Pat Sloan One for Me One for You and Aurifil!

Pat Sloan is such an #Aurigirl she should be speaking Italian!  Dynamic and passionate about quilting, this star of the quilting world has written 30 books, designed hundreds of quits, many of which are still in her care ( her shipping department and husband Gregg has confirmed this as being true), has created fun and fabulous fabrics for Moda Fabrics and still has time to travel to lecture, teach and has a live radio show on Creative Talk Network.  Any other human would be exhausted at all of this activity but not Pat, she also runs her active blog, has a hugely successful and lively Facebook page and, of course, is the Coordinator for the Aurifil Designer Block of the Month!

pat sloan and aurifil giveaway button 2

It is safe to say that Pat Sloan really loves quilting!

Pat Sloan press shot

Pat’s  newest Aurifil collection The Perfect Box of Neutrals contains a lovely array of colors in the most popular 50wt that will give you delightfully flat seams and quilting that melts into your fabric.

Pat Sloan Perfect Neutrals3


This Aurifil collection compliments Pat’s wonderful new fabric line One for Me One for You for Moda as shown in this fantastic new pattern Stargazer.

pat sloan star gazer full quilt 3


Always ready for a fun quilt adventure Pat was spotted with Alex only a few days ago at Kelly Ann’s Quilting to hear his enlightening lecture about the fantastic production and quality of Aurifil thread!


If you would like a chance to be one of the first to get your hands on this incredible Aurifil thread collection, a layer cake of One of Me One for You and Pat’s pattern “Let’s Go Sew” you can enter with many chances to win through Rafflecopter. This giveaway is open internationally!

To enter please visit:



  1. I tried to enter the competition, but when I clicked on the link for the rafflecopter I got a message saying “the website could not be found”.

  2. I’ve never had the chance to try it, but after seeing the lovely quilts made with it, I can’t wait!

  3. I use 2370 for my neutral. Your colors are beautiful love your new fabric would love to give it a try.

  4. I love Aurifil. 2312 is my favorite neutral but I’d love to try some of the ones in this collection!

  5. My favorite neutral is natural white. I want to try dove, though. I’ve heard a lot of people say it blends in nicely for quilting.

  6. I love using Aurifil neutrals when I quilt. The thread is so smooth to work with and blends really well. Thanks sew much for this chance to win. 🙂

  7. I have never used this thread but have been hearing really good things about it and am anxious to try it.

  8. Love the Aurifil thread, just recently tried it and fell in love with how it quilts.
    2024 is my favorite so far!

  9. I am still trying to make the decision to become an Aurifil user or not. 25 years of quilting…and I have habits. :-p

  10. I don’t know the number or color name, but I use Aurifil 50 and usually pick a light beige, light grey or white depending on the project.

  11. My favorite neutral is 1147 green, and sadly my spool is nearly gone. Awesome give away. I so want to make “let’s go sew”
    I think Pat runs on duracell batteries 🙂

  12. I use 2311 and related shades most for FMQ. In fact, I only use Aurifil for FMQ! Lovely thread…would love to win the box of threads.

  13. I absolutely love Aurifil Thread! I have only used white, black, and ecru, but I would love to try the Dove grey that everyone is talking about. Local quilt shops don’t carry it here, so I try to buy from vendors, when I go to the larger quilt shows.

  14. Have heard sooooo much about Aurifil thread…but sorry to say…have never used..yet! lol Am relatively new to quilty stuff tho…is my only “excuse” for not trying before tho… Would love to win!! 🙂

  15. I have a large cone of Aurifil light grey and use it for all of my piecing so it takes the fave slot. I love 40 wt Aurifil for quilting and have a wide variety of colours….sometimes I like to just gaze at the colours :0)

  16. My favorite neutral is ecru. Thanks for the chance! Today is my birthday – what a nice present this would be!

  17. My favorite neutral will be a grey, I hope…I’ve been wanting to try Aurifil and placed an order with Hancock’s of Paducah for several spools but it’s been on back-order for 3 1/2 weeks now. Very frustrating!!

    1. So excited…just got an email that let me know 3 out of 4 of my spools are on their way! Can’t wait to try this thread. 🙂

  18. I use Aurifil for all my piecing and quilting. It would be hard to pick a favorite. My Bernina will only fmq with Aurifil

  19. LOVE Aurifil thread! I actually get upset when I cannot find the thread when I go to a large quilt show where there are vendors!!

  20. I love Aurifil for my piecing, wish someone in town sold it. Have to travel to get it. I use an off white, or a light beige, or a pale gray for nearly all my piecing.

  21. I use 50 wt Aurifil white all the time. It is on my machine now from making baby bibs last night. I do have darker colors and use them occasionally, but white is my go-to Aurifil thread!

  22. I go through a ton of 2021 and 2600, depends on the project. I’d love to get a chance to experiment with some other neutrals, and I love Pat!

  23. I’m only starting to collect Aurifil threads – so right now I don’t have a favorite! I’m too afraid to use it up – something like buying fat-quarters 😉

  24. I have many colors of Aurifil that I use for hand applique……not sure that I have any neutrals in my stash yet – it would be so great to win this prize 🙂

  25. I alternate between a light beige and light gray. I also discovered the pure white for filling my bobbins… it is awesome! I wish they would make the bobbin thread in a gray and a beige.

  26. Pat Sloan is my quilting hero! Just wish I could get as much accomplished that she does… Aurifil is the BEST thread ever!

  27. I use 2625 (gray) though I like all the neutrals. I would truly love to win this marvelous package of goodies. Thank you for the chance.

  28. What a super giveaway! I haven’t tried Aurifil yet.. There are so many colors, I have a hard time choosing!

  29. Aurifil 50 wt white #2024 is what have now and use for piecing. Want more. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  30. I love my spool of white Aurofil that I use for all of my piecing (only one I have). I would love to have a light gray and light tan to use as neutrals for some of my upcoming projects. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  31. Wow, what a fantabulous giveaway! I love Pat Sloan and all that she shares. Her fabric is to die for and the pattern is one that I would buy, but free is better. 😉 Of course the icing on the cake is the Aurifil thread! I just bought six big spools of neutral but the more the merrier I am!! Thank you for the chance to win this group of lovelies.

  32. I just recently found Aurifil in my town and bought a white 50wt but have not tried it yet. So hoping to win this giveaway! Thanks.

  33. Off white is the most used. I find it pretty much can “go” with any light to medium color. The darks, I just used black or brown! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I use Aurifil 2110 because it blends so well with Fig Tree Quilts fabric. But I also have Aurifil 2692 needed for a recent graduation quilt. The comments about precise stitching are true. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  35. My most used so far is black. Really could use a neutral pack as I’ve just started using Aurifil thread I have a whole 4 spools.

  36. I haven’t worked much with the neutrals -but won a mixed set of the variegated during the naming contest – and LOVE LOVE LOVE them !!! No one local carries Aurifil, so getting ready to place an order, and some neutrals will be high on the list – probably greys.

  37. I use # 2024 White the most. I truly want to get more adventurous! So many beautiful colors, I need to come out of my shell and open up my quilting horizons! 🙂 Hoping I win!

  38. Love Aurifil and Pat 🙂
    My fave color to piece with is beige, but use black, white and others when I use the blanket stitch.

  39. every time i sew i find a new reason to love aurifil thread. I love the colors and the strength of the thread. My favorite neutral is probably not a neutral but that’s how i use it…it’s a steel grey with a hint of blue. don’t know the name of the color but i lvoe it.

  40. Sadly, I haven’t tried Aurifil thread yet but I really want to. I am a new quilter and haven’t had the opportunity yet. My favorite neutrals are beige and light grey.

  41. I haven’t used that thread before but would love to try it. I am getting ready for sewing really soon. I have a small area to sew in as I share a room in our home with my husband so space it a bit of a problem. But I can always find room to put things. If I keep on gathering this up for sewing I might just boot him out, lol. Good luck to everyone.

  42. I use a 5o wt. neutral color for sewing my quilts. I love Aurifil thread!! Thank you for such a wonderful give away!!!

  43. My quilting has changed over the years. I used to used lots of dark taupe for piecing the reproductions, or the steel grey, now I prefer lighter shade like antique white, not sure of the number. I have several just a couple numbers off of each other.
    I love Aurifil Thread!!

  44. I do not have ONE favorite color of Aurifil thread! My favorite of the moment depends on what color fabric I’m sewing together (so it blends) or, what I’m trying to accent by quilting. Mostly though, I use off-white, tan, gray, aqua & red.

  45. I buy this wonderful thread on large cones. 2021 is probably my most used. I would be fun to win this giveaway – thanks Aurifil!

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  47. I Hope to use Aurifil thread some day the color I use a lot is grey as it tends to blend with nearly every color!!

  48. What a great giveaway! So far my favourite colours are beige or grey – depending on what I am sewing – although they all seam to blend really well!

  49. I need to win some! I’ve never tried aurifil thread, too exspensive and hard to find in Australia, so the neutral box would be a perfect start!

  50. I have not yet sewn with Aurifill Thread, but won a set of 12 small spools in the most recent Bloggers Quilt Festival–which I am anxious to receive! I would love to have a large spool of Biscotti-Variegated, # 4666, and Pat’s Neutrals are just about PERFECT! Thanks for another chance to win some beautiful thread.

  51. Just bought my first Aurifil thread this week! I’m loving using light grey – it goes with everything!

  52. I have only tried Aurifil in white so far so I don’t have a real favourite. There is only one stockist I have found in my town and they don’t stock many colours unfortunately as I’d love to see more in person before I buy.

  53. I love 2021 – thanks so much for the chance ! Pat is such an inspiration in the quilting world and I just love listening to her radio show – I am in awe of her time management skills too !

  54. I started quilting a year ago and when I discovered Pat’s blog it became one of my favorite. Her scrap buster patterns have helped me keep my stash tamed! Keep up the awesome work Pat!

  55. I’ve never been able to afford to buy Aurafil, but would love to sew much! I love Pat, and would love a chance to use all three of these lovely prizes.

  56. I use white the most. It blends so well with many shades.
    On the rafflecopter, all the facebook entries are linked to moda.

  57. Favorite Aurifil neutral = Chalk 2026. It’s great for piecing just about anything light to medium. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  58. I haven’t had the chance to try Aurifil yet, but would love the opportunity to do so! I do most of my fabric shopping in brick and mortar stores, and haven’t found it, So thanks for the chance to win. My most used neutral would be white.

  59. There is an error in your Rafflecopter options. When you ask for Aurifil likes on FB, it takes you to United Notions/Moda. Likewise when you ask for Moda likes, another trip to Moda. No likes possible for Aurifil, but I like them anyway.

  60. I love Aurifil thread, and have been using a neutral green (2370) for most of my basic piecing, and a very light gray. Love Pat’s new fabric too, and follow along on her Blog and Facebook. There is a lot of inspiration shared daily.

  61. Just getting to know Aurifil! I have been using it for piecing, and have a little bit waiting in the wings to be used for quilting. I thoroughly enjoyed Alex’s presentation at Country Traditions, Fremont NE back in June 🙂

  62. I use a lot of the colors, but 2600 gray is my go-to. I absolutely love the 50 weight for machine quilting.

  63. Hi Pat and Alex, Now you are both really looking like you are having so much fun. I love the pattern and Aurifil Threads. My favourite neutral is cream 2311, but I would to try the others as well. Plus getting some fabric to use and my favourite pattern is an added bonus and will make my quilter’s heart sing. The for the opportunity quilter julie for Adelaide South Australia.

    1. oops, didn’t see that I need to comment about a color! I have actually used the most of #2735 – a bright blue. I’ve made a couple baby boy quilts lately!

  64. Not sure about the names but I love #2000 for lighter fabrics and #2615 for when I have more colorful fabrics.

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  66. I don’t have a most used Aurifil color because I’ve never owned a spool of it! I hope that’s about to change though!

  67. I’ve never used this thread before but after reading about it and seeing all the glowing recommendations for it, I think it’s time to give it a try. Here’s hoping I win some. Thanks.

  68. Love Aurifil, use it on my Featherweight & Janome machines, it lasts so much longer especially on the bobbins.

  69. My favorite neutral is … just one? Hard to pick- light or dark? OK, light. 2000 but 2600 is a close second.

  70. Just bought my first spool of Aurifil, it’s a beautiful blue for my son’s TARDIS quilt and it is sewing like a dream. I will buy a neutral next, most likely white or cream!

  71. I’ve never used Aurifil but have heard great things about it. I would love to win your giveaway.

  72. Love, love, love Aurifil 100% Cotton Mako Thread MK50-2600 Dove AND Pat Sloan! ☺ Thanks a bunch for the chance to win your awesome giveaway!

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  73. My favorite Aurifil neutral is 2310. Recently, Kimberly Jolly recommended 2000, which I just purchased, but haven’t tried yet. Would love to win! Love, love the new pattern!

  74. Love the new fabric line, especially the blue coneflowers!! Can’t wait for it to arrive August!

  75. Would look great in my stash and I could share with my daughter that is learning to sew and hopefully will love to quilt like I do eventually!

  76. I have never tried Aurifil Thread yet. Hope I can win this fabulous giveaway, so that I can try it. Thank you for having this great giveaway.

  77. I don’t use asnything but beiges and light grey for piecing (my fave!) and they have never failed to please me.

  78. For hand quilting I use 8088 for all my primitive projects.
    The color blends with all of the other colors and gives the piece a wonderful hand sewn look, it is my favorite shade.


  79. I use the light gray/grey 2600 I believe is the number. It is my go to thread for sewing as it blends with most everything and looks beautiful when when quilted on most colors. Thank you for the chance to win.

  80. Such a wonderful giveaway! Love, love, love Aurifil thread!!!!! Thanks for a chance….or two!
    bevwalks at aol dot com

  81. A grey would be my most used neutral — but don’t know the Aurifil number as I haven’t used this thread yet. Would love to win to get to try it. 🙂

  82. I am new to quilting and would love to try this brand. I see that most post are in favor of it and use it often. I love all colors regardless, they can always blend in with another and come out beautiful. Enjoy your Quilting site very much and have learned a lot so far. As soon as I am back on my from neck surgery happening tomorrow I will be back on and then quilting. Blessings

  83. Wonderful giveaway, thank you! I like to use 2310 light beige when I piece. Good luck to everyone, this is one to watch.

  84. You are lookin good girl !! and so is the selection of threads in your group. I use more #2310 than anything else. A safe cream.

  85. My favourite neutral is white, but I also use a lot of light grey. I use Aurifill for all of my piecing now. It’s great, although hard to find in Perth, Australia.

  86. i do all my piecing with a grey…….can’t remember the number but think feb sky………..yuck!!
    the grey just blends with everything!

  87. light gray is my go to thread, but they collection of thread and colors are beautiful, you can always find a match

  88. I have not yet tried Aurifil; but have heard so much positive about it. Winning this giveaway would give me the perfect opportunity! Always use cream as my neutral thread when piecing.

  89. I love Aurifil thread, works so well for my quilts. I also enjoy Pat Sloan’s fabric, always so cheerful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. ok, I have never tried Aurifil. It’s on my wish list, I have heard nothing but raves about it.

    just in case: m3reyna at gmail dot com

  91. I could use these neutral threads for my first quilt. I have never tried the Aurifil but I would love to try it.

  92. what a great giveaway. I haven’t been lucky enough to to be able to try Aurifil thread. I would so love this

  93. Pat is the one who inspired me to try Aurifil thread and I am now converted! I love the thread. Pat is so energetic and she inspires me to quilt, I wish there were enough hours in a day for all the lovely fabrics and patterns she designs, I would love to make them all. She is an amazing woman!

  94. i havent tried the aurifil collection, because it doesnt come to Greece, However, if i could use it, i would probably go for a cream or tan colour. thank you for the giveaway!!!

  95. I think i use 2021 the most, but discovering Aurifil has changed my quilty world! It is just the most superior thread i have ever used!

  96. As a new quilter I am excited about the give away, and know that Aurfil thread will be my number one used, thinking 2024 will become my most used Aurifil neutral. Have so many patterns and fabrics I want to work with, picking one color would be difficult.

  97. I’ve been accumulating lots of Aurifil lately–the 50 wt is perfect for piecing–love the neutrals, usually use an ecru, but there are so many other wonderful colors too! Great giveaway–thanks!

  98. I would love to win! Aurifil is my favorite thread to piece with, and I’ve been slowly increasing my color selection.

  99. Aurafil is my favorite – and light grey is my go-to thread for piecing! It would be wonderful to win!!

  100. I’m sorry, I don’t know the color I have, it was a gift and I cant find a number on it. But its a pale tan color and I love it.

  101. My 82-year old mom just got her first featherweight for Mother’s Day. I’d love to make this for her for her birthday!

  102. I would LOVE This! I’ve only used the 20wt and have been very curious about this line. I wasn’t going to enter because I NEVER win anything, but that ‘Last Chance’ post on Facebook got me, lol.

  103. I have never used Aurifil before, but I guess it would be white, because that is the color I most use. I stick mostly to neutrals, so I’d LOVE to win this!

  104. Haven’t tried Aurifil yet maybe I will one day but so far I attempt to blend my quilting thread with a lighter shade or matching shade of my fabric. I like to piece my work with white or cream

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