Ann Kelle Aurifil and Robert Kaufman Giveaway


You can’t help but smile when you see Ann Kelle designs! They are always so bright and cheerful, whether it is fun geometrics in Remix or friendly animals in Urban Zoologie or all the kids in Girl Friends.

Ann Kelle’s happy colors are now available in Aurifil thread boxes, all carefully coordinated to match her fabric collections. Available in both the large box, including 12 spools (1,422 yds each) of Aurifil 50wt. cotton thread, and the small box, including 10 spools (220 yds. each) of 50 wt. thread.
Heart quilt HiRes_small
So much happiness in one box! But the team at Aurifil doesn’t want to just show you the colors, they want to give them to you. And we want to give you some fabrics to try it out with!


Would you like to win your very own box of Ann Kelle threads from Aurifil PLUS a stack of Remix fat eighths? Here’s your chance, by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Entries accepted until Monday, June 16 at midnight EST. Winner will be announced on or about , June 18.


There are many options to enter this giveaway through Rafflecopter!



  1. Favorite solid?! You’re kidding right? Let’s go with Peridot…or sprout.. Avocado! I’ve used Lime quite a bit. And that’s only the greens. LOL
    rpsandbag at gmail com

  2. thanks for the great giveaway! so bold an beautiful! right now i’m really liking the chartreuse / lime greens i’m working with. not my usual color palette but its surprising me.

  3. I love Ann Kelle’s fabric…my favourite colour usually is red. Could see an amazingly bright baby quilt out of these fabrics in a simple geometric set up….

  4. Bright white, it goes with most and thread color really pops! Thanks so much for offering this fantastic giveaway!!! Yay, I’d love to win.

  5. My favorite color solid is changing every once and a while, but I love pistachio and raspberry pretty consistently!

  6. Aurifil has been my favorite thread since my first spool. I love it for machine quilting. White is so versatile, it’s got to be my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway. Maybe I will have a new favorite colour soon.

  7. My very favorite solid color today is red. P.S. I love all the bright colors in this collection and I am drooling over the thread collections.

  8. You know how hard this question is, right? If we are judging by how much I use, my favorite is either white, natural, grey, or denim. But the ones that make my heart sing? Well, they are brighter, but I can’t even decide because it’s all about the combinations. Never ask a woman with a fabric stash (not to mention the thread) the size of mine to pick a favorite. You won’t get a short answer! 😉

  9. Thi is a very difficult question, it actually depends on time of day mood weather if I am hungry if there is chocolate in the house…..any # of things could effect this answer. Hot pink!

  10. my favorite color is purple, but right now I’m in blue-ish green phase but who knows with me that could change in a drop of a hat

  11. It’s hard for me to pick – All colors are beautiful! I especially love red I guess as my first choice 🙂 Thanks!

  12. My favorite color is teal. But my most used color is black. I just love the way solid black makes bright colors pop! Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Purple – deep, rich, purple (Aurifil 2582 – Dark Violet). Or true orange (Aurifil 1133 Tangerine/Bright Orange). Or fuschia (Aurifil 4020 – Flamingo/Fuschia). Man, this is hard! Thanks for the opportunity. notwendy at gmail dot com

  14. My favorite solid is cream. Love the fabrics in this giveaway. Someone is certainly going to be happy and I hope it’s ME!!!!

  15. Oh wow, I love all the colours of the rainbow, it seems mean to pick my favourite! But I suppose bright white solid is what I use most to highlight those nice, bright colours :o)

  16. Beautiful, beautiful fabrics and threads- who WOULDN’T be absolutely thrilled to win these? My favorite color solid is aqua, leaning toward the turquoise range, followed closely by a crisp, clean white. Thanks!

  17. My favorite solid color has been orange for several years. Now I am liking grey. Orange and grey together, Yum! Thank you for the chance to win. Take care and God bless, Cory.

  18. Green. I use lots of colors, and love them all, but green or some form of green is in nearly everyone of my quilts.

  19. Shades of purple are my favorite. Would love to win as I am just starting out and need to get a stash on threads. Thank you for this opportunity.

  20. I love turquoise/teal… and I would love to win my very own box of Ann Kelle threads from Aurifil PLUS a stack of Remix fat eighths. 🙂

  21. I love all of the vibrant colours but it has to be the teal as my favourite. The others are all so fabulous.

  22. My personal favorite colors are the rich and regal purples. I find myself using quite a bit of bold and bright teal in my quilts lately though and that too is a beautiful color. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. Aurifil is the only thread I use. I love how nicely my machine runs with it and how beautiful my quilts look. 😊

  23. My favorite solid color is red. Thank you for the contest but please don’t make everything so dependant on facebook and social media. Some of us do not have time to use it.

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  25. Love the colors and what could be more perfect my favorite thread and fabric. Favorite color right now is all of them together.

  26. I’m into teals and turquoises. Never have the right color of either. But love them. So am trying to build my stash with different hues.

  27. I am BLUE! Yes I’m blue! My favorite solid is blues, light blue, dark blue, green blue. aqua blue – ………..
    Awesome giftaway! Love those colors!

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