Aurifil and Robert Kaufman Fabrics Kona Cotton 30th Anniversary Giveaway!

Robert Kaufman Fabrics Kona Cotton is celebrating its 30th anniversary , and we are over-the-moon excited about it!  They are ALSO thrilled about their 32 new Kona colors,  released just last month. They are going a little Kona-crazy and it’s becoming very difficult for them to contain their excitement, so they have decided to stop trying!

There’s so much to celebrate and we want you to join us in our celebration!

How are we celebrating, you ask? Why, with a giveaway of course!

Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Aurifil have joined together to create a giveaway so colorful your imagination will run WILD (or explode). Oh, the possibilities!


Enter to win a Fat Quarter Bundle of ALL 32 new Kona colors, as well as a 30-pack of 50wt Aurifil thread, color matched to 30 of new Kona solids. The giveaway runs from today (the 15th) until Sunday the 21st at 9PM PST. This giveaway is open internationally!

There are many opportunities for you to enter for your chance to win via Rafflecopter!

To enter please visit


  1. I love Robert Kaufman Kona, especially the black, snow and Chinese red, which I always keep on hand. I only have one Aurifil thread and would love to have more. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. This is such a fantastic giveaway. Congratulations to you. So many bright and gorgeous colors. I love blue on blue. Thank you for the awesome chance to become your winner.Gotta love Aurifil.

    Sandi Timmons

  3. My favorite combo – lately I’ve been drawn to Peach and Navy – in all combinations. And yes this giveaway is drool worthy!

  4. WOW! What an amazing and generous giveaway!! I n-e-e-e-e-d solids and I n-e-e-e-e-d Aurifill! I have lots of favorite colors. In fact, every color in this bundle and thread set is my favorite! I use a lot of Kona Snow and Black, but my favorite colors depend on the season. Heading full force into Christmas sewing, my favorites are reds (more toward the darker reds than the brighter or lighter reds) and golds, and of course the Aurifill threads to match. If I knew where to find the names of the colors of the fabrics and the treads, I would be happy be much more specific.

  5. I love white aurfil thread as it is what I use most and couldn’t live without it. There are too many colors I love to pick just one fabric color!

  6. Thank you both for offering this giveaway Two classic stand-out brands teaming up… awesome!!!! Beautiful solids, beautiful threads, what more could a sewist want???

  7. I love Corsage with 2452 and Geranium with 2450. This is a wonderful prize, and i love Kona and Aurifil. Seriously, my jaw dropped when I saw the photo!

  8. That watermelon shade is pretty scrumptious, but those greens are awesome. I can see one of the variegated green threads like in Tula Pink collections creating some loveliness. This giveaway is off the chart awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I make colorful baby quilts for friends and family. Lately, the child’s name is appliquéd and satin stitched on the top border. The addition of this wonderful collection of fabrics and threads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful prize.

  10. Really,you are asking me to pick one…..I love them all…and with the thread to contrast, which I love doing or just to match, which I do not do much of….the fabrics shine……Thank you for a great giveaway……..

  11. My favorite Kona colors are eggshell, champagne,pond and azure. I use Aurifil cream the most but just picked up a 5 pack that has the most amazing colors of red, orange,green, gold and a wonderful variegated blue that I’m going to have to get more of. Thanks for the chance at this fantastic prize!

  12. I love all the colors and it’s hard to choose when you can’t see them in person but I use a lot of Kona 1308 Red with Aurifil Red 2250. This is a wonderful giveaway.

  13. Kona cotton in Champagne, because it coordinates with almost anything, and…. do I have to pick just one?? I love so many of the colours!!

  14. What a fantastic giveaway! I love the new Kona solids and aurifil! I don’t have a favorite combo, but I use white thread the most. I did just order an assorted pack of thread though, so when that comes I’ll have to see what I like the best! I love the shades of gray that Kona has come out with as well as peach. Maybe I should find some peach thread and use it on a gray fabric! =) Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Absolutely all of them! I love Kona and use it a lot and am now using Aurifil whenever I can, I have a large candy jar full and I love to look it it too!

  16. What a wonderful giveaway, thank you so much for the chance to win! I love Kona solids, and Aurifil thread! The new colors are beautiful, and the threads to match gorgeous – so all I can say is pick me, pick me! 🙂

  17. Oh what timing! I’m trying to make a colorful border for a colorful Mariner’s Compass quilt I’m close to finishing. Those colors would look beautiful in the border! Thank you for the chance to win them!!

  18. Wow!! I would love to win this! Gorgeous colors and thread to match..perfect!! Thank you for the opportunity at this giveaway!

  19. Love Kona and Aurifil! A pretty combination I like is Kona Red with Aurifil Yellow #2135 stitching. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  20. My current favourite is Aurifil 2460 and Kona Parchment. My all-time favourite is as many Aurifil colours as possible on Kona White. This combo makes a stunning whole cloth quilt. Happy Anniversary!

  21. My favorite Aurifil thread are box sets. Caryoln Friedlander is my fav right and Kona solids to coordinate to make my Architextures fabric into many projects.

  22. My favorite combinations vary depending on my mood and the season, but I’ve found that, as in Nature, all the colors go together beautifully!

  23. I use Kona snow alllll the time. I’ve only just started using Aurifil so I’ve only tried the neutral colors, white, tan, grey and black. I’d LOVE to try some of the beautiful colors. I think a purple on grey would be beautiful.

  24. I like Kona Green and Aurifil pink together. Thanks for this awesome giveaway Robert Kaufman Fabrics, and happy happy 30th anniversary.

  25. I have not used Aurifil thread, but I love all of the Kona solids and the way they seem to all match with each other no matter which colors are paired.

  26. There are so many beautiful colors they all look great together! I personally love Kona Red with Aurifil Snow White or Kona White with Aurifil Red. This is a wonderful giveaway and being new to quilting this would be an exceptional prize to win. 🙂

  27. Congrats!!!! I love the rich colours of the Kona solids and I always choose a neutral thread to sew everything!! Thanks for the chance!!

  28. My favorite Kona colors are Iron and Snow. I always have many yards of them in my stash. Aurifil is my go-to thread for piecing and FMQ. My machine loves it!

  29. Would love to have the chance to try aurifil thread. Would love to win and create something beautiful. I am addicted to the patterns on Robert Kaufmans site. Waiting for the “Treasure Trove” pattern to become available. Thanks. You guys Rock!!

  30. I love dove grey in Kona but recently I bought a gorgeous vintage looking teal. I am excited to try it out! Love Aurifil threads! I have many favorites but really want to try out Fig Tree’s set! Those colors are wonderful!

  31. I don’t remember the names, but I just did a beautiful stitchout on tangerine Kona with Golden Yellow aurifil. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  32. Any Kona cotton paired with Aurifil thread would be a good combination! Right now I’m loving gray with aqua or yellow. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  33. incredaibly difficult to choose….. I would say I love all of them (all the aurifil and all the kona cottons). my passepartout though is definitely Kona Black and Aurifil 4241 (black)

  34. I am partial to the Salmon or Watermelon colors of fabric. As for the thread, any of the soft colors will do. Love the colors showing for the contest. Soothing eye candy!

  35. I love the bright rose colors and the blues! Can’t get enough of those colors. Then you have got to throw in some greens and yellows and oranges…just want all of them to caress and dream on, then we’ll get down to the cutting and sewing some fabulous baby quilts for 4 little granddaughters.

  36. Love the grey krona cotton and my favorite Aurifil thread, now that is really hard but I guess any of your purple shades would be my choice or a deep red yum.

  37. It’s impossible to pick one combination. It must be a trick question! ALL of the threads and fabrics are beautiful and I would love to win.

  38. My favorite Kona color is “Snow” (I use it the most!) but I also love and use many others! So versatile! I have used the more neutral Aurifil thread colors currently (like Natural White or Lt Grey) because I use it for piecing but would love to try some of the other colors for embroidery/applique! Favorite Aurifil is currently Natural White.

  39. Wow! Super cool! Love the solids! Hard to pick my fav…maybe the greys. Auriful is the best thread. I have a number of spools but always need more.

  40. My Miss about to turn 9 next week thinks this would be an awesome birthday gift next week! What an amazing giveaway, thank you for the opportunity to win.

  41. I am making a Tardis quilt for my son and using Kona white and two different blues and my very first spool of Aurofil thread. It is also a wonderful blue. I’ve never had thread go so smoothly through my machine.

  42. Am pretty new to all the Quilting things…but have used Kona Pewter, and havewn’t used Aurifil thread before. The Kona colors are alllll Awesome tho…and think the sets the Aurifil comes in is such a cool idea! Both are on my Wish List too 🙂

  43. I am fairly new to the quilting world. So far I have only used Auriful thread in white. I would love a chance to try other colors. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  44. I am fairly new to the quilting world. So far I have only used Aurifil thread in white. I would love a chance to try other colors. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  45. I use the very light grey and off white all the time to piece. No other thread compares. It is so hard to choose one favorite of Robert Kaufman as there are so many choices. The quality is sublime.

  46. I have not had the change to use any Auifil thread yet but I plan too! All of the new fabrics from Robert and Kona! It’s so hard to choose a favorite!

  47. What yummy, yummy colors! You sure chose some that are on my “have to have” list! Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! Quite an accomplishment!

  48. Love the new colours, Limestone or Cobblestone in Kona are my choice, because choosing just one is too hard. Having all 18 new Aurifil threads I can see that some of the new greys named or not named yet will beautifully with this fabric.

  49. Totally COOL! Love the colors and would love to win threads and fabric bundles. What a great quilt that would make. Thanks!

  50. There isn’t a color I don’t like. It’s like asking you which one of your children should you abandon. Don’t make me choose!!! I can’t do it.

  51. My favorite combination is Aurifil 4663 paired with Kona Bahama Blue as the Aurifil is variegated the stitching on the fabric is lovely.

  52. Kona grey and aqua Aurifil sound like an awesome combination! I’ve yet to try the aurifil thread. Maybe this will be my chance! Thank you for all the beautiful Kona fabrics!

  53. I’m writing this is the bath so don’t have the exact names but I had great results with a teal kona quilted (by machine) with a variegated baby blue in 12wt cotton. It gave a beautiful result which I turned into a tote for my daughters friend x

  54. Those blues. I must have the blue ones. All the blue ones. 😀 Are you feeling my theme here? I would love to have all of these and I know just what I’d do with them too!

  55. I have a variegated aurifil: Limon di Monterosso (4658) that I have almost used up – I especially liked it on a warm gray backing that I used, something like the new Limestone Taupe Kona.

  56. Cherry Pink/Hot Pink/ Cerise whatever you call it that deep delicious passionate colour just says YES to me! Paired with a medium gray or an ink navy thread? YUMMMM!

  57. How do you pick one color combination from 32/30 choices. Having said that, kind of love bright green, citrus green with turquoise/aqua/peacock. But seriously, how could you go wrong with color?color?color? Yum! Pick me! Please!

  58. One color? Laughing, with autumn so close, it would have to be a riot of autumn colors, like a mountainside. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. Those are some gorgeous fat quarters and spools of thread….thank you for the chance to win! I have been wanting to make an all-solid quilt and the new Kona colors would be amazing.

  60. I’m drooling over this awesome giveaway! I love all the colors! I would love to mix and match all of these on a quilt! 🙂 Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win this. 😉

  61. Just Adore that Aurifil thread! Can’t wait to go to Italy to meet Alex in person and tour the company! One of these days……

  62. Thank you for this great giveaway. The colours are awesome. There are so many things I could do with these beautiful gabrics and threads.

  63. *SIGH* Solids and Aurifil (colors) are the few things lacking in my stash, I usually stick with neutrals. This would be a great way to expand! HINT HINT! Thanks for the opportunity.

  64. this will keep me dreaming in color! immersed in it! What a terrific collections and I love that I can always find Kona solids to use with my projects … and Aurifil thread (my Pfaff machine would love to put in a plug for Aurifil!)

  65. What a great giveaway!! I just finished an I Spy quilt, using Kona Lipstick Red for the sashing. Beautiful! And I buy Kona Black and White by the bolt. I piece exclusively with Aurifil; 2312 and 5021 (Ermine and Light Gray) are my favorites!

  66. I have a bolt of Kona Snow that I just love and use exclusively Aurifil thread. My fav thread color is any tone of neutral grey that sinks into the fabric.

  67. FANTASTIC!! What a great selection of colors..the possible combinations are wonderfulto consider. Thanks for the chance to win, Robert Kaufman and Aurifil.

  68. I don’t have color numbers but my favorite color combo is Tangerine orange fabric with Neon Green Thread. So bright and fun. Thank you for this chance to win. Take care and God bless, Cory

  69. Too hard to pick a favorite combo … I love all the colors of both Aurifil thread and Kona cotton! Probably most used is 2600 and Kona cotton Silver or Ash.

  70. I love all RK Konas, but school bus is my top fav. I love it paired with any Aurifil of the Caribbean Dreams bundle. Thank you for this great chance!

  71. Apart from a couple of bindings I’ve only used white kona, and I’ve never used Aurifil. I usually go for a white or cream thread, though because it goes with everything.

  72. Bleach white and 2610 are my go to combos (I like to combine the whites with brights), but I love everything. And thanks for the super fabulous giveaway. I’d be over the moon if I won. Love Aurifil and Kona!

  73. My go to Kona & Aurifil combination is Kona Snow & Aurifil 2024. I also love Kona Medium Grey & Aurifil 2605. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  74. Would love to actually see these fabrics and threads in real life. We just don’t have them available in Australia brick and mortar shops

  75. I love all Kona fabrics, always have black and snow on hand. Aurifil thread is the best, love all the colors. I don’t have a favorite combo yet, as I am fairly new to quilting and using this fabric and thread. Love that you are having this giveaway, and would be thrilled to win it!!

  76. I love all the greens, but I’ve been using a lot of Olive recently. I love the light grey Aurifil. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  77. There is something about a quilt made from solids that just reaches out to grab me. My 1st quilt was all brights for a baby with bright variegated thread.

  78. My favourite Kona solid is Malibu blue & my favourite Aurifil thread is N°2810, Turquoise. Thanks for the opportunity to win a fabulous combination! 🙂

  79. OMG I’ve never seen such an awesome giveaway! Those colors are to die for – drooling big time!! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  80. I just love all the colors so much. I’m not sure I could choose. I really love raspberry with Apple green and turquoise is pretty awesome too.

  81. I love all the solids. One of my very favorites is the Regal Blue. I can’t tell you the matching thread as the color links on Aurfil’s site do not work. It really would depend on what I was making and how I decide I would want to quilt it, what color I would choose. I might go with a varigated blue or a matching blue.

  82. I love the variegated graphite from Aurifil. I just finished using it with Kona Pepper which has to be the my fav combo so far!! Can’t really go wrong with either though. Kona Snow is a staple and I use Chalk Aurifil often! Cheers for the amazing chance 🙂

  83. Love it all! It is so beautiful to look at all together. I am partial to blues, so I will say that at least for today, I’m loving the bright aqua fabric and thread. We’ll see what I’m loving tomorrow!

  84. Thank you Aurifil and Robert Kaufman for this wonderful giveaway! I am enamored with all go the newly introduced Kona colors and especially love the new blues that were added. The range of blues that are now available is incredible and the Aurifil thread complements it whether you’re using it with silver, white, variegated or matchie-match.

  85. I buy white, black and Snow Kona Cotton by the bolt. I love pink thread on any color Kona cotton. Pink is an amazing thread color because it can be the star to the understudy.

  86. Kona Silver with Aurifil 5006 are quite pretty. Thank you for this fabulous giveaway – someone (maybe even me!?!?!) is going to be VERY happy!

  87. I have yet to use the aurifill thread, certainly winning this would give me a chance to finally usee this great thread I have always heard about. My favorite color from kona cotton are the blues, since blues are my favorite color.

  88. My favorite Aurifils that I use all the time are the white(2021) and light grays (2600). I use them with every color of Kona.
    BUT recently I used Aurifil #3910 which is a yellow variegated thread and I used it on white Kona and it really popped. I loved it. I think it’s my new favorite.

  89. I love Kona Cotton!! And Aurifil!! My colors are Kona Navy with Grey Aurifil!! Thank you sew much for this great giveaway!!! This would really beef up my sewing thread and my fabric stash!!!! 🙂

  90. Kona Cotton Solid Copen is a favorite of mine. I think Aurifil #1320 looks like a close match.
    I’m almost drooling over the gorgeous, generous giveaway… I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hope of winning!

  91. Aurifil thread is my absolute favorite choice of thread and I have two favorite colors – 2600 and 2309. My favorite Kona solid color would be a very light gray to use as a background color.

  92. I love purples, so may favorite combination is Kona Cotton Geranium and Aurifil Violet #2520. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Swoon!

  93. I like all the Kona greys, and of course black is a go-to and Snow is so versatile. I love any Aurifil I get my hands on–great range of neutrals for piecing pretty much any fabrics.

  94. Great giveaway. Lately I have been enjoying quilting on Kona Snow with Aurifil thread that is a deep rich turquoise but I don’t know the number and I am not at home – travelling at the moment.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  95. I love a lot of the colours of Kons Cotton. For background my favorite colour is Kona snow and for quilting aurifil thread cream 2021. I like all Kona aqua colors too, and grey, ….

  96. Kona Snow and Black, Aurilfil Grey on Kona aqua are basics. What a gorgeous range of colors in thread and fabric. I love to mix and match. I would use them all! Thanks.

  97. Just used Kona Steel with a matching gray Aurifil thread in a quilt and I loved that combo mixed with a bunch of colorful Kona solids.

  98. I love Kona cotton snow – its such a soft white and a great background. And I always have at the very least, white, grey and black Aurifil on hand! Love to have more colors. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  99. I was very excited when Robert Kaufman announces the new Latte color. I find that it will be a very handy neutral hue, as I think I have worn out using Shale which has been my staple as a background. I think that any color of Aurifil thread would make a magical combination with this color be it solid or verigated, machine pieced or hand pieced. I love the quality of both. I consider them the creme de la creme of sewing materials.

  100. Kona snow with a turquoise thread. Love the saturated colors of all the threads though. Wish we had a store local that sells the fabric!

  101. I have been wanting to try the threads and here is a chance to win some! one of my quilts will be in a magazine in nnov/dec issure, NOT using this thread!

  102. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would so love to win this. I love the new colour Sangri. And to have mataching thread too. Awesome. I think any of the pinks/reds would work with it.

  103. Kona solids have been my go to fabrics and the Aurifil greys. Would love to play with some Kona blenders and the Aurifil variegated color lines!

  104. Fabric and thread colors are gorgeous. I’m quilting a queen size quilt this weekend with Aurifil 50 wt and has some black and white Kona cotton in it.

  105. Mona cotton is my go to solid. I love the white for a striking contrast and Kona Snow when a soft contrast is needed. Use which ever Aurifil that matches my colored fabric, but mostly the neutrals for piecing.

  106. I use Light Beige almost always in my bobbin – it’s my go to as it goes with almost all fabrics. I love every shade of green in the Kona solids, but if I had to choose one it would be Avocado. Great giveaway – thanks for the chance.

  107. Wow having to pick a favorite would be impossible but what a great offer to win this wonderful prize. I love Aurifil thread and Kona fabric so it is a win all the way around.

  108. Purple purple and purple. I have 6 varying shades of purple in my closet waiting to be turned into an argyle quilt. LOVE the solids!!!

  109. Choosing a favorite Kona Cotton & Aurifil combination is like Sophie’s Choice. I love all the bright colors and contrasting combinations, but I couldn’t possibly choose. For neutrals, I usually quilt with 2021, 2024, & 2600… and Kona Snow, Ivory, Coal, and Medium Gray are go-tos. Great giveaway!

  110. What a great combination! Love both of these products! Would make my quilting projects be awesome with this bundle of prizes. Thanks for the opportunity! Good Luck everyone!

  111. Hard to choose just one combination and I would much prefer to see fabric and thread in person. However, I will select Kona sprout and Aurifil 1231..

  112. Give me some neutrals to put together and you will see my favorites. No I am not afraid of colors, just love the warmth I get from neutrals. Thanks for pairing up for a great giveaway.

  113. Look at all those delicious colours! I am sure there are heaps of great colour combinations there. I personally love turquoise. If I was being safe, I would match the colour , so turquoise on turquoise. If I was being a bit more daring, then hot pink or red on turquoise would be fab.

  114. Kona Snow is a classic, and I use Natural White Aurifil for most things. Wish I had several of the thread boxes — they’re on my Christmas wish list!

  115. I am in love with the new Kona Jamaica colorway. My favorite Aurifil thread color is 2600, because I use it to piece. I am pretty sure they would go together, though I don’t know that the grey would show up that well.

  116. Happy anniversary! I love the purples and greens reds and blues, oh and oranges and yellows and who can live without the whites and greys. Wonderful giveaway. Thank you!

  117. This is an incredible giveaway!! I use a lot of Kona and a lot of Aurifil and for me it’s impossible to choose a favorite color. It’s fantastic that, whatever color or shade I’m looking for, Kona and Aurifil never let me down! Thank you Kona and Aurifil!!

  118. I can’t choose a favorite color of either as the fun part is to mix and match them all! What a great giveaway — thanks!

  119. Such delicious colors! Impossible to pick just ONE but the pinks and purples catch my eye first!!! Thanks for the GREAT giveaway!!!

  120. What a fabulous giveaway! I’ve recently done a lot of topstitching and embroidery in contrasting colors, so my favorite combination would probably be something like Kona Mediterranean plus Aurifil Fuchsia – I would love to see this combination for real 🙂

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