Big City Bags Review (winner announced)

We are so very excited with this new book by Sara Lawson!  Aurifil is known for its excellence in piecing and quilting but not very much is shared when it comes to garment and bag making.  Aurifil’s quality is the perfect choice for all of your sewing projects which Sara shares in her new book Big City Bags. Sara used both Aurifil 40wt and 50wt in all of the bags for her book.
headshot“My name is Sara, and I live with my family in Chicago, Illinois. My son, William, is 7, and my daughter, Violet, is 5-1/2. I love horses, sewing, photography, reading books, Australian Shepherds, and music. The blog was named for one of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs that I had on a cute pink 7” record. It just sounded cool with the word ‘sew’ in front of it. 🙂

I started blogging because I love sewing, and I am really inspired by the sewing community out in blogland. My blog would not exist if it wasn’t for the wonderful blog Amy Lou Who and for my partner in (fabric) crime, Kim.

My grandmother, my mom, and my aunt all sew. My grandmother is very good at making and altering clothing. I learned the basics when I was in 3rd grade, when my mom taught me and my friend a little sewing class once a week. I made a simple dress, which I proudly wore to school (my friend’s mother did not allow her to wear hers). At the time, I loved all sorts of crafty things, and so sewing took a back seat for a long, long time.

As an adult, I began sewing again when my first child was born. I needed something to occupy my time in the evenings while my baby was asleep, and I found sewing. At first it started out as a weekly goal to complete a little sewn project, but soon I was spending every free hour in the evening sewing. I was obsessed. I laugh because I often show my grandmother my finished bags, and she is always quick to point out that I have twisted a strap, or that my topstitching is not perfect.

Even though I take care of my family during the day and work a part-time job on the weekend, I devote every spare minute and stay up until midnight every night, so that I can work on my bag designs and blog. I have found my calling, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I started designing free bag sewing patterns for Pellon Projects, in late 2011. They include detailed instructions and step-by-step photos. My book, Big-City Bags, was published by Martingale on November 5, 2013. I also produce pdf and paper sewing patterns.

My love for sewing has truly brought me out of my shell. I have always been a shy person, but now I feel confident in myself and in my sewing abilities, and I can now do things that I never in my life would have imagined that I would be doing. I taught two classes at Sewing Summit in 2012, I’ve had patterns appear in magazines (Modern Quilting, Sew News, Stitch, etc.), I have taught lectures and classes at events and guilds, and I’ve even been on Pat Sloan’s ‘American Patchwork and Quilting Radio’ internet show.

I am proud to say that I use By Annie’s Soft and StablePellon interfacings, and Aurifil Thread (usually 40 wt., but I enjoy 50 wt. as well) in all of my bags.”

There are twelve adaptable projects in this book. These bags are designed to be made by everyone in their own personal style.  Sara has a team of testers to make certain that every bag pattern is well written and looks good no matter what fabric is used.

4 square bag

Throughout the book Sara gives her personal tips for everything from what interfacing to use and why to what kind of fabric glue she uses to make sure your twist locks stay secure.  The pattern pieces are printed in the pages so you do not have to worry about unfolding and refolding, just trace and sew!  The projects in the book have many photos with very detailed instructions for sewers of all skill levels.

Let’s look at some of the fabulous bags you could make from this book.

The Miss Independent Bag is the perfect selection for that girl on the go, with pockets for all of your pens or other work and school related necessities.  It also includes a pattern to protect your laptop that will fit right inside.

Miss Independent Bag

The Bee Sweet Bag is a wonderful choice if you want to really show off that large scale or statement print.  Sara’s bag shown is using Tula Pink’s Flutterby.

Bee Sweet Bag

For a purse with a flap and secure clasp closure, Sara offers the Go-Go Bag.  A moderate sized bag that still includes all the storage space you could possibly need. Looking to upgrade from your messenger bag?  This bag looks fabulous no matter if you are in business attire or jeans.

Go Go Bag

Sara has graciously offered a signed hardcopy of her book Big City Bags!

To make this giveaway even more exciting there will be also an Aurifil The Basics Collection by Mark Lipinski.  This collection features 12 of Mark Lipinski’s favorite threads, the Basic Collection includes a variety of Aurifil’s outstanding threads in the 12 most versatile colors, each 1422 yards, 50wt.



One winner will receive one signed copy of Sara Lawson’s book and one collection of Mark Lipinski’s thread collection

Thank you everyone for commenting and Congratulations to Rita who said

have left a comment on the fb page … am a follower!


    1. I love a over the shoulder bag for the same reason to be hands free to look and touch all that fabric , but I also like and bag I can carry for other reasons to go out on the town and look snazzy lol! I am new to this so hope I did it right

    2. I love to make bags and my favorite style is a shoulder bag with lots and lots of pockets. Love the one above on the white chair (purple fabric). And also love Aurifil thread, it’s the best!

  1. My favorite style of bag/purses changes all the time, but the handles always have to be long enough to go over my arm especially if I’m wearing a coat and when I hold the it down, it can’t hit the ground, can be tough since I’m quite petite, but that’s what I love about making my own! I am a follower of the blog. Thanks so much for the opportunity, I love Sara’s designs!

  2. What a nice giveaway! I like a medium-size shoulder bag with plenty of inside pockets and a secure outside pocket too.

  3. Sara’s book looks really nice with lots of ideas. I’m going to sew my first zippy pouch today so I’m on my way to sewing bags! I follow Aurifil on Facebook.

  4. my favorite will always be a clutch purse.. 😀
    i’m a follower from your Facebook.. and just followed your blog on wordpress.. thank you for a chance to win. 😀

  5. I prefer shoulder bags and totes. Love making them as I can select fabric colors and prints appropriate for how I’ll be using them (e.g. vacation them, quilt show, as well as to match an outfit). Always looking for new ideas. Friends even tease me about being a “bag lady” as I enjoy making bags so much.


  6. I am a follower. I first saw Sara on the Pellon site and still have her free downloads of her great bags. I really, really do not have a favorite type of bag. I love them all!

  7. My favorite type of bag depends on what I am doing. Sometimes I need a small cross-body bag, sometimes a medium sized shoulder bag and sometimes I need a huge tote or a clutch or a little pouch. I believe it’s been said that a woman can’t have too many bags!

  8. I love tote bags…..Make a great many chemo bags for breast cancer patients so small totes are the best!! Follow you on facebook.

  9. I am an over the shoulder gal. Medium sized with compartments to make it easier to feel around and get what I need!

  10. oops – I answered this on FB – oh,well…… I love a clutch and always a messenger bag. (And I follow you on FB and subscribe to your blog)…….and would love love love to win 🙂

  11. I’m on the last gasp of needing diaper bags, so my go to bags are usually still totes, so I can just grab and go without looking. I love the Go-Go bag though. I’d love to make that once I get to the regular purse stage again.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  12. I like over the shoulder bags best. I do like you on facebook and I follow the blog via email too. Thanks for the great giveaway! :0)

  13. I like over the shoulder bags with lots of pockets- keeps my hands free. I follow Aurifil on FB and now by email. Love your threads!

  14. my favorite bag is a medium size that fits over my shoulder, with lots of pockets! Thank you for this giveaway!

  15. I love shoulder bags. Especially quilted ones. Thanks for the chance to enter. This looks like a great book and wonderful thread to. What a winning combination. conn_and_vans_momatyahoodotcom

  16. I like a bag with an outside zip pocket for my keys – never have to search through all the other stuff to find them. Liked you on FB

  17. I also prefer a shoulder bag, with zippered interior pockets, but use the shorter handled bags for special occasions. I loved the interview, but couldn’t find a link to Sara’s blog!!

  18. My favorite kind of bag is one that comfortably fits over my shoulder and closes securely so nothing falls out if I drop it. AND it should be big enough to carry things to distract the little ones!

  19. My favorite bag would be an over the shoulder, I like pockets on the outside I can put my phone and keys in, I like several pockets on the inside and a sturdy bottom! Thanks for the chance in the giveaway, it’s a sweet one.

  20. I really like cross-body bags. Thank you for the chance to win the aurifil thread set. I follow auribuzz; that’s how I saw your post.

  21. My favourite bag is a handmade one!. My current everyday bag is my rope wrapped tote but I have been on the hunt for something a little smaller to make. I love messenger bags – definitely needs to be able to be worn “hands free”.
    Thanks for the giveaway – it would be fantastic to win something like this.

  22. My favorite is shoulder bag. Light and practical. With zipper closure. I would love to be the chosen one. I love the bags and that thread is AWESOME.

  23. I love a big bag with a pocket on the outside (no zipper) for easy access to my car key and cel phone (yes, I know either could fall out — I live very dangerously). I also need long straps so I can hoist it over my shoulder as it gets heavier and heavier with all of my kids crap!

  24. I like over the shoulder bags, with lots of pockets so that I can attempt to stay organized. Your purses/bags are beautiful!

  25. I like an across the body bag so I don’t aggravate a sore shoulder. Love the Go Go bag! Am a follower and have liked you on fb. Thanks.

  26. I love a shoulder purse, but the most important feature is that it must have plenty of pockets inside to organize all of the stuff I carry.

  27. My favorite type of bag is one that is big enough to hold a magazine so I can slip one in to read when I am waiting at the Dr’s or Dentist’s office.

  28. I follow on FB as well as your blog. I love hobo style and cross body but think I’m going to have to give the Go Go Bag a try. Love the ideas in this book!

  29. My favorite type of purse is first of all, over the shoulder. Second, lots of room. And third, I like a flap over it – I’m always worried if it’s open, someone might slide a hand in there. I like the big bag made using the bicycle print!

  30. My favorite type of bag is one that I can carry on my shoulder and has lots of pockets. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.

  31. I am already a follower. My favorite type of bag is a shoulder bag. I like the smaller ones and it must have a pocket on the outside for my cell phone!

  32. My favorite style of bag is a cross-body, which doesn’t slip off of my shoulder. Kept my hands free when my kids were little too. Can’t wait for this book – many thanks!

  33. I love bags with straps long enough to rest on my shoulder so when I shop I don’t set it down somewhere and forget it. Love the size of the Go-Go bag. That be so much fun to make!

  34. i love a bag that isn’t too big in size, has a shoulder strap, and lots of pockets on the inside as well as on the outside. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  35. I don’t know if it’s a specific style, but my purse must have a cross-body strap, be easy to get into (not a messenger type), have a secure pocket for my cell phone, and have just enough room for all my mom gear (wet wipes and emergency granola bar) but not so much room that I end up carrying around the kitchen sink.

  36. I love shoulder bags with lots and lots of closed pockets, both inside and out. I would love to win “Big City Bags”…the bags look amazing! I have never tried Aurifil thread and think it’s about time I did.
    I ‘liked’ your Facebook page and I am now a follower of your blog…I enjoy them very much and definitely am glad I found you.
    Thank you for the chance to win this.
    Claire currier

  37. Shoulder bags-with plenty of room.. Hope Lady Luck is with me – It would be awesome to be chose as a winner of your Big City Bags and Aurifil thread. I liked your facebook page and I shall be a follower of your blog. If time I’ve heard about your bags…
    Thanks a Mil, and keeping my fingers cross..:)
    Tere Verastegui

  38. Messenger Bags are my favorite! Truth they hold a lot of stuff! This looks like such an awesome book and of course any Aurifil is a great Day! Thanks for the giveaway and review it just made me want it more!

  39. I like a tote bag that I can carry on one shoulder. I like lots of pockets inside and some kind of closure for the top opening of the bag.

  40. Love! SO wonderful to learn a little more about how it all began! I love shoulder bags, and the messenger bag style. Since I started sewing though, I have gotten much more curious about different kinds of bags 🙂

  41. My favorite style of bag is an over the shoulder type with not a not too.big not too small size. I am intrigued by the Go-Go bag shown above. I already like the Facebook page and follow the bog. Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. I like over the shoulder bags, but I like them big so they can double as weekenders. Love all the bags and I do love Aurifil threads.

  43. My favourite type of bag is one that fits over my shoulder and is bright and colourful, much like many of Sara’s bags.

  44. I follow your blog and always look forward to new posts. I tend like medium-sized over-the shoulder bags with inside pockets/dividers/compartments. This book looks like a great way to create a bag that truly fits my needs! Thanks for the giveaway and for making the best thread ever! I wouldn’t sew with anything else.

  45. I love these bags – they look like they are beautifully finished with lots of nice details. My favourite type of bags are crossbody – much easier on the neck and shoulders.

  46. I love bags of all sizes and styles. I guess it depends on the plan for the day: some days are tote bag days, some are just casual hobo bag days, and some require a well organized purse.

  47. I love different bags for different things… But my go-to everyday bags have 2 must-haves: 1) shorter straps so they don’t swing around when I am in a hurry; and 2) are medium sized so I can carry all I need but don’t feel like I am digging to China to find my keys!

  48. I love them all. I especially like the overnight bags. I think I will make some for my grandchildren when we have an overnight. Would love to win the Aurifil thread and the book.

  49. I like cross body bags because I feel more secure with them, the more pockets the better, and big enough to carry my Kindle. I’ve also signed up to follow 🙂

  50. My favorite type of bag is a big, somewhat boxy bag with a zipper closure and long-ish straps, sort of like Sara’s Go Go Bag. I’m sure there is a name for what I like, but I know so little about fashion or bag-making that I don’t know what it is. I’ll bet I could find it in Sara’s great new book, though!

  51. I just signed on as a follower of the blog. I really like tote bags……….I follow Sara’s blog and really like to see all the beautiful bags she makes. I am so glad she finally did a book on her bags.

  52. I can not pick a single bag as a favorite,I really love all types of bags,the mood of the day decides which bag to use! Love Sara’s patterns,and can hardly wait to purchase the book and start making some new bags.

    Am a follower of this blog as well as Sara’s.

  53. I like a bag with a shoulder strap, and roomy inside – several pockets and/or compartments are a plus. Durable for every day. I’m loving making a few bags for myself lately – looking forward to the book.

  54. I am a follower on this site as wheel as a friend on Facebook. Needless to say, I admit that I am addicted to Aurifil Thread. I would have to say that my favorite style of bag is a messenger bag. I also love big tote bags with lots of pockets, oh and little zip bags…?maybe I am addicted to bags as well. 🙂

  55. My favorite style of bag is a backpack purse. I love the hands-free style. Thanks for the great giveaway. All the bags in this book look wonderful. And of course, Aurifil is the best thread!

  56. Whatever the size or shape, my handbag needs to have a zipper. I am a klutz, and without a zipper the contents would be all over the floor of the car or wherever else I drop it! Thanks for the give away!

  57. My favourite bag is one that I can wear on my back as I have problems with carrying things. I am now a follower of your blog and on facebook.
    Love the contents of your new book. There are some really great patterns. Can’t wait to get it.
    Susan Samuel

  58. I prefer a shoulder bag, or a cross the body one, a pocket for my phone is ideal and a fastening top. Can’t wait to give some of these bags a try. I really enjoy making bags.

  59. I follow you on your your website, your blog, through Pat Sloan, and like you on Facebook.
    I also subscribe to Sara and love her bags, especially the Aeroplane and Aragon; they are my style.Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  60. I like a large bag with lots of pockets and a couple of sections. I need a pocket for my cell phone and another one for my keys. Seems like we have to carry more than we used to now days.

  61. My favorite style of bag is the hobo bag. I love the look and size of it. Thanks for the interview and review of the book and for the chance to win.

  62. I like over the shoulder bags, messenger bags and lately lots of pouches ( a new obsession).truly, not many purses I don’t like. I have liked your FB page and follow you on Bloglovin.

  63. I already follow on Facebook, and I love a messenger type bag I can wear across my body , love the look of the go-go bag

  64. My favorite purses are light weight, small, adjustable length over the shoulder strap, with multiple organization pockets. I will like your Facebook page next and plan to follow your great blog.

  65. I like bags with shoulder straps so that I dont have to carry it in my hands while I am shopping. I like lots of pockets. I follow your blog and already like you on Facebook

  66. I now get your email and liked you on FB. My favorite bag is a tote type with a shoulder strap! I have Sara’s Kennedy Bag and am getting the material tomorrow to make one.

  67. Love big shoulder bags with lots of room and pockets to help keep things organized. ☺

    Thanks a bunch for the chance to win the giveaway!

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  68. Def shoulder bags. I love the colors you work with! I haven’t followed your blog and just found out about you on FB. I went to college with Mark and noticed his name on the FB post about the giveaway. I love making purses and have just started using aurifil products.

  69. Love this thread collection as I usually use Aurifil thread in neutral colors. I don’t machine quilt. I have been using Aurifil for more than ten years and have persuaded my friends to use it too. We all love it!!! And I have been a follower of Alex and Mark for sometime. My favorite bag is a slouch bag!!! Something I can put everything in files for a meeting as well as a wallet, etc. Love the bags you have made.

  70. I really, really really want to make the bag on the cover of this book and I’m also interested in designs in the book. Hmm. Can I beg by saying this is my birthday week? I’d really like to learn how to make this bag to take to quilt retreats and various trips. Just seems like it has my name written on it.

    Of course, it would also make for great Christmas gifts too!


  71. I like foldover clutch bags for evenings and six pocket bags for all the items you need for errands.
    I am already a facebook liker and have just signed up for the Blogloving website — these are my absolute favorite colors and I love all neutrals — how exciting is this giveaway #!}

  72. I really like the Miss Independent bag, the outside pockets can keep your cell phone handy and have a specific place for your keys

  73. I love a tote style bag or even a cross body style as long as there is room for all the things my family needs me to carry! I have liked on Facebook and follow by email.

  74. I like a purse that is big enough for all my stuff and has outside pockets for my phone and keys. I also like a shoulder strap as I walk with a cane and need my hands free. Thank you for a wonderful give away…

  75. My favorite style of bag is something small and with a over the wrist handle. I like it to be big enough for a small card purse and my cell phone, along with a few cosmetics. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love and use Auriful threads in most all my projects — including my purses.

  76. I just followed the blog and I “like” Aurifil on Facebook, but I LOVE Aurifil on my sewing machine and in my projects! This designer’s work looks fantastic! I love the “Miss Independence” bag…that is generally the type of bag that is my favorite.

  77. Recently i made a duffle bags because my daughter has asked me to make her one so made her 2. And, i have made myself couple too.

  78. HI, I follow your blog, and like your FaceBook page. My favorite style of bag is one that I can wear over the shoulder, medium size with pockets and zippers! Thanks for the Giveaway 🙂

  79. The bags are lovely, I too like a bag that has a strap over my shoulder and a clip for keys. I am already in your e-mail, like you on facebook, love the thread, and follow the blog. What else can I say?

  80. my favorite kind of bag is a hobo or messenger .. possibly a satchel, and the straps would be adjustable. thank you for the giveaway. I already like and follow your blog .. and i’m a thread maniac.

  81. I Love these bag designs, my favourite has to be the shoulder bag. Of course I am an aurifil and facebook fan and follower. Winning this prize would really encourage me to finally get around to making a bag. I will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the opportunity.

  82. Bags, purses, overnights, or clutches…so many choices, and so little time to create them all. I love a bag that has pockets, zippers, and enough room for the hand-held electronics that I use. The pretty threads would add just the right bling to a functional design. I like your page and follow your blog. Thank you!

  83. These bags are fabulous! My favorite kind of bag is over the shoulder, large enough to fit a book, or iPad, usually leather, because they are sturdy. I have been thinking about trying to make my own bags, and I would definitely make any one of these! Have jus t liked your Facebook page, and started following your blog. Can’t wait to see more of what you do!

  84. I am already a facebook follower, my favorite purse is over the shoulder so that when I am shopping I can put it over my head and no worries about it falling off the shoulder.

  85. My favorite style of bag is across the body, because I have problems with my shoulders. Plus, I like adjustable straps, because I am so short!. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!! :0)

  86. I prefer shoulder bags & I follow you on Facebook & your blog. I love your bags, even if I don’t win, I will have to buy your book!

  87. I’ve been following your facebook page for some time now. Aurifil is my favorite quilting thread, for piecing but especially for quilting. I’m addicted to bags as well!

  88. I really love the bags usually are ready to briefcase purse too. Uniform way for me. Thanks for those opportunities to play Aurifil cérnáért. Everyone a lot of luck but mostly for me 🙂

  89. I am already a Facebook fan. My favorite style purse or bag is a zip open top small for everyday. Of course I own lots and lots of bags and purses – variety is the spice of life.

  90. I like shoulder bags with lots of pockets inside and out. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I am a facebook fan and a follower.

  91. I love all kinds of bags. But recently I made a smaller cross body bag that I did not think I would like and really love the freedom I have when I use it. But since I have been traveling more with my best friend we usually make a new big bag before we go on a trip. We pick out our style of fabric and usually work on it together or call each other while working on it to update where we are on the pattern. Would love to pick one of your bags for our next project! Love the look of your Miss Independent bag.

  92. My favorite bag is semi big one with a strap that can go across my body. I needs to be big enough to fit an iPad and a snack along with all the usual purse type things. I am on a constant search for purse nirvana! Thanks for the chance to win. 😀

  93. I love, love Auriful thread and the basics are a must have. The purses are all so adorable and would like to make several for myself and friends. I follow on Facebook already.

  94. I’m a messenger bag person, with a tiny purse inside carrying the essentials – I travel alot and it saves time and losing/leaving things changing bags. The tiny purse has the essentials (license, credit cards, phone, comb, nail file, keys, …actually lots of stuff) and just the main bag has content change. I think this box of threads is the most sensible and BEST one you’ve done. I will probably buy this one because I know I’ll use all the threads in it…and will probably buy backups to do a refill in the future! I’m already a follower.

  95. Thanks for introducing me to Big City Bags by Sara Lawson! I just received my first set of Aurifil thread and I’m loving it! Now I want to try a big tote bag, which is my favorite size, since I am always carrying things with me. I liked you on Facebook and will be following your blog!

  96. I love bags with corded handles and lots of pockets. Clutches and messenger style bags are 2 of my favorite styles, espec. one with interesting additions like pleats.

  97. I love your blog and bags! I’m inspired by you! I hate the “trendy” quilted bags I think, I know yours are more beautifuller! Keep going with your love.

  98. Def cross body bags. As a commuter I do not have time for bags that I keep sliding off of my shoulder and back packs are hard to get things like train tickets out of. I need to keep hands free for knitting and taking instagram pictures, of course. My last two bags were a Tom Bihn cafe bag and a felted wool bag I bought a the M gallery in greenport ny. Sadly the M gallery bag is a backpack but I use it because i love the design.
    Aurifill is great thread and I love the color selection. I find that for most sewing you can get by with the basics, unless you are sewing with fuscia. And I do love fuscia. Thanks!
    Follow mark on fb and now I follow big city bags and auribuzz.

  99. I like a shoulder or crossover bag that is large enough to carry my stuff with lots of pockets, so that I can find things.

  100. I have looked at this blog before but never liked it on FB. I have now!! I also discovered this thread at Houston quilt Festival this week and purchased four spools. A tote bag that goes cross body to keep my hands free is wonderful to have and to make. The people at Festival I talked with could not say enough about this wonderful thread so I am anxious to try it.

  101. I follow the blog and have liked you on FB…and I love any bag that is bright, cheery, and can hold all my quilt shop-hop purchases!

  102. I love over the shoulder bags that are large enough to hold everything! I follow on FB. And-I love Aurifil thread!!

  103. I love a tote style bag with shoulder straps, then I fill it up with all my “necessities”! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  104. Favorite type of bag is a crossover bag. More secure and keeps my hands free.
    I have “liked” you on FB for a long time. Love your posts.
    Have just requested your newsletters. Looking forward to more inspiration. Thanks.

  105. My favorite is made of coordinated upholstery fabric and has that unique look that makes it a conversation piece. Small and efficient – has special sections for a small wallet, iPhone, keys and ID (helps get through airports without hassle). Adjustable wide shoulder strap is comfortable and will keep the bag secure at my side or in front for added security.

  106. Liked and followed. My favorite bag is functional. Nothing fancy, just a place for everything. If I win this book the first one I will make is Miss Independent, using hot pink and lime green!

  107. My favorite purse is one that I bought from Pat on the Back Fabrics, it’s a canvas military field bag with adjustable straps so when I need my hands free I can wear it cross-body. She decorates them with an appliqued charm square of asian print fabric. My favorite tote was handmade (a gift!) by my bff Jennifer Ofenstein of . I use it to carry my current crochet/knit project for Project Linus. Pockets on both sides inside and out for a total of 4!

  108. I like an over the shoulder bag with closures so the contents of the bag are secure. It must be able to withstand air travel and have compartments inside and outside. The outside compartments should be able to handle a phone, air tickets, things you need in an airport. In short, a purse travel bag! First time I’ve found this blog. If I win, and I hope I do, please notify me by email. Thanks!

  109. I’m a new follower.
    The bags are all great, so I can’t pick a favorite. The styles are beautiful and the fabric choices fantastic.

  110. I love a roomy bag with several interior pockets and a exterior pocket or clip for keys. Bright beautiful exterior fabrics too! Straps long enough to co over my shoulder or even cross body. I follow on FB and your blog!

  111. I prefer a lightweight bag that has a long shoulder strap, lots of pockets, room for my Nook, clip for my keys and an outside pocket for my phone. I’m still searching for the ideal bag that suits me.

  112. I prefer over the shoulder bags like to keep my hands free. I also use Fanny Packs when I’m out running around all day – saves my shoulder!
    I already liked on Facebook and am a Follower. I love your thread!!!

  113. I’m a new follower. I like all kinds of bags, but am especially partial to totes with lots of pockets for my knitting and other necessities!

  114. I love Lilium Laptop Bag that has feather quilting ❤ , and lots of pockets, and it looks comfy to carry it on my shoulder. Sweet!

  115. It depends, if I am going shopping, then I need a shoulder bag but if I am going out for the evening, then I like a cute little handbag. I am a follower and I like your site.

  116. I already liked and am a follower on Facebook and the blog. I love aMedium sized, over the shoulder bag, with lots of compartments. If I go to big, I fill it up and it gets to heavy 🙂
    Thank you for the give~away.

  117. due to a neck/shoulder issue I need and love a cool over the body bag, it also leaves your hands free to shop, carry babies and feel fabric much easier!

  118. I already like you on Facebook, I am now a follower of this blog, and my favorite bags are cross body bags with organizers inside so I don’t need a wallet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful, well-made patterns!

  119. I like the go go bag, although several of them caught my eye. I liked on facebook and I follow your blog. Thanks!

  120. I love all styles of bags, but most often I use larger sized bags that have many pockets, love being able to just wash and wear them~ love Aurifil threads too, less fuzz for my machines!

  121. I’ve always liked larger bags but recently have been down sizing! I already liked on FB and follow your blog!! Love Aurifil threads!!! Thank you for the chance to win these great prizes!

  122. Purse specifications for me include: Shoulder strap, good closure (not an open top) but yet easy access, and most of all organization lots of pockets and a key fob. Thanx

  123. Love a shoulder bag….but not to big because it will get to heavy . Love aurafil!!! These bags are inspirational. I follow on facebook.

  124. Caroline Tilghman I love cross body bags because they free up my hands and I feel they are safer right next to my body. Aurifil threads are my very favorite!

  125. Myself, I have always loved a Messenger bag…Go Go Bag. and as long as I use Aurifil’s threads. I also have you on fb, and had it there for quite awhile.

  126. I like cross-body bags. I usually have to shorten the straps. If you want to know my favorite in the book, I adore the Miss Independent.

  127. I am a followerof the blog and Facebook page…I love your bags, thanks for the free tutorials, and the book is on my Christmas wish list! and aurifil is my ONLY thread!

  128. My favorite bag right now is a big tote that I pieced and quilted from a 60’s retro layer cake I had on hand. It’s cute and colorful and practical, but also acts as a ‘sample’ of my work as I’m walking around in the world.

  129. Now following your blog, you have been liked for quite some time on Facebook! I use a very small, light weight cross body bag that I cannot stuff with STUFF! I need one hand for my cane or two for my walker, then I always need another hand!

  130. My fav is the the sling type bag that I can hook over head and neck and let hang down on the opposite hip. I like hands free if I can and I like to travel light. With back issues this is really important not to over load. On the other hand I like a great travel case and tote! 🙂

  131. I love messenger bags! So roomy, and the perfect size to stow a small hand project while still leaving enough room for my work papers, etc. My favorite bag has seen better days, and I need to get cracking on a replacement soon before it falls apart! Will start following the blog now.

  132. Since I take my iPad with me everywhere …. all of the time … I would love a bag that could accommodate my iPad plus my cell phone, biz card holder, coin purse, credit card holder. Need lots of pockets for lipstick, medications, sweetener packets (since restaurants never seem to have the “yellow packets”), pens, and my coupon wallet with all of my quilt store discount coupons each month. I prefer two handles PLUS a shoulder strap …. I don’t generally use the strap since I don’t like wrinkling my shirt. But when I’m at the grocery I like to unhook the shoulder strap and wrap it around the grocery cart so that if someone tries to steal my purse they’ll end up dragging the entire cart with them and hopefully move on to another less complicated target.

  133. My favorite type of bag is anything I can do cross-body – it just makes shopping so much easier! I was already a fan on FB and I just followed the blog.

  134. I like shoulder bags with lots of pockets so everything doesn’t fall all together in the bottom. I am already a fan on facebook and I just followed this blog.

  135. I love these bags! Made my first bag a couple months ago. It is easier than I thought! I like medium-sized bags – large enough for an iPad or book and some lunch, and a couple folded shopping bags – maybe an umbrella…

  136. I like your page….love your bags. My favorite is one with lots of little pockets for cell phone, keys, pens etc. love the thread too

  137. I already like you on FB. I am now a follower on the blog and I think I prefer a bag with handles long enough to wear over my shoulder. You’ve got some really nice bags pictured here!

  138. I love the Go Go Bag in this blog. Definitely need and over the shoulder bag. I have liked on FB and I just signed up to follow the blog. Very nice giveaway. Thank you.

  139. I like to know that the bag I have is a one of a kind bag, or in my instance, the bag I am giving as a gift will be a one of a kind bag. I have been a “cupcake” follower for many years, since I saw Mark at my local spring Sew Expo and I would love to win both the book and the thread to keep on giving! Thank you so much!

  140. My favorite bag is one that opens up and allows me to find my stuff, a narrow opening is not fun. Something like the Go-Go Bag! Something with vibrant colours is fun!

  141. I like bags with a strap that can be worn over the shoulder or bandolier style and with lots of inside and outside pockets. I love the look and security of flaps, but they can be very annoying when you are trying to pull something out in a hurry when you only have one hand free. Love your blog!

  142. Favorite bag style of late is cross body – section for wallet, section for lip gloss, hand salve, etc., and 2 outside pockets (1 for mobile phone – 1 for headset, charging cables)

  143. Love a small crossbody bag with pockets on the outside so I can find things in a hurry, And love Aurafil threadsand Mark Lipinski!

  144. Hi-my favorite style is straps that cross over body-leaves my hands free-I like your site & follow Mark’s Facebook site!

  145. I am already a facebook fan and just started following this blog, thanks! I also follow Auriil and Mark on FB, too.
    I like a big ole bag to carry all my quilting stuff in when I go for a sewathon or for meeting up with my sewing group or to quilt shows but especially when I take it with me when me and my “girls” go fabric shopping!! We know how to fill up a bag with fabric. Yes!

  146. I prefer a crossbody purse with lots of pockets. It leaves my hands free so that I don’t have to worry about my purse strap falling off my shoulder.
    If I do win, it will be my first time using Aurifil thread. I’ve been reading wonderful reviews about them and I will be looking forward to piece with them!
    I’m already a Auriful Facebook follower and now a brand new follower of your blog.

  147. My favorite handbag is one that is versitile…can be carried as a regular handbag or as a shoulder bag. I have been a facebook follower for a long time and just signed up for your newsletter….thanks for this contest…

  148. I prefer a cross body bag that is medium sized. As I then have hands available for dealing with my kids & carrying other bags. 🙂

  149. I have been following for quite a while and also read the blog……….besides just loving all your bags and Mark of course

  150. My favorite kind of bag is one that is big, has lots of pockets inside and out, and has ONE strap for easy over-the-shoulder carrying. I have “Liked” Aurifil’s Facebook page for quite a while (as well as Mark Lipisnki’s pages!), and am a new follower to this blog. Thanks for the chances to win this great supply of Aurifil thread! Contact me at annk0604 at att dot net

  151. My favorite type of bag is a messenger bag with a shoulder strap. I just checked and sure enough I liked the Aurifil page a while back. My machine quilting skills are in the beginner stage but I figure if I keep it up, one of these days I will graduate to more intricate designs. Love the thread.

  152. I love bags with long shoulder straps. Also, bags that are not too big. I like modestly small bags maybe 9 inches wide or less.

  153. I like the bag pictured with the bicycle fabric and the wide bottom. So many of my uses for bags is to take for an event- like a sew date with friends, and so it needs that wide bottom to be able to fit my fabrics, rulers, scissors, thread, or for that sporting event- big enough to carry water bottles, snacks, seat warmers, etc. They are not purses at my house.

  154. I want your book! I make 99.5% of my bags. Aurifil thread is my choice and the By Annie stabilizer works so well in my bags. Thanks for showing this fabulous book. Hope I win!

  155. I would love a copy of the Big City Bags, and of course Aurifil is my favorite thread. I had already liked you on FB many weeks ago!

  156. i’m a follower & “liker”…it depends on what i’m doing & where i’m going, but my go to bag tends to be a cross body, whether small or medium sized, so that my hands are free for shopping, holding my drink, etc. these bags are gorgeous by the way!

  157. My favorite is a small to medioum size bag with long strap for cross body with interior pocket and exterior cell phone pocket.

  158. I like smaller shoulder bags best, but convertible bags that have longer straps are nice when you need both hands to dig through the fat quarter bins at Quilt Festival 🙂

  159. My favorite bag for me is the small cross body bag. I’m a follower of your blog and have liked your facebook page. I’d love to win the book and goodies!

  160. I like bags with lots of pockets so I can find what I am looking for. A phone ringing in the bottom of my purse is not a good thing.

  161. I just “liked” you on FaceBook, and I don’t know how to follow you. I not only like handmade bags, but I’m discovering that cloth straps over the shoulder are much less slippery than leather straps. Us slope shoulders girls have a problem with them sliding off our shoulder. Although I have some Aurifill thread, it’s hard to find where I live and I don’t have enough!

  162. My favorite bag ever was one I bought in Carmel, CA when I was 17. It was called a French purse, I think. It was a sack with 2 loops, one taller that the other. The longer one looped through the shorter to close the bag.

  163. I love roomie tote bags with long handles so that I can hang it on my shoulder and I don’t have to worry about it sliding off.. I’m already a fan on Facebook and I do follow your blog 🙂

  164. I like bags with straps that can crossover the body and have some type of security closing whether a buckle, zipper, button or Velcro closure. I treasure my purse “valuables”.

  165. I just discovered this blog today and I am loving it. I like to use shoulder bags but also every now and then I don’t mind carrying a small clutch.
    I “like” you on FB. I am already following Aurfil and now I am going to follow Aurbizz right now!
    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway. I can always use more Aurfil threads.

  166. I like you via Facebook and I’m now a follower of the Auribuzz blog.

    Couple things make a bag a favorite – must be generous size and have a shoulder strap. I also like a solid/firm bottom so bag will sit nicely when placed on the floor. Lots of pockets are good too.

  167. O love bags that are big and have different outside pockets so I am not looking in the wrong one every time for my keys. Plus I just like the unbalanced look. I already am your blog and facebook friend. Anna

  168. I love ALL bags – book bags are my favorite to make. Messenger bag is my favorite to carry for every day. I follow your blog and facebook – if there was an option to say LOVE in lieu of Like I would be clicking on that one.