Name the New Auricolor Contest ( winner announced)

There is a great excitement in introducing eighteen new colors into the Aurifil collection!  With the new colors, we thought it would be fun to have contests to figure out the new names for the yummy new additions!  The first was run on the Aurifil Facebook page.  It was so much fun and there were an amazing amount of entries and fantastic suggestions!

Now it is time for a new contest to name this lovely pink

Meet the new Aurifil color Fairy Floss!

The winning entry was from

Sweet pink
Pale rose
Fairy floss

Congratulations Sue!


Entering the contest is easy!  Suggest as many name as you like! The staff at Aurifil will choose the winner and that lucky person will receive a collection of all eighteen of the new colors!

If the winning entry is a name that is suggested more than once, the one that was entered first will be the winner

This contest is open internationally and will close  February 28, 2014 at 11:00 EST. If you are a no reply blogger please enter your contact information in your comment


  1. 18 new colors ? Wow, I’m excited.

    I’m thinking this new color has a timeless tradition to it, that you could use almost anywhere, so I would name this elegant thread color “CAMEO PINK”. And, I have a perfect project ready to do free-motion quilting with it too! Just wish I could find it in stores now. Hoping to see it soon.


  2. Pixie Princess, Cloud Pink, Angel Pink, Almost Heaven, Satin Pink, Silk Sheets, Dainty, Precious, Bashful, Innocent, Whisper, Oh, Baby!

    Such a pretty pink!

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  3. 11) Fluffy Pink
    12) Barely Pink
    13) First Pink
    14) Fresh Air Pink
    15) Pink Tonic
    16) Sparkly or Sparkling Pink
    17) Cheeky Pink
    18) Happy Pink
    19) Spring Morning Pink
    20) Subtle Pink

  4. Angel wings
    Angel dust
    Touch of angel wings
    Touch of pink
    Sands of Madeira
    Madeira sunset
    Bermuda song
    Sands of Bermuda
    Bermuda Sunrise
    Bermuda sunset
    Barely pink
    Barely there
    Sunrise pink
    Spring pink
    Pink vortex
    Amazing pink
    Forever pink
    Unforgettable pink
    All about pink

  5. Angel Whisper
    Strawberry Creme
    Pink smoothie
    Poodle Pink
    Touch of Pink
    Pink icicle
    Barely there pink
    Butterfly kisses
    Pink clouds

  6. Pinkerbelle – this is based on my father’s putting “abelle” after our names when we were children; thus, I was often (and sometimes still am) Janeabelle. This I then extrapolated to the fact that many words are pronounced with an “a” in Australian speech, but an “er” in American speech. Plus, it’s fits better – in a hopefully not being sued way – with the famous character.

  7. Porcelain Blush
    Porcelain Flush
    Porcelain Glow
    Dainty Blush
    Dainty Pinque
    Luscious Rose
    Porcelain Rose

  8. Snowshine or Snowshine Pink
    This Little Pinky Went to Market (perfect to take to Houston! 😉 )
    Iridescent Bubble
    Sweetest Sigh

  9. Amaryllis, Anemone, Heather, Blushing Clover, Melted Sugar, Pirouette, Gossamer Wings, Cyclamen, Dahlia, Fairy Dust, Pink Frost, Pink Cloud, Rose Quartz, Quartz, Winterbell, Maiden’s Blush, Morning Grace, Apple Blossom, hint of pink, Pinkling

  10. First Blush of Spring
    Ballet Pink
    Pink Sands
    Sandy Pink
    Shell Pink
    Palest Pink
    Peachy Pink
    Bridal Pink
    Hint of Pink
    Barely Pink
    Misty Spring
    Whisper Pink
    Whisper of Pink

  11. “Hey girl” pink
    Veronelli pink
    Bunny ear pink
    Breath of pink
    Baby breath pink
    Mother pink
    Easter pink
    It’s a pink kind of day
    Me and my sisters pink
    Camille pink
    Paris pink
    Oh it’s just a pink kind of day, enjoy it.