Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander ( winner announced)

Clean lines, bright colors and a fresh feel can be felt from everything that Carolyn Friedlander creates.   This young architect turned away from the traditional to find a way to express her inner artist without boundries.

carolyn-friedlander-photo_largeCarolyn grew up in Lake Wales, Florida on a cattle and citrus ranch, where she spent much of her free time immersed in various creative activities such as drawing, painting, and sewing. She pursued a formal design education in college and graduated with a B.A. in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis in 2006. After a stint in the professional architecture world, Carolyn sought a different occupation, one that would allow her to be wildly creative, utilize her design background, and work with her hands. It so happened that later that year, 2009, she learned to quilt. Though she had long known how to sew, quilting was a revelation to her, as it entailed a whole new set of tools, materials, and, most importantly, creative possibilities. She quickly recognized quilting as a new passion and set out to learn everything she could about the craft. In 2010, she founded her business, Carolyn Friedlander LLC.

Carolyn’s custom machine quilting has received recognition at local and national shows. As a young quilter with a design school background, she was drawn to bright and bold fabrics and saw a need for clean, modern patterns. Thus, she began to create her own patterns. In 2011, she diversified her line by developing a line of art quilt stamps that offer makers new creative opportunities for surface design, and her first fabric line with Robert Kaufman debuted in the fall of 2012. Carolyn’s designs have been featured in many magazines, including Stitch, Love Quilting and Patchwork, Generation Q, and American Patchwork and Quilting.

Carolyn’s newest fabric line for Robert Kaufman Fabrics Botanics is filled with a full spectrum of colours to tonals that can be incorporated into any quilting project.



Carolyn’s love of designing also has been used to create quilting patterns and fun, one of a kind paper piecing patterns like local.



Her booth at the International Quilt Market in Houston was filled with her unique designs that truly reflect her origins.

IMG_9398 IMG_9401 carolynfriedlander_botanics_quiltmarket-802x1024

( booth photo courtesy Katie Blakesley from Swim Bike Quilt)

To compliment her free spirit and her personal design style Carolyn’s Aurifil colors were chosen for a few reasons.

“First, many of them are colors that I go through spool after spool of–like the orangey-reds, blues, grays, yellows and creams. Second, I also incorporated colors that match the colors in my Botanics fabric line. When I first started quilting with this line, I already had the perfect reds, creams, blues, and grays, but what I lacked were the right greens and turquoises to match. Since getting my hands on those, sewing has been super easy, and I wanted to include them in the set.

To sort of wrap things up, it’s the perfect set to work with Botanics, as well as a grouping of my favorite Aurifil colors that I use all the time.”


This lovely collection will be offered in two sizes:

The large spool collection is 12, 50wt spools containing 1422 yards each of lushious color!

Colors included in this collection:




The small spool collection has 10 spools of 50wt containing 220yds each

This collection includes:



To celebrate this new addition to the Aurifil family, we will be giving a large spool collection away to one lucky winner! And to make this giveaway even more spectacular, Our friends at Robert Kaufman are adding in a full fat quarter bundle of Botanics!  Thank you Robert Kaufman Fabrics!



To enter for your chance to WIN the Aurifil and Robert Kaufman Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander bundle please answer the question ” What is you favorite color to use in quilts?”

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Three possible entries to win this wonderful prize!  This giveaway will close March 31, 2014 at 11pmEST.  A random winner will be chosen and announced on this post on or about April 2.  If you are a no reply blogger please leave your email  in one of your comment posts so we will be able to contact you.



Thank you so much to everyone for entering the contest!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Timmions who said:

andpins on March 28, 2014 at 8:09 pm said:
I love using gray in my quilts! If I had to pick and actual color, lately it is blue.









    1. I Have changed my color palate over the past couple years and love to add teal or a funky green to add pop to my quilts now. Add I see a couple colors in the new collection that would be perfect for quilting just those colors! Love the new collection.

  1. My favorite color for almost anything is RED, especially the darker shades.. I think red goes with all colors, including those in the giveaway bundle! =)

  2. OMG, I think this is the best prize ever! Her fabrics have quickly become high on my favorites list. And, who wouldn’t love some Aurifil goodness 🙂 I love orange in quilts and blue follows in close 2nd.

  3. I tend to use lots of different colors in my quilts depending on who the quilt is being made for. If I’m making a quilt for myself to enjoy then my favorite go to color would be different shades of Purple. Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful giveaway.

  4. I have to say I love white- does that count as a color? It always makes all the other colors look fresh and clean!

  5. My favorite color is most likely black. If you look at my quilts black is what you find most often. But if I didn’t look, I would have send red. Love red in my quilts which is probably why I use a lot of black. They always wow me together.

  6. I’d be hard-pressed to pick just one colour — I love colour! But lately it’s been turquoise and orange that have been sneaking their way into my heart and stash!

  7. I love orange and blue, so this Botanics range has become a firm favorite already, I hope it stays in production for a long time.

  8. I love to add a bit of yellow in my quilts. I love red quilts for myself. I have followed you on FB for awhile. Thanks for such a great giveaway

  9. I like to use blue, its emotional, evokes a sense of calmness and being a colour I think its makes you feel cold and so youll want to snuggle up under a quilt! I follow on fb and pininterest too!

  10. It may be boring, but I love using grey in my quilts – it sets off other colours and isn’t as harsh a plain white!

  11. My favorite color to use in a quilt is gray – and I love the grays in the Botanics line. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway chance!!

  12. Blue is my favorite – from pale sky blue to deep denim blues. Love the vibrant colors in this thread collection, and beautiful tones in the fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity, I “liked” you on Facebook quite a while ago.

  13. I am most frustrated when asked about a favorite color…..I love all colors as long as they are bright or rich! No pale pastels for this gal! I do love to set off all colors with black! Very striking!

  14. My favorite color to use in quilts is purple – any shade from lavender to deep purple. Thanks for the awesome chance to win this wonderful thread and fabric!

  15. For some reason, I am always drawn to any hue of blue. It is always my ‘go to’ colour. Hence, I have a LOT of quilts with my favourite colour in them 🙂 I have been following of Facebook and Pinterest for quite some time now 🙂

  16. What a beautiful, springtime bouquet! A summer quilt would be wonderful out of the fabric. Love me some Aurifil. I also follow Aurifil on Facebook. (I also love your Lana thread. It is like stitching with butter.)

  17. I do love blues but try not to stick to just blues. Adding other colors can make the blue pop out more and make the quilt/quilted project look stunning. I do have Aurifil liked on facebook and will be following you also on Pinterest. Thanks

  18. Would have to say reds… not sure why except it’s boldness and that I make a lot of school related items and most of them have red as one of their “colors”

  19. I like browns in quilts – neutral yet rich and warm. My house has a lot of wood trim so everything I make with brown in it fits in every room!

  20. I love using blues and grays! And I’m already liking you on Facebook (that’s how I found out about this contest)! Please please please pick me!

  21. Thread and fabric in the same giveaway? Count me in!!!! I always have to include at least some RED in every quilt.

  22. I’m usually doing quilt tops for teens so black is probably my most used color. but I am really wanting to do a grey & teal colored quilt.. maybe soon.

  23. I always seem to end up with blues in my sewing. However, oranges and greens tend to show up a lot too.
    I would love to try the Aurifil threads offered in this collection. I have never used it before but hear so many great things about the thread.

  24. I adore a gorgeous aqua in quilts, but the reality is, I adore the fabrics I am working with at the time….The Instagram photo is amazing and the first thing I saw was a ton of flying geese in a quilt with these colors!!! Didn’t even know about the Pinterest board, but I will now go and follow….Instagram is Yardgrl60

  25. My favorite color to use in a quilt right now is an ocean green-blue. I like the Aurifil page on Facebook and I follow Aurifil on Pinterest

  26. I love using creams to quilt the quilt together, but to sandwich the quilt together I love many colors to quilt with depending on the quilt. Right now I am working with greens golds and pinks for a wall hanging cross for Grace Place which is a street front church for the very poor and homeless.

  27. Pink has been my favorite color lately. From baby quilts to lap quilts it is just so bright and happy. I already like Aufil on FB and love your threads. This would be a wonderful collection as I like to use bright colors. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  28. I find that I use a lot of yellows in my quilts but I love using grays and purples! I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest.. Love Aurifil!

  29. I wish we didn’t have to pick one color, but right now my favorite color would be Oranges, light, dark, and any shade love it. I’m a follower on Aurfil’s Facebook book page and signing up for Pinterest right now!!! I love the fabric and the thread a lot….

  30. I love to use orange on my quilts. It’s very bright and cheery. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize! And I already follow Aurifil on Facebook 🙂

  31. My FAVORITE color to use in my quilts is white! Why white? Because the use of white can change the look of a block with negative space or help to emphasize your other colors! It adds freshness but doesn’t beg for attention. 🙂
    P.s. (I followed your Pinterest board! But sadly I do not have Facebook :/)

  32. I have never used Aurifil thread before. It is not sold in our only fabric place… Wal-Mart. I usually use a cream color in my quilts depending on the quilt. Would love to try the Aurifil.

  33. My favorite color to use in quilts is blue. It is so calming to me and is my second favorite color.(Pink is my first.)

  34. I tend to use lots of blues. All the variations: navy, light blue and even leaning towards teal :). Thanks for the giveaway!! I’m in love with these fabrics

  35. I am now following Aurifil’s Pinterest page. I hadn’t seen it before. Now I know what I’ll be doing with a good part of my evening tonight!

  36. Love to use orange (pumpkin type) in quilts, something about fall colors. Have liked you on FB and in Instagram, will be going onto pinterest next; 🙂 Would love to work with these colors and fabric! Thank you for the chance to win.

  37. 2015 is a great blender as are all the greys. My favorite color of Auriful right now is 5022. I can’t wait to try it. If I won this prize I think you would hear me screaming all the way in Italy.

  38. Blue is the color I always end up with in my quilts! I have Liked Aurifil on Facebook and followed you on Pinterest! So many wonderful ideas! I would LOVE to win this prize!!

  39. I have been enthralled with red and cream this winter! I already liked Aurifil on FB. I followed the pinterest board!

  40. Reds and fall colors – although I never get too much of any color – I love them all! I already follow the Aurifil Facebook page and really appreciate your posts. I will also start following you on Pinterest, and want to follow this designer – I like her work very much!

  41. My favorite color to use in quilts is light blue (reminds me of the ocean). I already follow Aurufill on Facebook and I just followed all the Aurifill Pinterest boards.

  42. I love to put blue in my quilts! Usually country type blues. I have already liked your Facebook page and know that I know you have pinterest boards, I am off to follow those!

  43. My favorite colour is purple! I have already liked Aurifil fb page long ago, and just added the pinterest board. Thank you! 🙂

  44. Favorite color in a quilt? Hmm… I’d have to say pink, red and blue. I use those colors a lot. That said, I use a pretty wide variety because I love rainbow and contrast. I can definitely think of plenty of projects to use this Botanics set of threads for! Thanks for the giveaway chance : )

  45. I don’t have any one colour that overrides the rest .. but having said that.. my collection is VERY girly .. all pinks, and reds, and flowery blues 😐 I’m gonna have to rectify that seeing as I’m pregnant with my second boy lol

  46. The color I seem to use the most of in my quilts is blue. They are different shades and values, but blue is used a lot. Thank you for the chance to win your thread and this great fabric bundle.

  47. Lime green is my favorite color…if I can’t work in a fabric, I try to sneak it in with the thread… 🙂

  48. I love using grey! I have a hard time choosing my favorite-est color of all, but grey always gets in there and complements anything I use!

  49. I am already a follower of Aurifil on Facebook! Since I’m a new quilter, I am using a lot of white so I guess that is my favorite “color.”

  50. My favorite color to use in quilts is green. Green fabric, deeper green FMQ design!!
    I follow aurifill on fb

  51. My favorite color changes from cream to purple to green to orange.
    I already follow Aurifil on Pinterest and like on Facebook.

  52. My favorite colour is purple, but have been thinking about challenging myself to play with blue colours for a change..I have lived Aurifil on Facebook, and am now following on Pinterest..

  53. Grey is my favorite color to use in quilts. It can be elegant and subdued or bold and modern and it pairs well with everything.

  54. I follow on Facebook. I am a beginner quilter and in my class we are doing different blocks in our classes, my predominant color in my blocks is blue. I would love the chance to win this thread.

  55. I like to put in a pop of orange. I think it is an undervalued color! Lol. This is a fabulous new collection, too. I love Aurifil thread! I follow you on facebook and pinterest!

  56. I love a rainbow of colors in rich hues but turquoise is my favorite and I seem to be drawn to this color. I’d love to add some beautiful peach and beige tones to compliment this color.

  57. I love red and like to add a bit for a splash of color, or black where you wouldn’t expect it. I also previously liked Aurifil on Facebook.

  58. Already like the Aurifil facebook page. And Pinterest too.Love orange, especially how it pops, next to turquoise!

  59. Lately my favorite color to use is a variegated brown… I includes oranges red and browns and it matches almost every project I have worked on lately… But I have a project I just started using some of the Botanics fabric line so this box of threads is just what I need!

  60. I would have to say that black is my favorite color to use in quilts. I love working with bright colors and love using black to make the colors pop.

  61. I have to say that fall browns/golds would be my favorite…but in reality, whatever color I am working with is my favorite at any moment 🙂

  62. I love orange tone on tone fabrics… never used to like the color but once I started using it, I found I wanted to keep using it!

  63. My favorite Aurifil color is med. grey # 2605 and I use it almost always for piecing quilts. It is a chameleon and blends with whatever color fabric I am working with. I already like Aurifil on FaceBook.

  64. I love working with many different colors….purple, blue, yellow, grey. I would enjoy working with the beautiful fabric and your thread.
    I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest.

  65. I discovered that red is my favorite color when I noticed a couple of years into my quilting craze that all my quilts had a lot of reds in them

  66. I love working with all kinds of colors, but I usually like to find a way to use yellow or orange in my quilts. Pink finds its way in pretty often too actually. 🙂

  67. I seem to use a lot of green in the quilty projects that I make. Thanks for the chance to win this unbelievable giveaway!!!

  68. I am stuck on blues and teals. Can’t help it, I’m drawn like iron shavings to a magnet! I’ve been following Aurifil on Facebook, but hadn’t known about all the fabulous Pinterest boards! I just got ’em all!

  69. Outside of the neutral black and white fabrics, I love using turquoise – it plays well for warm tones and cool tones and is just so versatile.

  70. I like so many colors. If I look at my stash it appears that bold solids and anything with a simple daisy will win my heart. I am surprised how much bright pink and orange can be found in my fabrics.

  71. My favorite color lately is greys and neutrals. I just love the way botanics uses these crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  72. I love red and just about every quilt I make has some in it. Sometimes bright and sometimes muted but it’s a great color.

  73. I love the blues. I love the aurifil threads and I recommend them all the time. I follow you in Facebook and Pinterest and the pages

  74. My favorite (non) color I like to add to my quilts is black & white prints. They add the lightest and darkest elements to the quilt design and seem to work with anything and everything.

  75. Right now, my favorite Color to quilt with is green. I already liked aurifil on FBI, and I follow aurifil on Pinterest.

  76. My colors change with every quilt. I piece everything with 2021 white, then depending on if I want the quilt or the quilting to shine I choose either a matching or contrasting Aurifil threads. At this time I working with blue for my son’s quilt.

  77. I follow Aurifil on Facebook and I follow all thier pages of Pinterest. Great giveaway, fabulous colors. Thanks for a chance at it.

  78. I love red–all shades from cherry red through to orange-red–and I use it whenever I can. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway.

  79. Grey is my favorite.. I know it’s really a shade and not a color, but It goes with everything! Liked and followed

  80. I love the color black. But it isn’t in all my quilts however white is.

    I like your facebook page. And I will follow the Aurifil pinterest board. I am still relatively new to pinterest and didn’t realize all the cool sewing and quilting boards available. Excited to follow and be inspired!

  81. I follow Aurifil on Facebook and I love this giveaway! I have been wanting to make a quilt in light gray blues and sea colors.

  82. I already like the Aurifil Facebook page. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  83. I’ve liked the Aurifil Facebook page. Blue is my favorite color to use in quilts and decorating. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these beautiful threads and fabric!