have also been know to design a few special quilt projects for family and friends!!!!

  33. I am pretty new to quilting so I am pretty traditional and haven’t branched out and tried too many new things. I do love the modern fabrics in the traditional designs.

  34. I’m looking for some thread in allot of colors, this would sure help. Love the idea of hanging quilts and not just using them.

  35. My favorite style to make is modern with a traditional twist; however, my favorite to look at are beautiful art quilts like these! I would love to spend time with them in person.

  36. I am pretty new to quilting and really don’t have a particular style… I just make whatever “talks to” me.

  37. I’m drawn to modern quilts, however, I do love many of the traditional quilts too. The modern fabrics are my favorite and when you use them in any style quilt it lends a modern edge to it.

  38. Luke makes the most amazing quilts! I was lucky enough to see his work at my quilt guild in Portland, OR!
    My favorite quilt style is the one I’m doing at the moment I’m doing it! Mostly modern ~

  39. Such stunning talent. My favourite quilt style is modern but then I could get into a whole debate about what that means! My style is slow and often random! thanks for the chance to win

  40. I do a lot of traditional quilting, but I have to do at least one significant art quilt a year. I do a 12″ art quilt about once a month, just to keep my creative side going. It’s so funny, I can finish a traditional quilt top in a few days, but work on a much smaller art quilt for weeks. It is a great way to experiment with fabrics, threads, techniques, and stitches you didn’t even know your machine had!

  41. These are amazing! My favorite projects are appliqué portraits of pets from photos. (“Neon Kitty,” from a thermal image of my favorite cat, will be part of the “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” special exhibit this year at Houston…very exciting :)!…and huge amounts of Auriful thread went into its production– of course!!). Your thread is the absolute best…

  42. I am a traditional quilter, but am fascinated by landscape and portrait quilts. I live in an RV most of the year, so experimentation needs to wait till I am around a space that allows for a design wall in winter. Love the ice cream cone above and the 3 D effects Luke achieves with it.

  43. I am a traditional quilter, but enjoy checking out all kinds of quilts. They all have a place in the quilting world. I may not make certain types of quilts, but I appreciate the work and talent that goes into all of them.

  44. I love art quilts that incorporate multiple styles in one
    paper- piecing with applique
    landscapes that use traditional quilt blocks

  45. I like quilts that use classic blocks, especially those with an American heritage. I love the block names and enjoy finding out how the names came about. At a quilt show, it’s fun to view the art quilts because they are so amazing.

  46. I tend to lean towards modern quilting. I like the simplicity, clean lines, and bright colors used in a lot of modern quilting designs.

    Luke’s work shown above is absolutely stunning.

  47. I have done traditional quilts in the past, and I absolutely love scrap quilts. But I am more and more interested in doing some modern quilts. Right now I am working on a t-shirt quilt with my daughter and granddaughter. We have the big picture of what we want, but we are designing the rest as we go. My granddaughter chose a lot of modern style fabrics to use with her t-shirts.

  48. I like modern, but mostly I like the modern colors/fabrics. The classic blocks and appliques are still quite beautiful, I think.

  49. I’ve been following Luke’s work for a few years now he’s quite the talented young man. I’m hoping he will get to do a show in Baltimore at some point. Also I discovered Aurifil a few months ago and now it’s my favorite thread. Just wish I could get it locally.

    1. I misread for comments. My favorite style is art quilting. I don’t do much of it but are amazed what some people can do with thread and fabric.

  50. I love quilts that have a mixture of applique and patchwork, especially those with flowers and birds. They can be made with traditional or modern fabrics.

  51. I truly admire those who can create such beautiful art, but I can’t see myself doing it. I tend towards modern quilts, and even if I make a more traditional quilt design, I apply a modern aesthetic with regard to fabric choice and quilting style. I particularly enjoy making quilt backs–these are the bonus space of quiltmaking.

  52. I love any type of quilt. Each one I see or make shows a piece of who the artist is. I would love to win this beautiful thread. thank you so much for having this giveaway! 🙂

  53. Luke’s work is wonderful. I love all kinds of art, especially fibre art, but I prefer to make more traditional pieced quilts myself. I don’t like using kits or whole collections, but really enjoy choosing my own colors and fabrics. Great blog post! Thanks.

  54. Being fairly new to quilting my style is modern but also like traditional hand pieced, hand quilted pieces that show so much history and tell a story. These art quilts are amazing so much detail!

  55. Luke’s quilts are amazing! I like a lot of different styles of quilts, from the traditional to art quilts. Thanks for sharing Luke’s work and for the chance to win some yummy Aurifil.

  56. Thanks for sharing the pics of Luke’s amazing quilts. I’m more of a traditional quilter with a little modernism thrown in to stir things up. Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. I have always loved a vintage traditiional style; but lately I am venturing into more modern/
    comtemporary styles. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!

  58. I enjoy traditional quilting buti also like to do appliqué and paper piecing and am always up for trying new ideas and techniques.

  59. I love Modern quilts for their fresh approach but my heart is moved by Art Quilts so they have to be my favourite. In truth I am awestruck by any style of quilt as long as it is executed with care. there is something about the work of human hands that inspires no matter what the style or subject.

  60. I like modern and traditional quilts. Luke’s quilts are amazing! I switch to Aurifil 50wt thread this year and really love it. Thanks you for the opportunity to win!

  61. I enjoy free motion quilting. I would love to have Lukes thoughts on what he would do on my next quilt.It is a pixel quilt of a rose

  62. Whenever I begin a quilt for a soldier, I think not of just r/w/b-I begin to feel there is someone special just waiting for one that makes them smile. I made some and sent them to Ft. Hood, one was pink and brown, and a soldier bedridden asked her friend to go look and find a pink and brown one, without knowing there was one, or that I as a quilter may have made one. She got mine and I am still thrilled after 2 years of the story. Any quilt is art, any quilt is memories and
    any quilt is made for something/someone special from the heart.

  63. I am a traditional quilter but the way I see it no matter what kind of quilting you do…thread is definitely a staple and I would love to win this…count me in please!
    amazing quilt artist!

  64. Whoa, my sis lives in Brooklyn. I’m going to see if she’s seen his work yet – – fabulous! I love quilts that are scrappy with a lot of texture, maybe combining cotton and linen, I love Japanese textiles, and basically quilts that have an abstract layout.

  65. wonderfull it’s realy very impressing Luke, !
    You are special. I wish that i was so good as you are.I like to applique with hand and machine.

  66. I would say I’m semi-traditional. I like to adapt patterns to work with my fabric and style. What awesome quilts by Luke!

  67. Truly amazing work!! I am a traditional quilter, but I have been enjoying working with some brighter, bolder prints this summer, and just a little landscape artistry.

  68. Hello,I prefer the Traditional Quilting. Luke’s art is wonderful+this is such a great post!
    Thanks to Luke+Thanks to Aurifil too!

  69. Just love these quilts………absolutely amazing. My quilting style is modern follow the traditions of the past. Thanks for the giveaway. (

  70. My favorite is applique – any kind, wool, machine, hand, needle turn, raw edge….love it all.

    Awesome art Luke!

  71. I really like most kinds of quilts. The modern style is growing on me. I love Aurifil thread and would really enjoy winning the collection.

  72. My favorite style is bright, scrappy, wonky 4 patch. I make other styles as the notion strikes me. 🙂 Thanks.

  73. I love sampler quilts. They are a great way to try out blocks and see if you want to make a whole quilt out of that block and they don’t get boring! You can have so much fun finding new ways to put them together, too.

  74. My favourite quilting style is applique, especially floral. It’s so relaxing to sit quietly and sew my fabric pieces together.

  75. I’ve always been happiest with scrappy quilts in the traditional style. Modern is beginning to seep into my mind set these days. II guess you could say for different reasons I love different styles!

  76. I truly enjoy every style of quilting I come across. As a very new quilter myself there are many styles I would like to try, so I have yet to decide on a favorite. Thank you for giving the opportunity for someone to win the Aurifil Collection! It further shows the family feel of the quilting community.

  77. I have eclectic taste and will try anything to improve my skill base. Currently working on several mod/trad and my first ever “Art” quilt, My quilting is definitely leaning toward the modern style

  78. Scrappy is what really makes me happy!!!! I am finding myself leaving off solid borders and liking my quilts better. Luke is certainly talented.

  79. Thanks so much for sharing Luke’s incredible talent! I like all types of quilts, but if I had to pick a favorite style, it would be art quilts.

  80. Thanks for sharing, his quilts are amazing! I am a traditional quilter, but have moved a bit towards the modern trend recent years.


  81. Luke’s work is amazing! I don’t really have a favorite style of quilt. I make both traditional and modern and really can’t say I prefer one over the other.

  82. I’m very much a modern quilter but I have a great admiration for art quilters & traditional quilters – I think there’s room for all of us! Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful threads.

  83. I am more of a traditional quilter. I am very drawn to applique and always have a hand project going, but I love piecing too. I do have to say I’m becoming more attracted to Modern quilts that I’m seeing, so I’m sure I’ll venture down that path.

  84. I am an art quilter with a fashion sewing and studio art background. Never bothered to learn the “rules” of traditional quilting and have no regrets. Love Luke’s work.

  85. I love scrappy quilts, in the more traditional style, and having been a ‘fabric collector’ for 20+ years I can make scrappy quilts for years to come just out of stash fabrics 😉

  86. What amazing work! Thanks for sharing with us.
    My favorite quilt style is probably modern, but I’m still playing with different styles.
    Ramona / rpsandbag(at)gmail(dot)com

  87. What beautiful quilts. Truly the best pictorial quilts I’ve ever seen. Love the one of Alex. 🙂

    I like all forms of quilting, but traditional is my favorite.

  88. Wow. These quilts are amazing. I am more of a traditional quilter, but have been tempted to try some simpler art quilts.

  89. I am usually drawn to a mix of traditional and modern, but not leaning too far one way or another. His attention to detail is absolutely amazing! I haven’t tried Aurifil yet but I’d love to be able to use these gorgeous colors in my future quilts!

  90. !Colorful, scrappy, modern quilts are my favorite, though before “modern” came along the art quilts showed how much can be done with fabric and thread. Thank you for this post and bit about Luke

  91. I have always loved traditional quilting but I have been drawn lately more and more to modern patterns and bright colors.

  92. I love traditional, that is how I got started. But, I find myself, more recently, being drawn to the modern style. It’s the simplicity of design coupled with bright colors that seems to catch my eye.

  93. Luke, I love every quilt that is ever made! My reason is as follows: every quilt tells it’s own story from the very moment that the quilt was concieved too the day it’s finally delivered! Every stitch that is sewn can and does sometimes tells a story, I love them all. Its fun trying to find out the story of why and how. There are some quilts that could have been made better or some that are simply perfect. No matter the how or why, I am glad to have learnt the art of how to make a quilt no matter the style, theme or colour. They are all brilliant! Julie

  94. My quilt interests are eclectic. My favorite quilts demonstrate quilters’ artistic talents – especially quilts with happy colors.

  95. I Like my quilts like my music – a little of this and a little of that. My first love is applique’, but I love a good 9 patch. My first quilt (finished) was a shark theme quilt for my oldest son. The focal material (sharks of course!) separated by sashing. The backing material was a mottled blue/green batik that looked like the ocean with bubbles and then the quilting was a loose stipple that mimicked ocean currents. He has totally outgrown it now, but still has it. I also love portrait quilts. I have seen some gorgeous ones on this blog!

  96. My favorite style is eclectic. I see beauty in all styles, and if there were 36 hours in a day and 8 days a week, I’d try them all. 😉

  97. I really love modern/scrappy quilting. I enjoy knowing that my fabrics are not being wasted. I use my Long arm and only hope one day I could be 1/10 the artists posted above!!!!

  98. I don’t really have one particular style. I am more of a process person, always willing to learn new techniques. I have fallen in love with aurifil thread.

  99. As a newbie, I don’t have a specific quilt style. I love and appreciate the old and new. Colors that I thought I would not like, I love. I was never a girl for curves, yet I am now loving the curves, circles, hexes. I love the endless possibilities in quilting. With each new quilt I complete, I learn so much and I appreciate its history and want to maintain it heritage.

  100. I so hope to win this since I have looked in all my usual go to quilt shops in my rural area and I cant find your threads anywhere!! 😦 I would love to use it on my next quilt since I drool over most of the daily pics you post! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  101. I really like all styles – but mostly I like the one where the quilter made it very personal, and that can be either modern or traditional.

  102. Since I am still considered a beginner I am still finding my style. I lean towards Modern because the freedom is so exciting. I am so addicted to quilting. I love it!

  103. I love all types of quilting.. currently I am hand piecing and quilting a sampler. But love working on piecing and quilting on the machine. I want to learn to art quilt.

  104. Mostly I have made traditional blocks. But the last time I am more and more interested in art and modern quilting. The more I see, the more new ideas I get 😉

  105. I am a traditional quilter.. But I have noticed, the more I make, the more I want to twist “traditional”! I love the feeling of connection I have to quilters past when I make a traditional quilt. I love art quilts too and find I like incorporating the two. They are still primarily traditional, but I see some daring quilts in my future! 😋

  106. I love artsy quilts. Scenic backgrounds (especially beach and oceanic scenes) are my favorite. I would love to work on one big enough for my bed.

  107. I like traditional and scrappy for sure. But I also like bright colorful quilts. So I guess I’m somewhere in between those. Love Luke’s quilts. What a talent. I would love to see his exhibition! And it goes without saying, I love Aurifil thread.

  108. I kinda like to do my own thing! Must have lots of color – sometimes I’m very unconventional. But I love all types of quilts. Luke’s quilts are fabulous!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  109. I love applique, and I am still learning. I just love to do everything by hand, but I also learn how to do everything by machine. I just started quilting about a year ago, and there is so much I need and want to learn, so I am trying to got on every class I can get too:)

  110. My favorite technique is always what I am currently working on! Usually it is incorporating free motion machine embroidery into my quilts. Frequently, I like to enhance the fabric or pieced design with an embroidered element. I use a contrasting thread on the back so it creates an unusual backing to my quilts.

  111. I love scrappy quilts with many many little pieces of fabric to be given as a gift. And lots of Aurifil thread to sew it together.

  112. Luke’s work is amazing – a true artist! I can appreciate lots of quilt styles but tend to gravitate most to bright, modern, colourful quilts.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  113. My quilt style changes… depending on what I want to create and the method/technique I want to use/experiment/play with to create the finished (UFO/PIG/PHD) at the time I have the idea!!! I don’t limit myself to any one any thing, as that would limit my options!!!

  114. I like a quilt where the style suits the subject matter – whether it is portraiture, art quilts inspired by Scottish/British history and icons (my current inspirations), or a quilt inspired by tradition. Feel what the quilt wants! Luke’s work is fantastic. We need more men quilting. Cheers, Glyn (borrowing my wife’s e mail address for this lol).

  115. I’m a traditional quilter with a long family history of quilting for the frigid Wisconsin winters! I must say that Luke’s work is simply amazing.

  116. I am a thoroughly modern quilter. I love breaking the rules and doing “my own thing.” Every now and then a shade of traditional creeps in then it’s a bit of fusion. I just love to quilt.

  117. If I have to pick one style of quilts it would have to be traditional. Art quilts would be next. I love batik fabric and Aurifil fabric rocks!

  118. I am more of a traditional quilter. I love vintage quilts and their beautiful patterns. However, I have seen a lot of modern quilts that I admire because of their beautiful colors. Lukes quilts are amazing. The details are awesome. I really love these. Thank you for the giveaway.

  119. Luke’s quilts are fantastic! I do more scrappy, traditional quilts. I can’t find Aurifil thread in my
    rural area; winning this would really be a dream come true! Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. I love all quilting but my favorite now is english paperpeicing a hexagon xmas quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I got a treadle machine from my motherinlaws estate and aurifil thread sews as good in it as my new Janome.

  121. I love the traditional styles. You can do so much to change the appearance with the type and design of the fabric used.

  122. I’m love traditional quilts, pieced by machine with some hand applique added. But I like using bright colored fabrics instead of reproductions. I am trying to use more batiks.

  123. Traditional, modern and art. Just depends on what type of adventures mood I’m in. Love making quilts with earthy colors.

  124. Unbelievable! I love seeing new techniques and looking at quilts of all styles. Beautiful! I enjoy modern and get inspiration from colors~then go wild with piecing. My current project is hand dyeing my own fabric…now I just need to cut into them!

  125. I am more of a traditional quilter. I love using the Aurifil to piece with. I am just learning FMQ and have some Aurifil that I am trying .and loving it

  126. I have learned to quilt with traditional quilts, but I am turning more toward modern quilts lately. I also want to dabble in creating art quilts, but modern quilts are tugging on my creativity now.

  127. Although I am fascinated by the art quilts and Luke’s are fantastic, I still love traditional geometric pieced quilts especially made with modern fabrics. The world of quilting is so wide open now, it’s hard to choose an absolute favorite. Not so hard when it comes to thread, though. Aurifil is the best!

  128. I have made all kinds of quilts over 25+ years. But, I seem to be making a lot of art quilts in the last several years. With art quilts it is completely your own design… no wrong way to do it. Of course, I use Aurifil thread…love it! These quilts are true masterpieces!

  129. I love Art Quilt, big and small. I also love making traditional quilts. No Aurifil thread in my area. I love that thread, but to difficult to get hold on it.

  130. I have always been a traditional quilter but I’m starting to branch out a bit into the modern and art quilting area I’ve never tried Aurifil but the colors look amazing.

  131. I Am a new quilter, and I am drawn more towards modern quilts, but I still love the traditional as well as the art quilts. Art quilts seem so intimidating – maybe someday I will take the plunge!

  132. I guess I’m in the ” quilts are for snuggling under” school, although I love to see other people’s art quilts. As I love learning new things so am willing to have a go ati anything”

  133. I like to sew traditional quilt patterns but with modern colors and fabrics. I think I am still trying to learn who I really am as a quilter.

  134. I am a traditional quilter and prefer to make traditional quilts. However, I love enjoying the beauty of all quilt forms! I am sometimes in awe of the incredible talent around us! Truly beautiful “works of art” can actually take my breath away!

  135. Hello from Minnesota! I’m firmly into making modern quilts at the moment…mostly foundation-pieced but my all-time favorite quilt block is a traditional: the little red school house.

  136. I am a traditional quilter working with both machine and by hand. When working with hand I like to use the traditional or sometimes called primative stitches like the double stitch or the promise stitch.

  137. What beautiful, beautiful work. I love that quilting has a style for everyone. As a quilter, I love to embrace different quilting styles. I love wall hangings that look like landscapes, traditional quilts, new arts quilts, tabletoppers, etc. I could go on and on. I would have to say my favorite is traditional handquilting of applique patterns. This is such an amazing creative field.

  138. I am all over the place with style. I like anything and everything and making my own designs. I will make what I like in colors I choose but then challenge myself in new colors and style. Ever changing ever challenging!

  139. I’m a traditional patchwork girl at heart, but love seeing more modern quilts!
    lindame dot rumsey at gmail dot com

  140. I enjoy making all kinds of quilts, but my favorite is a crazy quilt, which I have not taken time to make yet.

  141. My favorite is whatever I’m doing at the moment. Everything from applique to paper piecing to scrap. Traditional to modern… fabric and creating.

  142. Generally I like traditional blocks with the bright modern colors. Aurifil thread is awesome and I would love to win some.

  143. My favorite quilting style is traditional. I love looking at landscape and picture quilts, but I’d never make one. Aurifil thread, however, is my thread of choice for any quilting style!!

  144. A little bit traditional, a little bit modern, a little bit scrappy, and a little bit English paper piecing. I just love quilting!

  145. I am a traditional quilter, but I really like looking at art quilts. I have just recently used the light grey, 50 weight, aurifil thread and just love it. I can’t wait to get some of the other colours. Winning them would be extra special. Thanks.

  146. I am a traditional quilter at heart I love seeing more than one design come forth when the blocks are assembled. I do however appreciate all styles and creativity in the work of other quilt artists.

  147. I’m definitely a traditionalist. I love old-time patchwork designs. Particularly when they’re quilted with Aurifil!

  148. My style of quilting is traditional, scrappy. When I retire and have more time I would like to investigate other styles and perhaps develop new patterns.

  149. I chose many of my quilt designs to enhanse the fabric color and design. The thread choise is as important as the fabric. Add the quilting design I get a true one of kind quilt that is connected by the thread. I love thread and find it as important as the fabric.

  150. I have always loved traditional quilts, mixed with piecing and appliqué. They have a way to warm you inside and out.

  151. Amazing quilts AND amazing threads! Learned traditional piecing but am finding that I am attracted by the edgy modern looking quilting!

  152. I am definitely a traditional quilter because I’m really not experienced enough to do anything else…however, I admire all styles and am in awe at people’s talent.

  153. Modern quilts! the color! the designs! the imagination! Although I also truly love japanese modern quilts, the brilliant use of negative space and understanding of design just floors me.

  154. My most favorite type of quilting is the artistic quilting, it allows more freedom from precision than the traditional quilting. I like to follow the flow of a creation not the flow of precision. Precision is good for many things but creativity requires the ability to use your imagination and the freedom to be inspired. Great work Luke. I must try this Aurfil so many are talking about it.

  155. My favorite quilts are hand quilted traditional patterns. but I also like to use more modern fabrics using traditional blocks…I enjoy making art quilts, just disappointed I never have the right fabrics. SEw Peacefully

  156. I started as a traditional quilter. I am working my way toward more modern/art quilts, but always go back to traditional quilts. I love solids and batiks.

  157. I can’t believe that this can be done with thread and a machine, what a talent. I’m just a “regular” quilter but do like what others are able to do.

  158. I love them all I have a place in my heart for the traditional, a love for the abstract of the modern and I wish I could have the talent of the amazing art quilters. If making I tend towards the more modern I collect antique traditional and I like to go to art quilt shows.

  159. My favorite quilt style is … well, I really don’t have one! I love to challenge myself to learn something new with every quilt I make. Therefore I rarely make the same thing twice. That is, as long as my 3 daughters don’t all decide the want the same thing – if that happens, then I have to make three of whatever it is!! I love Monkey Wrench and Card Trick, but don’t limit mself to them.
    Thank you,
    Ronna Gilani

  160. I started out with a traditional quilting class and am working my way towards modern. My favourite quilts these days are modern with traditional elements, like an old fashioned block made new with fresh modern fabrics and quilting style.

  161. I tencd toward traditional blocks but like to use them in a non-traditional way.
    They are more creative when my own personality is expressed in them.

  162. What beautiful art work! Thank you for sharing this amazing artist. I started quilting because I wanted to create mandalas. I was hooked! Endless styles, beautiful colors, geometry, inspiration. Its a whole world of possibilities. I have always loved fabric and Aurifil is absolutely the best thread for all aspects of sewing. Thanks.

  163. I have only been quilting for two years and have started with mostly traditional designs. However I am venturing out to some modern designs. Color is most important to me.

  164. I’m much more a traditionalist. But I do appreciate all types of quilting. I am always amazed at the talent of others. Right now, Aurifil is the thread on my sewing machine.

  165. I’m a traditional quilter, but have just started paper piecing and love the great designs you can achieve with paper piecing..

  166. I do people and dogs. Rarely do I do a traditional quilt.However, I just finished a bed quilt and I am using a variegated Aurifil thread. Since no one in my area carries it I had to order on line.

  167. I love to make the traditional quilts, but I love to look at the modern ones and wonder where the ideas came from. Tradtional makes sense to me…you follow the directions and it goes together as is with no surprises and no back talk or special adventures…predictable…which I sometimes need. I do not blog so… is my info.

  168. I am still such a newbie i am not sure i have a style and sadly i seem to be drawn to both some traditional and modern patterns so is there a middle style?

  169. I am a new quilter, just a year, and see myself being more of a modern quilter, loving the bright colors and geometrical designs. I love Aurifil thread, and was taught to use it from the beginning. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win!

  170. I appreciate all styles of quilts, but since I seem to gravitate more towards appliqued quilts (since my piecing skills are less than stellar) that are simple. I am in awe of the works of Mr. Haynes.

  171. I love art quilts, that is my quilt appreciation self. I make more traditional pieced quilts. These quilts of Luke’s are amazing!

  172. I love an artsy background and making it pop with thread. Free motion quilting and painting on fabric are my favorite techniques.

  173. I lean towards traditional piecing. I love to share my craft with others by teaching them to make something for themselves. ( hoping to start a young person’s class this fall). I am new to teaching, but it will come from the heart! <3!

  174. I have the greatest of respect for the traditional quilts but it’s the more modern interpretations that draw me in. I love the colours and experimentation.

  175. I tend to make more traditional quilts although I dabbled in art quilts in a year long journal quilt project. I find I am interested in watching the modern quilting world evolve. I love Aurifil. Just found it about a year ago. Thanks for the great giveaway. I’d love to win.

  176. I began as a traditional quilter but have joined a modern guild and they are inspiring me to move in a new direction. I have however, been an Aurafil user for over 12 years!

  177. The portrait art is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I have always been a traditional quilter but lately I seem very drawn to the modern style and the bright colors and graphic patterns.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  178. My Favorite quilt style is modern.i really love Aurifil thread and use it as much as possible. I am also interested in art quilting.

  179. I guess my most favorite style of quilting would have to be hand applique. I love to do this and am in awe of the old Baltimore Album quilts. I love how my Aurafil threads blend right in to my appliqued pieces.

  180. I’m a traditional quilter but I love to look at the work that goes into an art quilt. I have twp art quilts hanging in my home, done by friends of mine.

  181. When I admire a traditional quilt, I am convinced that that style is my favorite, but then I look at a modern quilt and I am wowed y the negative space and then the art quilts, and the crazy quilts……I love them all.

  182. Leaning more and more toward modern quilts. Love the seeming randomness and sometimes starkness of the designs. After seeing a number of modern quilts some traditional patchwork seems too, I don’t know, picky.

  183. I’m not sure that I have a favorite. I started out wanting to be an art quilter but I am just intrigued by the intricate construction of traditional quilts and very complex quilts like Mariner’s Compass and New York Beauty. Right now, I seem to be stuck on sampler quilts because doing one block over and over seems so boring. And scrappy because why use one crayon/fabric when I have a whole box/stash full?!!! But so far, no art quilts even as big as a placemat!

  184. I don’t really have a favourite. I just go with the flow and want to try it all. I always use good materials though, especially good fabrics and thread.

  185. I tend to lean toward traditional quilting but am just not starting on the free motion path. I’m excited to learn new techniques and admire all quilts.

  186. I am a hand quilter, and since I’m working with Aurifil thread, my quilting looks better and better,So, I LOVE to win these spools

  187. My preference to make is an art quilt although I make plenty of traditional quilts. Letting my creative spirit free to play with fabric and thread is so soothing to my soul. I am always amazed how just changing thread color or a piece of fabric can create a totally different effect.

  188. I like traditional quilts using muddy reproduction fabrics – pieced, appliqued, or a combination. I hope to have grandkids soon so I guessing there are more brights in my future.

  189. I love the modern, self designed quilts. Currently I am working on hand painting cotton panels and then cutting them up in strips, in a Ricky Tims’ Convergenge-esque medley! 🙂

  190. I’m finding myself drawn to the clean simplicity of modern quilts these days, though I’m a sucker for applique because I can take it with me and work on it when I ride/fly/sit on the beach. I’ve always enjoyed Luke’s work and find his skills amazing. Please don’t enter me in the drawing, as I won a thread collection last month, so I’m just here to join the discussion (love your blog–and your thread!). Good luck to all the entrants…someone will be very happy when they receive this thread.

  191. It’s impossible for me to choose just one style. I just finished a quilt made out of old silk ties that has turned out beautiful. I am drawn to the more modern style these days so have plans for my next project to be a modern design. Luke’s quilts are exceptional!

  192. It really depends on my mood! Somedays, I’m totally traditional, others I’m more into the modern vibe. Currently, I’ve been on a modern kick. But, I recently stumbled across some blocks I had made from 30’s reproductions and they are calling my name to be set together!

  193. I love it all. I love looking at antique quilts which are more traditional but also love the modern and art quilts.

  194. My favorite style of quilt is traditional but using modern fabrics and colors. However, I like all quilts, especially whichever one I happen to be working on at the time.

  195. For visual pleasure I love art quilts- the artistry for them awes me. My brain just doesn’t work that way though so I stick to making quilts out of traditional pieced blocks with a modern twist.

  196. I love both modern and traditional quilts. I tend to lean towards brighter colors and they seem to work well in both the modern and traditional patterns which is great!

  197. I am a traditional quilter and just love scrappy quilts. I have taken a couple of classes from art quilter, Joyce Hughes, who makes such beautiful art quilts. She teaches how to be creative with your quilting which has helped me in my traditional quilting.

  198. I love all things quilty!! Can I say I love one specific kind of quilt? Contemporary, Modern, Traditional or Country…. No I certainly cannot because I love them all, I’m more of an “Anything Goes” kind of quilter. If it looks great and works together then I’m all for it and the creativity that comes with the anything goes quilt leaves you with lots of options and tons of texture and will make you want to reach out and touch it!!!

  199. I love the Modern Quilt Revolution. But is it really new think Gee’s Bend. Now there is a much wide range of quilting styles, whatever you want to do is only limited by your imagination and sewing skill.

  200. I like landscape quilting and although traditional in my way of quilting, workmanship means a lot, I also like to use fabric and thread in a painterly way.

  201. the artistic quilts are amazing, I cannot believe that people can create that! I am personally a traditional quilt style, for me. But admire the abilities of others!

  202. Name my favorite style of quilting?? There is no style of quilting that I can’t appreciate. I worked at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. When a new show went up I had to learn about the history of the quilts, where they came from, who made them, why they were made…My appreciation of all quilts grew out my experience at the Museum.

    I revel in my fabric and thread collection, but seeing them brought together by incredible talents always makes my heart happy.

  203. I love to quilt anything and everything but, mainly scrap & traditional, I think, or maybe the new brights & oh yes, batiks anything & on & on. Loveeee ittttt!!!

  204. For now, fairly modern, but strictly because I’ve not quilted for long and have no experience with other forms.

    So inspired by art quilts at Festival of Quilts, would love to improve my minimal quilting skills.

  205. I am more of the traditional quilts, but love to make 2 sided. hate boring backs, so use up the pieces from the leftover of the front.

  206. I am pretty much only fond of modern. Man those are some amazing quilts, I think I have to learn how to do photorealistic quilts and embroidery, I would LOVE to be able to make such works of art!

  207. I love to design and create art quilts. I like to embellish with bead, ribbons, embroidery, and anything else that feels right. 😀

  208. I like traditional, pieced quilts but have recently become interested in adding appliqué details to them. Scrappy is good, too.

  209. I truly love all quilts. I enjoy trying all techniques as well. Scrappy quilts always seem to move through my sewing machine though.

  210. I’m still fairly new to quilting so i’m not sure I have a favorite style of quilting yet. I love to cut and piece the quilts together. I am quilting a panel quilt for my Granddaughter right now and the colors in this thread collection are all the colors in the panel of her quilt. Would be wonderful to win this thread.

  211. I have to say that there isn’t a quilt style out there that I don’t love. I haven’t gotten to do them all yet but I will keep working on it. Luke’s work is amazing. I

  212. Mostly traditional, but I have done some easy modern stuff too and enjoy it. I love bright colors, so this thread would work wonderfully in my collection.

  213. I always thought of myself as loving the traditional quilts. But the more I see and follow the Modern Quilting movement, I am loving it.

  214. I love all aspects of sewing, One of my favorite quilting techniques is the crazy quilts. Taking bits and pieces of fine fabrics and lace and turning them into a lovely quilt.

  215. My best friend just showed me how to paper piece the Judy Niemeyer way and introduced me to Aurifil thread on her latest visit. I love both and see a lot of bright quilts in the future.

  216. I love patchwork quilts. Also applique and embroidered blocks – either hand or machine embroidered. I like very bright colors, and am getting better at mixing patterns. Fairly new to the quilting world, but loving it.

  217. My favorites are Baltimore Album quilts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that wasn’t a beauty. I hope to make one before my quilting days are over.

  218. I’ve been a traditional quilter but am now interested more in art quilts. I have several ideas I am considering and hope to soon make my choice and begin.

  219. My style fluctuates based on whom I’m gifting the project, new fabrics I see, and generally any whim i may have.

  220. I really do love modern art textile quilts -so clever – but I can’t make those lol! I love a classic block twisted up with a modern edge to it – text prints, cheery brights, japanese-y style prints, fun prints and not really subtle prints – Kaffe Fasset fabric introduced me to colour colour and just add some more colour!

  221. I admire both traditional and modern style of quilting. I appreciate traditional quilts for what I can learned from it and how the blocks are still to date simple and beautiful blocks to make. I adore modern quilts for their ‘on trend’ quality and how it takes an old tradition into the 21st century.

  222. I like many quilt styles, but always gravitate to appliqued quilts and patterns, whether alone or in combination with patchwork.

  223. Luke absolutely fantastic. I love traditional quilting it would have to be my favorite, among other types when I need a change.

  224. My favorite quilt style is whatever quilt I’m working on at the time. So at the moment I’m working on a hand pieced hexagon with appliqué wall hanging all pieced using Aurifil 2325 so that is my favorite style.

  225. I favour art quilting, with landscapes, portraits and abstracts. The modern quilting movement is also attractive with its use of negative spaces to enhance the blocks and colours.

  226. I don’t have a favorite style in quilts. I mainly do quilts with applique blocks, but am learning other techniques and enjoying them.

  227. For my favourite style it has to be Machine embroidered quilt, It also has to be Aurifil Threads to get the result I want. I am currently using Aurifil Cotton Mako 40 with Midnight Roses Collection, digitized by Lyn Kenny. Great results.

  228. Lukes quilts are wonderfull. My favorite quilt stile is a bit of all. I love some traditional patterns and some modern … I love bright colours and maschine quilting.

  229. Wow, Luke’s artistic flare is…. I have no words to describe them, I would love to see more of his work.
    I love modern quilting, applique, and bright coloured threads to free motion quilt to finish it off.

    Lisa Miles

  230. I am relatively new to quilting but just adore the opulence of the Oriental Metallic accented fabrics (ie Kaufman) So any quilt style that would showcase these fabrics teamed up with the perfect thread to make them ‘pop’ is where my ‘style’ goes. Thank you for the opportunity to see Luke’s awesome talent.

  231. Wow, Luke’s quilts are amazing! I love all styles of quilting, and personally I make traditional quilts for relaxation and I make art quilts to push my brain.

  232. I don’t have a style yet as I try not to make the same type of quilt twice. I’m still experimenting! I would love to win this pack though, as my Aurifil breaks when I machine quilt.

  233. My favourite style is whatever kind I am working on at the time! Sometimes I mix styles up together to get the effect that I need. After years of avoiding hand sewn needle turn applique and paper piecing I am doing a quilt that used exactly that!
    PS the colours in that box would be awesome in my stash!

  234. I love pictorial quilts though haven’t had the courage to attempt one yet. Second favourite are crazy quilts- and much more achievable for me too.

  235. I am a traditional hand quilter, and m inspired by Aurifil Marko 28′ it’s softness and the lovely sheen it gives to my quilts.

  236. My favorite quilt style is Landscape art quilts. The brilliant colours of Aurifil threads suit this style of quilting so well.

  237. My favourite quilt style is of reproduction scrap quilts but where the quilting stitches tell as much of a story as does the patterns of the traditional blocks whether applique or machine pieced.
    Aurifil thread is perfect for all applications.

  238. diversi stili del quilt sono interessanti e belli da fare penso che quello dei ritratti sia molto difficile ma bello congratulazioni all’Autore. Thanks for the giveaway !

  239. Luke’s quilt’s are amazing! I love all pretty, happy colors of quilts! It’s fun to create something! Although I have many favorites, I guess I’d have to say that modern may be at the top of my list!

  240. My OCD has me still trying to perfect straight lines and points…so Traditional for me! I like to work with color and do a lot of things for kids. Thanks.

  241. I love piecework as long as the lines are straight. I love creating my own patterns, designs and methods of working old patterns new ways. I also teach elementary school students how to quilt. Nothing beats the rush of getting kindergarteners on a sewing machine and seeing their eyes shine with pride!

  242. I love art quilts. I taught my self traditional quiltmaking in the past five years, so that I knew all the “rules.” Now I feel free break them when I make art quilts.

  243. I love traditional quilts with applique, but I also appreciate other quilt styles. I guess I’d have to say there’s no such thing as an ugly quilt. (Well, I’ve seen a couple that came close, but you’ve got to appreciate the effort involved.)

  244. Favorite style. A hard question. Just about everything. At the moment, applique but sometimes it is pieced, paper pieced especially, but I love just about everything but tend toward more traditional.

  245. I apprecaite all styles of quilting for their artistry, but have to say that my personal style has moved over the years from traditional to modern, and I think I will stay modern for a long time!

  246. I am very new to quilting, brought by my desire to add mostly traditional patterns I love to the upholstery of custom furniture that I build. However, in my short time in the craft, I have been absolutely blown away by several of the art quilts I’ve seen.

  247. I saw the article about the artist last week. You want to know my favorite…it’s any that gives me the smiles and a happy heart. To keep to to give away. I am finally, after all these decades, going to make a quilt for ME!! ;} Woven fabrics in pastel to vibrant shades of life. That is what I shall use. Just for me. Just this once.

  248. The portrait quilts are stunning!

    As for my favorite style of quilting- I’ll go with modern quilts- I love the fresh colors and the minimalist look.

  249. I’m fairly new to quilting too…and Easy must be a Style…right???? lol Do tend to favor Traditional more…but in brighter colors…so guess a bit Modern too… Aurifil thread!!!! 🙂

  250. I’ve tended to be a traditional quilter using “safe” colours but in the past couple of years I’ve been branching out a bit and using brighter, more modern fabrics. I love making children’s and charity quilts in bright, scrappy fabrics. Though at the moment I’m in a “reproduction fabric phase” and my current quilt is being hand-quilted (by me) as a wedding present for my son and future daughter in law. Since learning how to free motion quilt I tend to quilt this way more than hand quilting. I’ve been inspired to try another landscape quilt but this time to design it myself. Luke’s quilts are simply inspirational.

  251. Gorgeous work Luke!!

    I’m a modern-with-a-lean-towards-art quilter. I am inspired by a huge variety of styles, though, which makes it hard to really define my style.

  252. I love pictorial quilts……portraits, landscapes, still life. Luke is one of my favorite portrait quilters…..can’t imagine doing what he does on such a large scale!

  253. Quilts have limitless potential, I love that they have grown from the functional and have developed into a recognized art from regardless of the style. I find inspiration from the colours of nature, the traditions of quilting and the innovative work like the work of Luke Haynes. I love them all!!

  254. I guess my favourite style tends towards modern in the fact that I prefer bright and bold colours and batik fabric. What I really love is the quilting – the use of thread to further highlight the work. I love the fact that I can make a quilt that could be used on a bed or, because of the quilting and thread choice, also firmly falls into the art category. I am in awe of artists/quilters like Luke who can so successfully bring a portrait to life in fabric.

  255. Luke’s quilts are truly inspiring. I have always been a home sewer. After having breast cancer I tried my first quilt. I love to create my own design quilts. I love to use embroidery designs in my quilting.

  256. Whow, love Luke’s quilts……………….the delight in placing different fabrics together, either to make a treasured cover for a new little one , a personal quilt for someone in distress or when I venture into my art direction for wall pieces which say things that are important to me ( at present the plight of refugees) …….all are part of my quilt making, working with fabrics and drawing with threads.

  257. Now i am finding that It really is dependent upon the amount of work that has gone into the quilt, the colours and detail. There are some traditional quilts that are stunning and some fabric textile quilts that are masterpieces. So I am drawn to both.

  258. I love the look of modern quilts but find it very hard to let loose and go in that direction. I just like doing my own thing even if I have a pattern to follow. I love the way Luke can make his quilts out of anything. Very talented and love his quilts!

  259. I am a newby quilter so still learning. I do traditional right now but that could change. I envy anyone that can do art like this. I can’t even cut straight with a ruler so I think these quilts are fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

  260. I have only been quilting a couple of years but I do love piecing and have just started to enjoy applique, so maybe art quilts will be next. I am drawn to reproduction fabrics but also bright tradition fabrics including batiks. I do know I don’t like the funky fabric so I guess I am not a modern quilter. I have taught myself FMQ and love using your thread. Thank you for a chance. Luke has incredible talent.

  261. I am an eclectic quilt person and enjoy making lots of different types of quilts. I’ve learned to not tell myself that I wouldn’t make this or that style because it will come back to haunt me in short order and the next quilt I start will be the one I didn’t think I would do. 🙂

  262. I love trying them all – currently working on hand applique and a log cabin…always need to have at least two projects going. Each quilt type is so unique in its own way – how can anyone pick just one favorite? Loved seeing Luke’s work – takes working with thread to a whole new level.

  263. I love Luke’s wonderful quilt showing the “Alex” it’s a great headliner for the Aurifil company and it just happens to also show off Aurifil threads so perfectly. Lukes work is truly stunning and amazingly. Foundation paper piecing is my real favourite quilting style it’s truly very simple once you’ve mastered the technique!

  264. I love pictorial quilts, and have just started to do faces. I also like whole cloth quilts and want to try pictorial quilts just using machine stitching. I am working on aquiring a great thread stash to work from.

  265. I like freestyle as this leaves it all open to add…or subtract if it doesn’t work. By freestyle I mean I paperpiece, applique, machine embroidery, hand embroidery and of course traditional pieced blocks, I tend to change my mind sometimes nearly at the end and have even been known to take it all to pieces and start over. I do sometimes to traditional…

  266. with years of watching my Grammy, my Nan, my Nana and my mother as they made their quilt..well their influence has stuck with me and I love the beautiful traditional style quilts..

  267. I love all styles of quilting, but just recently I have been doing a lot of “scrap” quilts because they seem to tick all the boxes – thrifty, colourful, versatile and they give me the opportunity to be really creative with shapes and colour.

  268. they are great art quilts, bit far to go to see for me downunder
    i just love to work with brights and have tried different ways like bargello, hidden wells, and quilt as you go, starting monday in a group working on dresden plate and a few new twists looking forward to the challenge

  269. I love traditional patterns, but with a “Make Do and Mend” mindset, so most of my quilts are scrap quilts. It is always satisfying to know that I have made treasure from trash.

  270. I love scrappy, mixing many fabric genres with some hand or machine applique. I prefer not to be placed in any one pigeon hole, but free to do whatever interests me.

  271. I am totally a traditional quilter, trying to “allow” myself freedom to be an artistic quilter! 😉 Does that make sense? And if so, is it possible? Lol time will tell, and I see more “play” time is needed for me to let myself go and design what’s in me and let it out! 😉

  272. I’m a traditional quilter. My favorite quilts use 2 traditional blocks with colors that highlight alternate patterns when the blocks come together!

  273. I lean toward traditional patterns, but may change it up a bit using batiks, or another interesting (to me) fabric line. I also “collect” patterns, and probably have enough of them to last me a lifetime in addition to all my family and friends. When I go into a fabric or quilting store, to me is like a child entering a candy store, try as I might, I cannot get out of there, with just the items on my list, I hear tiny voices coming from the bolts of fabric saying, “pick me!” or “buy me!”…Along with patterns, I have enough fabric to last me for quite a long time.

  274. A favorite? It depends on the mood of the moment. They all have their place in quilt-making…… now, if you ask about colors……. well, the answer stays the same! This explains why I have a stash to last a lifetime and pray that the lifetime is a long one. Chris

  275. It’s Modern for me. And black and white. My very first quilt was a small B & W wall hanging. And it continued from there.

  276. I love the Aurifil thread! I use it all the time for piecing and quilting. I have the basic white and off white and gray! Would love to win more colors!

  277. I guess I could say “Modern Traditionalism” because I typically like traditional patterns done in modern fabrics. But really any quilt made with bright happy colors makes me smile.

  278. Luke’s work is amazing. Especially using ‘found’ materials. Favorite? whatever I am looking at or making at the time! I just love to be immersed in the world of quilts! Also, sewing with Aurifil thread. I use it all the time. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  279. I have just done my 4th quilt and am very addicted. So I would love to add this to my quilt room.
    I have done traditional quilts and appliqué but I love traditional best.

  280. Luke’s quilts are beyond compare – I would not know where to start and the backs are terrific too.
    I tend toward the modern quilt and would love to add to my two spools of Aurifil = Thanks #!}

  281. My favorite style right now is traditional machine pieced. I have projects from other styles in various stages of completion, because I ❤ all things quilty!

  282. I like doing my own thing, whatever I am in the mood for at the moment. I prefer thinking outside the box & doing my own thing with most patterns I start. I think our quilts take on a life of their own, as we create them, if we let them. Then we end up with our own original! I love scrappy too & using lots of different fabrics in my quilts, so I tend to buy mostly fqs…

  283. Traditional quilts have been my favorites but I have lately been taking my photographs and interpreting them in quilt form with lots of thread play

  284. My MIL quilts traditional. I am wanting to learn to quilt. I tend toward the modern. But mainly I like quilts to use and not hang on the wall.

  285. My favorite style would include using Batik fabrics in a rich combination of colors that you might not think of as going well together. Beyond that, basically traditional layouts.

  286. It’s so hard to choose just one style because I enjoy the process of exploring all techniques! Always with Aurifil though, love your threads!

  287. My favorite quilts always seem to be the ones that are ‘out of the box’ style or thinking. I don’t like stuff that looks like I’ve seen it before. I’m drawn to odd color combinations and lots of movement in the pattern. I also prefer hand quilting over machine quilting.

  288. I’ve been quilting for over 20 years & my taste has changed so much over the years. I used to be drawn to very intricate work but now I find it’s the simple designs that grab me. Now it’s all about the fabric, I love anything vintage, so it’s the simple designs that showcase the beautiful fabrics.

  289. I love the art quilts, the modern quilts. Appreciate the heavily quilted quilts. Bright cheery fabrics – can’t do the dark and dreary! (On my list today is to visit the aurifil booth at the AQS show in Grand Rapids, MI! It looks awesome but was too busy yesterday to get into the booth!

  290. I love rag quilts because they’re so soft and perfect for kids and babies. They can cuddle up and stay warm and the fluffy edges give the babies something to play with.

  291. I like to make memory quilts and recycle t-shirts, clothes and add pictures. I also like landscape quilts too. Would love to do quilts like Luke’s too someday

  292. my favorite quilt style is semi traditional. I mostly make quilts for family and friends children and my two grandson’s. So they are mostly children quilts with their favorite colors and themes and let the fabric make the style. Love Aurifill thread for quillting them.

  293. Love, love, love multi-fibre art quilts that use all sorts of fibres and quilting techniques. Aurifil make them gorgeous!

  294. I don’t have a ‘type’ yet. I find some of the traditional blocks gorgeous but also some of the more modern! I do know I do not like the wonky star style though!

  295. I Love All Quilts. Learning new techniques as well as old. I have been sewing for 50 years* Thank you for opening this contest internationally for all us Quilters* (Canada here).

  296. I’m more of an art quilter these days – however I love traditional log cabin quilts. Love Aurifil threads and use it for all of my piecing and mix it up with other threads for long arm quilting.

  297. I would like to call my self a traditional quilter, but I appreciate all kind of quilts like art quilts, modern, paper piecing, also applique. They’re all like a wonderful magic to my mind.

  298. My favorite style is originality. I love nothing more than seeing a new quilt that makes me think wow, that is incredible. Whether it is a 150 year old piece that is painstakingly hand pieced or a brand new modern quilt that is elegant in it’s simplicity, I find myself drawn to those that express their maker’s thoughts and dreams.

  299. Luke’s quilts are beyond amazing! My favorite quilt style is whatever I am working on at the moment. I love them all!

  300. I have been a traditional quilter since I first learned how to quilt about 20 years ago. This summer I attended a lecture on Thread Painting with Joyce Hughes and was so enamoured with this type of quilting that I attended her all day seminar the next day and “created” my first thread painting. I look forward to more thread painting and feel I have finally learned that being myself is ok.

  301. I started quilting about 9 years ago and started with traditional patterns. I have since branched out and have enjoyed more modern designs and techniques. My favourite is still machine applique. I have been using Aurifil thread right from the get-go which is what my local quilt shop introduced me to.

  302. Luke’s quilts make you take a second look. They need to be studied. Great job of color. My favorite quilt style is tradtional with a modern twist.

  303. I am more of a traditional style quilter, HOWEVER, I love to take new modern fabrics and use them in traditional quilt blocks, you can change the whole look just by changing the fabric. Thanks for the chance to win, your threads are amazing! 😉

  304. My favorite quilt style is to make a gift that fits the personality and style of the person I am giving it to. That means any style. My favorite is bright and rich color. So, for me it is more about color than style. Love this box of rich colors. I now have enough Aurifil that I need a bigger box to hold it! Love your thread and have to drive pretty far to get it.

  305. I consider myself a modern quilter. I like to use solids and have a lot of neutral space, but I also love many of the traditional patterns like Dresden and double wedding ring. Does that make it traditional modern? Or modern traditional?

  306. I am more of a traditional quilter. BUT I am trying to step out of my box and do some non-traditional items. This is a slow process but i am working on it.

  307. I love quilts, all kinds, but for myself I am more traditional in my quilting, I love to do scrap quilts, not just all mishmash, but using lots of colors and prints to show the designs., thank you for the giveaway, I think the reason I like more traditional quilts is that it makes me think of those who taught me the craft, my momma and my granny and the ladies in our community, they loved quilting, it served many purposes in their lives, as well as keeping the family warm…

  308. I prefer a modern aesthetic. I like the clean lines, fresh fabrics and opportunities for improvisation. Luke’s quilts are amazing, and I look forward into dabbling more into art quilting in the future!

  309. I primarily do traditional applique, however I enjoy all aspects of quilting. Good thread stitches all quilting together beautifully.

  310. I lean toward traditional quilts, but recently have noticed that traditional quilts with a modern twist have really caught my attention. Thank you for the giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  311. These quilts are beautiful! I am a traditional quilter but I want very much to try some art quilting. It looks like fun and such a novel way to express yourself!

  312. I am trying every kind of quilt so I really have not decided yet. I just love quilting and so far love it all. Thanks for this chance to win this thread I love it and use it all the time. Your work is beautiful. (

  313. I primarily do traditional quilts but if I had the artistic capabilities I would do the art quilts. They are simply stunning.

  314. I think that quilts are an art form that transcends so much. Luke’s quilts are stunning, but so are the quilts made by nameless women and men to keep their families warm. For some I guess it was the only way for some to be themselves, to transform what they had into something beautiful and utilitarian. So I really do not have a favorite ‘style’ I really like looking at the variation and hearing each person’s voice.

  315. I love traditional quilt and right now I am using batiks to make them. I like to add applique to a corner for added pizzazz. My married children love modern and so those type of quilts I make for them. I have to say though that whatever I quilt I use aurifil thread. Thank you for a great product!

  316. I would say that I am a traditional quilter. I am still learning. I would love to explore several other options. I am just not an artist, so I am trying to learn art quilting with threads. I love how a picture is made just with some threads and material. something simple turns out so beautiful. thank you for the opportunity.

  317. Traditional is by far my favorite. Lately though I have been trying my hand at making my quilts more scrappy.

  318. I love to see traditional quilts made with modern fabrics. There is something special about vintage quilt patterns. They have survived the test of time and still appeal to quilters today. Using modern fabrics gives the quilts a new expression and a bit of sparkle.

  319. I really enjoy traditional quilts with a scrappy twist – Love working from my stash and seeing something beautiful becoming the result! It’s always a great day when I can get to my sewing machine and start sewing!

  320. I’m a traditional piecer/quilter and I am teaching my 5 and 8 year old boys how to sew. My oldest son is very impressed with Luke’s work (and so am I)!

  321. I tend to create quilts in more traditional patterns and styles ~ but using the bright and happy fabrics that are so available now. I wouldn’t call myself a modern quilter… but I sure do love bright colors and batiks!

  322. Wow – Luke’s quilts are amazing and inspiring!!
    I love so many styles of quilting – sometimes traditional, but then usually with somewhat of a twist… I love to make quilts for others, so it depends on the personality of the recipient.

  323. I love traditional quilt styles with a fun modern twist of the fabric (I also like them with vintage inspired or actual vintage fabric). I am very much a traditional girl. I love love to do my own machine quilting….my fav part.

  324. It’s not fair we have to pick as my fav changes each day. Versatility! I’m in love wht the modern clean lines, simple shapes.

  325. Luke’s quilts are truly amazing! I am drawn to traditional quilting but in the past few months I have seen some modern and applique quilts that I would like to try. I guess it just depends on the mood and the creative eye…

  326. Just learning to machine quilt my quilts. Love to hant quilt and machine quilt. Whatever the quilt tells me to.

  327. I am a traditional quilter but love to see the modern techniques and colors as well. Thanks for featuring Luke’s wonderful art.

  328. I don’t know that I have a favorite style. I really like to use color and patterns that evoke movement like bargellos and 3-d effects.

  329. The more I am quilting, the more I venture away from traditional quilting. I love many art quilts, and need the fabrics to talk to me. And the longer I quilt, the more I realize that perfection is in the eye of the creator. Love your quils Luke, and hope to be brave enough to take more chances.

  330. I used to only make traditional quilts, but since relocating and retirement I now find I prefer to make the modern quilts. Luke’s quilts are wonderful!

  331. Traditional is my favorite, I also like paper piecing, especially for stars it gives them nice sharp points. I borrowed thread (it was Aurifil) from a fellow quilter and it is the only thread I use.

  332. My favorite style varies. My choice of fabric usually dictates what style will best showcase a beautiful fabric collection. I love applique, and also very precise piecing. Thank you for the opportunity to win some fabulous thread. Your quilts are amazing. You are so very talented. :-).

  333. I mostly make functional bed sized pieced quilts so perhaps that is my favorite. But I also like thread painting details for smaller projects like pot holders and wall hangings.

  334. My favorite style is modern with a touch of traditional. I like things bright and lively but also have depth. I guess that I do whatever the mood strikes.

  335. I love the color of the earth and the sky and what the fabrics make of it to display weather it be traditional or modern.Luke’s work is very exciting and a joy to view.

  336. My favorite quilting style is traditional…I’m a HUGE fan of Luke…would love to break tradion like he does….but haven’t found the guts to do it yet

  337. Thanks for the chance to win some of this wonderful thread! Recently, I’ve become interested in the modern art quilts that are all the rage. Love the color and movement. Definitely going to have to try one.

  338. I mostly use modern fabrics and patterns, but I still tend to be a more traditional quilter. I am just learning to do the quilting myself though, so I hope to try more interesting and modern styles soon.

  339. I love applique. Everything I’ve done so far would be considered traditional, but I’m starting to look at modernizing the patterns I have.