Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day Dec 2013 Camille Roskelley Simplify ( winner announced)

Are ready for Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day featuring Camille Roskelley!


Camille Roskelley‘s style is graceful and timeless.  Light and bright, clean and happy are the colors that fill her patterns, fabric lines with Moda, her books published by Stash and  her Aurifil thread collections.



( All photos by Camille Roskelley)

The fantastic giveaway today is for the newest Camille Roskelley large spool collection Simplify. Twelve colors of the finest 50wt cotton with 1422 yards of thread on each spool.

Congratulations to Audrey!  Thank you to everyone for your participation in this fun giveaway and please stay tuned in for more giveaway opportunities in the near future :o)

I love looking at fabric stores, not just to ogle the fabrics, but also to get an idea for awesome color palettes for future quilts. Love! I’m also a huge blog reader.



  1. I get my inspiration from blogs including Auribuzz, from Facebook and Pinterest. I like Aurifil on Facebook and subscribe to Auribuzz.

  2. I put all and there are many, blogs into bloglovin and then look at a digest that comes everyday in my email. thanks, kathy

  3. 1. I like Bonnie Hunter a lot, also Pat Sloan and Aurifil
    2. I like Aurifil on FB
    3. I am a follower of Aurifil.

  4. Devoted FB follower, but I haven’t branched out into Twitterland. Inspiration comes from our many, many customers at the local quilt shop I am lucky enough to work in. Between their ideas, show and tell and the fabulous fabric we have in the store I’m always motivated!

  5. I like Pinterest or just reading blogs. I follow a bunch of blogs including Elizabeth Hartman and Rita from Red Pepper quilts.

  6. I already like you on Facebook. I would love to get the opportunity to try this thread! Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. I love looking at fabric stores, not just to ogle the fabrics, but also to get an idea for awesome color palettes for future quilts. Love! I’m also a huge blog reader.

  8. I follow several quilt sites by email and like them all for a variety of reasons. On the occasional time I find that a site no longer inspires me, I simply unsubscribe.

  9. Inspiration sites – there are so many – some are Pinterest and the blogs of Pat Sloan, Auribuzz, Camille’s Simplify, Bumblebeans with Victoria, and Quiltville with Bonnie Hunter

  10. I get lots of inspirations from Auribuzz and Facebook. They are always full of creative ideas that make you want to sew forever!

  11. I shared on FB. I follow aurifil on FB And Instagram, as well as Sew Mama Sew, Thimbleblossom and now Auribuzz.
    Would LOVE to WIN! 🙂

  12. Pinterest is my greatest source of inspiration these days!! I follow Airibuzz on Facebook, as well as the blog. Thank you!!

  13. My inspiration route usually takes me to Pinterest, a few blogs that started me sewing in the first place, and Flickr. Then I just have to narrow down all the options. 🙂

  14. I find a lot of my inspiration by following various quilters and companies on Instagram. They are always coming up with something fresh and new to aspire to. Though it doesn’t help my fabric habit!

  15. I use Pinterest a lot for a quick shot of inspiration or if I’m wanting to find something specific. For everyday inspiration it would have to be the blogs that I enjoy reading.

  16. I prowl the Internet incessantly, but inspiration comes from a variety of sources, sometimes the Internet, magazines, or just out the garden gate.

  17. I follow you on FB. My favorite blogs are Green Fairy Quilts, Simplify, Cotton Way, and A Quilting Life. Thanks for doing the give-away! I would love to win this!

  18. I use google a lot, Pinterest, sew mama sew and craft gossip. I also love flipping through books at the library for inspiration.

  19. The thread would be perfect for my new project (scrap quilt using all my different scraps of Bonnie and Camille’s previous fabric lines) you can see on my blog 🙂
    I’ve been following aurifil on Facebook, pinterest and Instagram, and I find inspiration on the ones mentioned, and blogs. I’m a longarm quilter who loves Aurifil thread for my work 🙂

  20. I’m starting a “Swoon” quilt soon and my fabrics scream for this thread collection! Thank you for the opportunity.

  21. I get my inspirations from pintrest and several different quilters whose blog or websites I follow. Along with your facebook page. 😀

  22. Maybe you should have asked…where do I not get inspiration, and that would be from math. 😉
    My inspiration comes from books, magazines, life, instagram, pinterest, facebook, twitter, blogs, nature, fashion, food, furniture…..

  23. I love anything quilting, and get inspiration from many sites, I have to say I also “Google” images for inspiration frequently also….but I follow you on Facebook

  24. I love your thread…it’s the best!!! Pinterest has become an addiction if mine with all of the sewing and quilting projects!!!

  25. Oops, forgot to mention that my inspiration comes from Pinterest and online quilting forums. I ‘like’ you on Facebook and I am now a new follower of Auribuzz.

  26. I have become an obsessive pinner recently. I read tons of blogs and pin everything interesting I see, because there is no other way I will find the necessary post when I need it 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. OH MY GOODNESS. You have me drooling. I recently found out about Aurifil thread and I am in LOVE! I find inspiration from my local quilt guild, pinterest, as well as blogs on wordpress and bloglovin. Thanks so much for a great giveaway!!!

  28. I find Pinterest is very inspiring. Love these colors and I’ve been meaning to try Aurifil threads. Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. I follow facebook. This is the first time I have seen your pop-up. I love the colors of your threads I am a traditional quilter,an aspiring artist quilter and have a new embridery machine I am just learning to use. I like alot of the fons and Porter designs and The Quilting Magazine designs and art designs that I am not sure what site I saw them. Merry /christmas.

  30. 1. Mark Lapinski is one of my biggest inspirations,
    2. I already “Like” Aurifil.
    3. I am already a follower of Aurifil.

  31. I get my ideas off if Of Facebook
    And I already like Aurifil thread as there is no other
    If u want your machine to love u try one spool and you’ll never go back
    I also follow u here on Facebook

  32. There is no one sight that is my inspiration. I get most of mine from various blogs that I follow. Thanks for a chance to win a gorgeous set of thread!!!

  33. 1. My favorite sites for inspiration include the magazine websites: McCall’s Quilting, Fons & Porter, All People Quilt. I also love Pinterest.

  34. I love Auribuzz. I also follow more than 100 blogs on bloglovin, including Pat Sloan, Jillily Studio, Pieced Brain and Sugarlane Quilts (and ofc Sew Mama Sew).

  35. I follow many quilters’ social media (blogs, twitter, FB, instagram, pinterest). It would be a book if I listed them all. I have a list on my blog of many of them. There is so much inspiration out there!

  36. As for Blogs & social media…I follow Auribuzz, Sew Mama Sew, And Facebook. And a few others that I get via emails. If I followed any more…I’d never get any quilting done!

  37. Love Aurifil on Facebook and Pinterest and in my Sewing Room!!! Love Pinterest, Sew Mama Sew, Pat Sloan, Lori Holt and many many other beautiful sewing blogs!!!

  38. Follow mostly through email and facebook.
    Love your site, The Quilt Show, and Jenny Beyer’s newsletter. Also find loads through Craftsy.

  39. I follow a lot of quilters on Facebook, Pinterest, and via Bloglovin’. Some of my favorites are Red Pepper Quilts, Fresh Lemons, During quiet time, Maureen Cracknell Handmade and Jaybird Quilts…..I could keep going! Thanks for the generous give away!

  40. I liked Aurifil on FB. I get my inspiration from Camille’s blog and books, as well as Pinterest and other quilting blogs. I also remember to look through the many quilting books I already own.

  41. I mainly rely on instagram and pinterest for inspiration. The bloggers I follow are incredibly talented and I follow them because I have come to care for them and love to see what they are working on!

  42. Oh my gosh!!! THis is my dream prize!!!! I absolutely adore anything Bonnie and Camille! My first completed quilt was a Camille pattern made with one of their collections! SO of course Simplify is one of my favorite blogs, as is Cottonway. I am glad to be able to “like” so many pages on FB, because it lets me know when my favorite blogs are updated. I also enjoy several groups on Flickr, like the Aurifil block of the month….

  43. I find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming so I have to limit my time online or I’d never get anything done! I love PInterest and Instagram. I love Camille’s blog not just for quilt inspiration, but also home decor. Her home is lovely!

  44. I follow Aurifil on FB. Fingers crossed that I win this collection–since I have so many of their fabrics hoarded… collected. 😉

  45. I find a design I want, plug it into Google, click images, and then visit sites from there. Have found some great blogs and tutorials that way.

  46. I just started quilting and have used pinterest and fat quarter shop blog as inspiration. I liked the Aurifil facebook page and I follow auribuzz!

  47. Camille is my inspiration for quilting. I began quilting in January this year and have already knocked up 11 quilts of all sizes and many being Camille’s patterns. Love, love, love!!! 🙂 I use Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook pages (aurifil page, Camille’s page, sew mama sew etc)

  48. I like Facebook for inspiration. I can see posts from any of the designers I follow, and go to their blogs from there.

  49. I get inspiration everywhere; blogs, books, magazines, exhibitions, the world around me. It could be from anywhere and usually it’s a combination that leads to a final design.

  50. The quilting community has a great social media network that gives me loads of inspiration. From FB, Instagram and my quilting blogs I’m always finding inspiration!

  51. I am a follower and have ‘liked’ you on FB 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win, Camille’s fabric and thread colors are my absolute favorite!!!

  52. I have fallen in love with instagram! I love Pinterest for ideas, but instagram won my heart with the ability to interact and develop friendships.

  53. I love blogs! My favorites are Camille Roskelley’s (no suprise here!), Lavieenrose (Carrie Nelson), Aquiltinglife (Sherri McConnell) and Msmcporkchopquilts (Amanda Jennings). And I love all of these girls instagram site (although I’m not on instagram).

  54. HI! I love pintrest, instagram and blogs! I’ve loved Aurifil ever since tried a spool out about a year ago! I follow your blog and ‘LOVE’ your Facebook page:)

  55. i turn to the sewing and crochet blogs i follow for inspiration. pinterest has a negative effect on me so i usually avoid that. my sewing, crafting, and crochet books provide lots of inspiration too.

  56. I love blogs for inspiration. especially Camille’s! Jaybird quilts! La Vie En Rosie with Carrie. And if course this blog! Thanks for chance to win some Aurifil!

  57. I follow Aurifil on Facebook. Love that I don’t miss anything as it comes in my email too!
    Love the colors and have never tried Aurifil threads so this may be my chance!!

  58. I love aurifil threads and receive your news letters follow on face book . There are many blogs that I follow so I can not name just one. I do love your threads and Camills wonderful designs

  59. I follow quilters via their blogs, and then their facebooks, pinterests and instagrams… if someone is passionate, it spills out all over the place and inspires me! I have a quilt bucket list a mile long!

  60. Love Aurifil. Just bought 2 Pat Bravo boxes. Finished my first quilt ever last week. After multiple thread breaking bought Aurifil. Everything went smoothly from then! But as a beginner I can still use all sorts of colors.
    Blogs I follow are mainly sotakhandmade, freshlemonsquilt and redpepperquilts.
    Thx for giveaway!

  61. Hi! thanks for the great giveaway! The book and the threads will be wonderful if I win!
    All Joy and Peace to the Auriful Family this Holiday season!
    Take care, Leslie

  62. I LOVE Camille’s stuff. It’s always perfectly beautiful. I love using Pinterest for inspiration and I’m obsessed with Instagram. So many wonderfully creative people on there. I also follow your Facebook page. And I’m about to go sign up to follow auribuzz. Cool giveaway!!

  63. My favorite blog is She is a mom of 3 kids who makes the most amazing stuff and has loads of free patterns, great photography and tutorials.

  64. Pinterest is my gateway to so many inspiring blogs. I liked your FB page and follow AURibuzz! Thank you for this giveaway. Your thread is amazing and these colors are just gorgeous!

  65. I love the Aurifil thread collections that are being made. It makes matching thread so much easier. I look to Instagram and Bloglovin for inspiration as well as individual blogs. I like Aurifil thread on Facebook and am now a follower as well. Thank you for the chance to will your giveaway.

  66. I already “Like” the FB page, and I followed you by clicking on a link and asking to receiving your emails. Thank you for the opportunity in the giftaway. tdwoverton at gmail dot com

  67. I love pinterest! And by the way I think I’m the only quilter who has never used Aurifil and would love the chance! Just can’t get it in stores here.

  68. I find inspriation from all of the blogs that I follow. Two of my favorite are The Art of Home by Jacquelynne Steve’s and Tales from The Raspberry Rabbits bye Michelle May. These are two extremely talented women that share so much on their blogs.

  69. I get a lot of inspiration from Camille’s blog, Fig Tree Quilts blog, and also from Lori Holt on Pinterest. I would love to win this and I have also liked Aurifil’s Facebook page. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  70. I am loving Instagram for inspiration-I just joined about 2 weeks ago after more and more people started leaving flickr. Other than that I check out a huge list of blogs daily through Bloglovin. Thanks for a chance to win!

  71. I get inspiration for new projects from Designer blogs, books and local quilt shops. I love it all. I have recently started looking at Instagram too…

  72. Love this thread collection, such fresh & clean colors! I’ve been on facebook with Alex for a few years (♥), just signed up for Auribuzz and follow Alex. My inspiration comes from many places, some from facebook, Pinterest, a few magazines, blogs, all fill my imagination!

  73. I check out Pintrest here and there. I’m addicted to blog reading ,Jo’s Country Junction, quilt Hollow and Carlo’s Crafty Creations to name a few. Thanks for the chance to try Aurifil thread, I haven’t found them in my neck of the woods. ;-> Toni Anne

  74. i get loads of ideas from! and from there to other blogs that i learn about through guest posts or giveaways!

  75. Two of my favorite places for inspiration are Camille Roskelley’s blog Simplify and Instagram is great because I can check it right from my phone. I follow Aurifil on Facebook and the blog via Bloglovin’. Love Aurifil thread, thanks!

  76. Blogs that inspire me are Simplify, Cluck Cluck Sew, Cotton Way, Moda Bake Shop, and Makelifesweet. So much talent, creativity and inspiration!!! 💕

  77. I love Instagram and pinning as well as blogs. But I use Instagram and Pinterest the most for inspiration. Just so easy to get to – and I can see them at anytime on my phone! Great giveaway!

  78. I follow many blogs, including this one.I like you and many others on Facebook and Pinterest. Through my eyes and all of these outlets, I receive Inspiration to quilt , sew and craft.Thanks.
    By the way, I love Camille’s book.

  79. I definitely get most of my inspiration from blogs. A couple of my favorites are From the Blue Chair and Happy Quilting. And Camille’s blog, of course – everything she makes is beautiful.

  80. I like Aurifil on FB. And i find my inspiration everywhere – Pinterest, books, blogs like Missouri Quilt Company and Simplify.

  81. I liked aurifil on facebook. I also follow auribuzz.. I always look forward to reading your newsletter. For inspiration I follow too many sites for jewellery, sewing, knitting and crafts to list them all here. thanks for the great giveaway.

  82. SewMamaSew is one of my favorite blogs. The connections to so many other blogs and ideas! It’s just SO wonderful! I love the Christmas ideas too!

  83. I like pintrest and my Flickr groups for inspiration and of course IG!!! I’m a follower here and on Facebook!!! Aurifil and I go way back 😏 Thanks for the chance to win!!! Fingers and toes crossed!!!

  84. I find inspiration from blogs, Pinterest and sometimes from the fabric itself. I follow this blog and I like Aurifil’s Facebook page. thanks for a chance to win!

  85. I usually find my inspiration on Flickr, I follow a lot of bloggers there, and also join groups that interest me. Pinterest can be a great place too, although I use it mostly just to save the things I stumble upon elsewhere.

  86. The Inbox Jaunt is full of inspiration for quilting my flimsies. Lori is a dedicated blogger and an accomplished teacher and quilter.

  87. I curl up most nights before bed time with my iPad and review Aurifil, and Pinterest. This allows me to snap a shot easily, pick up my fabrics or order on the next sale date and get tips from the designer and others. I will also take to my fave sewing center and bounce off thoughts with them as I am in my first year of quilting. Adore and follow Sew Mama Sew, Aurifil. So drawn to the Moda fabrics.

  88. I get tons of inspiration from other people’s Pinterest pages, but I use Evernote to store my own favorites. Reading blogs is my number one way to see the creativity and talent that is out there in the maker community.

  89. I get inspiration from a lot of quilty sites on FB. I also subscribe to a lot of quilty blogs through email or Bloglovin’. Some favorites are yours, Bonnie Hunter’s, Christa Quilts. Thanks.

  90. I get inspiration from Camille’s blog, Alison Harris’ blog at, The Moda Bake Shop, and a couple of magazines. That’s all for quilting inspiration. We’d be here all day if I were to list my sources of knitting inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. I follow several quilters on Facebook and Pinterest, as well as subscribing to several quilting magazines. I am already following AURIbuzz and liked the Aurifil on Facebook right after I met Alex in person. I would love to win this collection.

  92. My biggest inspiration comes from reading blogs, but I do peruse pinterest and also some quilt magazines. Actually, I can get inspired from almost anything! Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. For inspiration I usually go straight to Pinterest. For quilts, I love to go to Moda’s Bake Shop, Stitched in Color, Crazy Mom Quilts, Fandom in Stitches, there are simply too many to list. I follow Auribuzz on Blog Loving and I “Like” Aurifill on Facebook..

  94. I follow Aurifil and Robert Kauffman on Facebook and find that they showcase fabulous quilters. That constantly introduces me to new inspiration!

  95. Inspiration can be found on Camilles blog Simplify, on a visit to my patchwork store and in magazines. I have “liked”aurifil” on Facebook and am subscribed to your feed 🙂 Cheers

  96. I “like” & follow Auribuzz on Facebook and now love using Aurifil thread, use Pinterest and web browsing for inspiration also in awe of Sharon Schamber. Jenny

  97. I get most of my inspiration from Facebook and blogs, which leads to more blogs, etc. I love looking around and getting ideas. I do follow Aurifil on FB, and now follow Auribuzz.

  98. I’m a tech junkie so I use them all. FB, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs,You Tube and even magazines and books. I can always find something new and inspiring.

  99. I get my inspiration from Pinterest. And Instagram. And the who knows how many blogs I follow on bloglovin (including yours 🙂 ). I would love to win this as I love camille but I have also not seen aurifil over here (in Australia)

  100. I do love to read and follow blogs. I have just started following on Instagram, but those are really only snapshots. I enjoy reading whole blog posts 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. I follow you on Facebook. I get alot of inspiration on Pinterest and Facebook. soo many talented men and women its hard to name them all lol

  102. I actually get a lot of inspiration from Camille’s website, and from (lots of fun sewing tutorials). I have already liked aurifil on Facebook and am going over to follow auribuzz right now!

  103. I follow you. I follow Alex. I like the same on facebook and I travel the internet from one post to another as well as keeping my eyes open in my everyday world. There is so much inspiration all around us all the time I sometimes get overwhelmed with the number of ideas that pop into my head for quilts! So much fabric and so little time! Thanks!

  104. Am I ready for a giveaway……I most certainly am!!! especially something as bright as SewMama….yes I have followed Aurafil on FB for sometime……thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  105. I follow the blogs of several creative and inspiring quilters, but when I feel that I need to broaden my horizons, I turn to pinterest. Thanks for the chance to win.

  106. I get my inspiration from the bloggers – to many sites to mention. Started with Oh Frannson, which I still love. Thank you for the giveaway.

  107. I love pinterest, and a few of my favorite blogs are In color order, Anka’s Treasures, and Red Pepper Quilts. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  108. I get my inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and reading blogs. I like to find new people to follow by looking at what the people I follow like – I am nosy!!

  109. My inspiration has come from pinterest, FB, pileofabric, maureencracknall handmade, and now I have lots of other blogs like yours!

  110. Thank you! I love Blue Elephant Stitches blog and Ms. McPorkChop to name just two. (But oh my, I subscribe to a lot of blogs.)

  111. I love Material Obsession, Kitchen Table Quilting and Stitched in Color blogs! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway chance!

  112. I follow on facebook but mainly want to use these threads as I follo EVERYTHING Camille recommends. We cant get these threads in Australia(well I have not seen them) yet but I would be the first if we could. Hope overseas followers are in with a chance!!!!!

  113. I don’t like Pinterest, I’m addicted to Pinterest instead. It’s getting serious I have to admit! If only I spent sewing all the time I waste pining the unlimited amount of projects that I won’t have time in a lifetime to complete. But it’s fun and inspirational!

  114. I subscribe to your blog. I also follow other blogs such as Lyric Art, Leah Day, and A Fabric Playground. I get inspiration from websites like The Quilt Show and Facebook.