Missing Market Giveaway!


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We get it… you’re stuck at work or at home, daydreaming about Quilt Market. You’ve been liking every image to pop up in the #quiltmarket Instagram feed, and swooning over the new fabric collections, award-winning quilts, and new sewing tools showcased in the various schoolhouse sessions. Well, you may have to miss Market, but you don’t have to miss out on all of the fun!
Pellon, Aurifil, Moda Fabrics & Industry Icon Pat Sloan have teamed up to bring you one amazing swag bag! The prize includes:
One exclusive, limited edition Moda Fabrics Aurikit!  The kit includes seven spools of 50wt Aurifil thread, one Pat Sloan The Sweet Life for Moda mini charm pack, and a free pattern to make the mini quilt shown on the cover (not available to the public until Spring!!)

For this giveaway there will also be included, fabric for backing & binding to complete the mini quilt top and seven different crib-sized Legacy by Pellon® battings including 100% Natural Cotton, Wool, Bamboo Blend, Soy Blend, 100% White Cotton, Polyester, and Natural Blend 80/20.
We got a little giddy just pulling this one together… EXCLUSIVE access to fabric & thread that isn’t even available yet?  SEVEN different varieties of batting? Come on now;)
To enter-to-win, simply follow the steps below. Entries will be accepted from now through 4pm CST on October 27th! Good luck, have fun, and happy creating!!

A BIG Congratulations to Jeanne Baumann for winning the Pellon, #Aurifil, Moda Fabrics United Notions and Pat Sloan “I’m Missing Market” Swag Bag Giveaway!


  1. While I am missing the fabulous Quilt Market, I will be home working on my diamond quilt. Hoping to finish the top today. 3 more projects waiting in line that I need to finish before Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing the goodies with those of us that can’t make it to the fun times!!!

  2. Someone has to stay home and hold down the fort! Thank for the wonderful giveaway! One day I do hope to attend a Quilt Market! I love the energy!

  3. I am finishing a quilt top for my son for Christmas for his dorm room at college. Feeling left out of quilt market but sewing makes up for it and winning this would be icing on the cake!!!

  4. As I’d have to paddle my own canoe, it’s a long way from down under for a sleep over and I’d just be arriving when it’s finished. So staying home to watch action on social media and dreaming big.

  5. This weekend we’re raking leaves, blowing out sprinkler pipes, and putting the flower gardens to bed for the winter. After all, it’s supposed to snow Sunday!

  6. This weekend is really busy here. Hopefully I can get in a little sewing. Saturday we are raking leaves, getting our garden ready for spring, household chores, helping out at church, going out to dinner with some friends. Sunday we go to church, our church now had two services, so we both will be at both, I will be in the nursery and my husband will be producing the service, then we will head over to my sister in laws house. One of our aunt and uncle who live in Washington are in town, so we get to spend the whole day with them. Should be a great family time. This is all just the tip of the iceberg this weekend. LOL Give me strength.

  7. My dog, Bramble, & I are participating in a DogFest. It is an event to raise money for Canine Companions for Independence. Bramble is my hearing dog. She alerts me to different sounds like the doorbell, phone, oven timer. CCI is a wonderful organization!

  8. What a generous giveaway for us that can’t be there but would LOVE to be. Even though doing a little sewing at home this weekend still would love to get to go.

  9. Well, I always love hearing about quilt market. This giveaway is a nice way to make those of us who are customers of the industry, feel closer to the heart of it. Thanks so much.

  10. After I finish cleaning up my garden and putting it to bed for the winter, I hope to do some stitching on some Christmas projects!

  11. Nice prize package–Love Aurifil, Love Pat Sloan designs, and Love Pellon!! Thanks for the chance to win. I’m traveling to Phoenix this weekend but I have a hand stitching with me to occupy the time.

  12. I’d love to be there, but instead will be babysitting 2 grandchildren while Army Captains Mommy and Daddy are off training.

  13. And this weekend I hope to be doing lots of sewing, after we finish with a garage sale this morning!

    Jenny in Florida

  14. Just returned home from a camping trip so I’m doing laundry and putting things away. Hoping for a little quality time with my fabric and sewing machine. By the time I found out about quilt market, it was too late to even try to make plans to be there. I’d like to know how to learn about quilt market (and quilt shows) BEFORE it happens.

  15. I’m working on some fall decorating projects for my home and finishing a mini quilt that is long overdue for a swap I’m in!!! Wish I were at Quilt Market!!

  16. I can’t go to market but i’m designing 2 baby girl quilts But I would rather be at market with unlimited funds

  17. Besides missing Market, I am home sick this weekend. UGH! Trying to make the most of it by catching up on some hand stitching.

  18. This weekend I’m trying to get some sewing done between bouts of instagram stalking quilt market. And crying over sample spree. Thank goodness there are giveaways to enter!

  19. I’ll be recuperating from hip replacement surgery and anticipating the day (hopefully soon) when I can sit at my sewing machine and work on some quilting projects. Meanwhile I’m doing some embroidery and taking some “me” time!

    1. Linda, my hip replacement recup. time helped me make grand progress on a hand pieced grandmothers flower garden quilt. It is now with the long-armer. Hooray! And I am back to tai chi, biking, walking, and doing the steps up to my sewing room. Wishes for healing !

  20. I am quilting my brothers Quilt Of Valor Quilt for Christmas present. Hope to get it finished for him as he served this country in Vietnam. So terrible! He so deserves it and he loved my fathers I made him, as he served in the United States Air Force for 23 years and passed a month after he received it. But he just was in awe of it! They all deserve one and so much more! This is such a great giveaway! Would love to win and would come in very handy. Thank you!

  21. This weekend, I’ll be quilting and binding a Rock Candy table topper,finishing the appliqué and binding an art quilt done in a workshop with Toni Bergeon, and working on our guild newsletter. Love Aurifil!

  22. I will be working on some hand quilting. Wow would this be awesome to win on my birthday the 27th of October. Thanks awesome

  23. This weekend I’m hoping to get the trim painted on the outside of my house. Not my favorite thing to do, but I’ll be glad when it’s done. Hopefully I’ll get in a little sewing in the evenings.

  24. This weekend, I’m enjoying the gloriously beautiful fall weather. I should be finishing a quilt, but that will have to wait until it’s dark outside. 😉 What an incredible giveaway this is! Thanks a bunch for the chance to win! 🙂

  25. Went to the coast yesterday and it is Football today! So just hanging out with the family and finishing up halloween costumes!

  26. what a fabulous giveaway! This weekend I am traveling from Saginaw, MI to Indianapolis and crocheting nifty scarves for Christmas gifts!

  27. I am going to work on some Christmas gifts. found a cute pattern for a wallet on Dogundermydesk… my first pattern from a download…we shall see…

  28. I will finish quilting a t-shirt quilt for my granddaughter who is a freshman at Murray State in Kentucky. She was a member of the Alabama Children Choirs from 2nd grade through high school singing in Europe as well as the USA. Since all the t-shirts are from the choirs, all the fabric used has to do with music. I paper pieced musical notes for the corners. I just have 3 of the corners left to quilt, and then I will start of the binding. This quilt makes my heart sing.

  29. Working on finishing touches to Halloween costumes and hosting a sleep over for my Daughters 12th birthday……wishing I was in Houston.

  30. Recovering from surgery.. sitting in my quilt room contemplating cutting some fabric. I think I’ll take a nap.

  31. This weekend I will be doing Autumn Cleaning, getting the sewing room all set for Christmas sewing. Also getting the rest of the house ready for setting up Christmas too. Christmas is my favorite time of year!

  32. Planning to baste and begin machine quilting a quilt for my daughter’s birthday. It is in two weeks! Wishing I was in Houston!

    1. I am working at home but also watching various blogs and pics of the news at Market. It is so exciting to see the new items available even if I cannot go. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  33. To market to market.. I wish I was there.
    I will be making a baby quilt for a mama I care.
    The needle I face is of the flu shot type.
    I’ll later be stitching with the needles with eyes.
    My poetry skills are not as great as my sewing skills.

  34. I should be organizing and cleaning up my sewing room — but will probably just work
    on my current quilt project and ignore the clutter.

  35. How sweet to think of us poor souls who could not make it to Quilt Market!! This weekend i am hand quilting a table runner which will be given as a wedding gift.

  36. This weekend I am planning on starting the Christmas presents. Some are done but more need to be done. So listening to music while I am sewing very relaxing and enjoy doing my quilting and sewing that needs to be done 1 week before Christmas.

  37. I am going to relax this weekend. I have had a busy two weeks… probably will get some sewing in, since that relaxes me..

  38. Since I’m missing Market, I’ll be sewing at home. I just finished the Aurifil BOM, and need to make some sandwiches of quilts. One’s a fall table runner, and the other is a machine cover for a friend. Hope to get both quilted with Aurifil soon.

  39. This weekend I will be finishing up a few quilts and making some flannel receiving blankets! Thank you for the chance to win.

  40. What a great giveaway! Thanks for getting me more Pinterest boards to follow. Maybe that’s as good as I’ll get since I can’t go to market

  41. I’ll be having my own quiet quilty weekend… finishing up projects near completion, and then, as a treat, I’ll start something new!! A Dear Friend left today for a great time at Quilt Market!!… Maybe someday I’ll be able to join her!

  42. I have family in town so I’m baking and cooking and gossiping. I have to sneak away to check my IG #quiltmarket feed! Thanks for the giveaway

  43. Working on an Elsa cape for my daughter for Halloween. While the cold never bothered the real Elsa, Halloween in the Northeast will be too cold without one.

  44. Im cutting the pieces for my Flowering Snowballs mini quilt, which I’ll be piecing with my beloved Aurifil thread

  45. I’m gonna be painting my living room here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, while daydreaming of my quilting friends going to Quilt Market . Hopefully get done in time to work on quilting my Carpenter Star quilt. Sure would be nice to use some Aurifil thread for the first time and make the cute Pat Sloan project.

  46. It is a beautiful Fall day here in Eastern Iowa. I will be outside raking all the gorgeous leaves that have fallen in our yard. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  47. I’d love nothing better than to be there, but I’m stuck in Florida! Mad dash to finish my Halloween skeleton/Christmas tree quilt by end of weekend. It is for my adorable husband. So, yes, I’d love to win! Thanks.

  48. This weekend I will be piecing a Halloween quilt, quilting a modern quilt that I basted yesterday and visiting a quilt show. Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  49. Instead of being able to go to Market, I am working on a V and Co. Heart Quilt by #ModaFabrics. Wishing I was there!!

  50. It’s my husband’s birthday today so we are celebrating that. Tomorrow he has to work so I will be holding down the fort and hanging out with the kids.

  51. I’ve quilted and machine stitched the binding on a quilt and hope to get it hand stitched down, but my husband is working tomorrow so I’m in charge of 3 small children!

  52. Thanks for a great giveaway! I’m starting a new project – have put away an annoyingly slow quilt and set to on a speedier make!

  53. Aside from laundry, grocery shopping and other errands I am hoping to find some time to work on my Saturday Sampler October block. Sure wish I could attend a Market. Thanks for the peaks into what’s new. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  54. Missing out, but working on blocks from beginner quilting class in hopes of it becoming a beautiful quilt! I am hooked!

  55. I went for a walk and picked some beautiful bittersweet, bought some pumpkins, and now am going to start working on a tablerunner I need to get done for a gift.

  56. We have a long weekend here so I have some sewing planned for a swap I am in..hoping that I can get going on it today as yesterday did not go according to plan..

  57. This weekend I am making time to sew because it has been way too long which is why I’ve been a miserable sod. I’m also loving seeing all the amazing things at quilt market and trying to work out how I can get from Australia to there for the next one

  58. Sick yesterday so lying low today. Tomorrow going to the taping of Michael Buble’s Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall!

  59. My head is spinning just thinking about the projects I’m working on and the ones to come. It’s a happy spinning! I look forward to hearing all about Quilt Market on this site. The giveaway sounds great, thanks for offering it.

  60. Aside from feeling sorry for myself for not being able to go to Market, I’m going to be cleaning and cooking today, so I can spend some quality time in my studio tomorrow!

  61. I am flying home from Wisconsin, where I have been visiting my daughter and her family. I will be doing a little sewing and laundry and preparing for a business trip next week. I wish the sewing could be more than just a little and quilt market would be fabulous to attend.

  62. Went with my mom and sister to visit mom’s 90 year old twin sisters. They are such a hoot. Then just relaxing for a while and enjoying the beautiful weather.

  63. I went to a club at one of the local fabric/quilt shops this morning. Now, after some errands, I will work on my son’s Halloween costume. I’ve got a couple of shirts to make.

  64. I am dreaming that one day I will be able to go – and just to commiserate I am going to sew myself a new Winston Tank with some Tresco Liberty I have stashed for just such an occasion

  65. This morning we went to an Amish breakfast that is held twice a year in the spring and fall. The fall breakfast is always held on the last Saturday in October. It is held to raise money for the Baddow Pass Amish school in Holmes County, Ohio. They served pancakes, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, potato pancakes, sausage patties, and sausage made with deer meat. And, of course, Holmes’ County maple syrup from Jonas Mast’s sugar bush. It was delicious! Last year they served over 1,000 people.

  66. I went with a friend and her 2 year old to Boo at the Zoo in Atlanta. Tomorrow I will be sewing all day in my comfy clothes.

  67. After work today I drove up to the fabric store to get the backs to two baby quilts and also some work short fabric for me. It’s in the washer now and will be ready to start cutting out tomorrow – my lone day off.

  68. I’m watching everything post on FB while I’m down with a broken ankle. I’ve been working on a challenge quilt that is due next month as a top and the completed quilt by January 2015. I’d love to win the prize! I love Aurifil and Pat’s fabrics! Would make my day since I’m home alone most of the time and I miss seeing all the people and products at Quilt Market.

  69. We had a great day today we travelled to the city to see a grandson play hockey and visited 5 other grandchildren and got our hugs. Tomorrow I will sew.

  70. I am finished cleaning up my sewing room and now I’m quilting on the long arm. I’m trying not to look at all the fun Quilt Market postings and pictures until my work is done. Thanks for offering this contest.

  71. I will be sewing some scrappy blocks with my stash of Aurifil threads. I like to say “I was using Aurifil before Aurifil was “cool”. I wish I knew exactly when I started using it. Probably over 10 years.

  72. I am quilting a evil lady wall hanging to put up for Halloween and need to work on the last 2 bags that I’m making for Christmas.

  73. What will I be doing this weekend? You mean besides oogling all the pretty pictures that friends are posting about Quilt Market? I will be trying to get some projects completed, and start packing up for my sewing weekend next weekend with some wonderful friends!

  74. So sad I can’t be at Market but working on a couple projects for my nephew’s baby shower. Thanks for the chances to win these great prizes! 🙂

  75. I’m spending the weekend visiting my 80-yr. old mother, but I did bring my sewing machine, and have so far made her a pillow for her sofa, and I have a donation quilt about half quilted. I LOVE Aurifil! It’s always on my machine…

  76. This weekend, I was finishing my quilt for Sew Cal Gal’s Handmade Christmas Challenge and working on placemats for Meals on wheels. This is a wonderful giveaway… Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  77. I had put the weekend aside to do some hand applique (getting borders ready to applique) and working on other quilts. Instead I shopped for fabric, paid bills, and talked to a local organic farmer. Tomorrow I am playing with friends. Hmmm,,,, what happened to my quilting?

  78. This weekend I will be puttin’ on a pout because I am not at Quilt Market. I will soothe my hurt feelings by quilting with Aurifil Thread. And we are going to the Ozark Mountains to see the beautiful fall colors.

  79. This weekend I have been hand stitching a Christmas stitchery for a secret swap and collecting my husband from the airport from his work trip to New Zealand in Melbourne Australia at midnight Saturday night

  80. What a dream it would be to go to quilt market! Instead I will continue hand quilting the quilt that I want to finish by Thanksgiving. M

  81. I finished cutting out a ‘Sisters Forever” Frozen quilt today and begun piecing the snowflake blocks. Am eager to see this one come together, as it will be a gift from my grandson for his little sister. He saw it advertised and asked could I make for him “’cause Sophie would just love it.” How can you turn that request down? Love them grandkids! Also, am drooling over the quilt market photos!!

  82. Yes, yes I am sad to be missing Quilt Market and the Show this year. I do love all the pictures coming on facebook! So winning would be very special and put a big smile on my face!!!

  83. What a wonderful opportunity. Im watching my friend attend for the first time from here in Australia. Ellablue, Emma Jean Jansen, The linen cupboard. Its sooooo ecxiting. Thanks again

  84. I attended an Anita Goodesign Workshop today, and I will be working on Bow Hair clips for my Granddaughter tomorrow.

  85. I’m very busy this weekend finishing up a quilt top and backing, a Halloween candy bag, and cutting mat carrier — plus lots of Christmas sewing in progress.

  86. Of course I’m sewing while checking out all the quilt market photos on IG – I’ve just finished a quilt top – woohoo – thanks so much for the chance to win !!

  87. sorry I am missing market, but IM sure that Auriful’s booth is wonderful and colorful, wih a beautiful thread collection

  88. I am pouting because I am not at Market! Last year was my first year as a freelance sewist. This year I have 30+ items floating around the convention center and it is killing me NOT to be there. Also, it is killing my phone battery!!!!

  89. I’m stalking Quilt Market on IG and FB and drooling over all the gorgeous eye candy. I’m loving seeing all the photos of the booths and designers. I’m also really enjoying seeing 2D Kim popping up in photos everywhere. So much fun!!! 🙂

  90. Swimming lessons, catching up with friends from school, visiting family, jobs, date night. Phew! Busy weekend, I was going to say not much. Plus a bit of sneaky sewing, of course

  91. This weekend I’m working on a dress for my niece to wear in a wedding as well as studying for my History class. If I can find some extra time, I’ll sew on a quilt I’m making for my parents! (I’m using Aurifil Dove 50wt for it and it looks beautiful!)

  92. I am working on a table runner for a wedding/shower gift, going to a football and soccer game, and getting ready for a trip to the New England states to visit relatives! Love all the comments and following all the posts for quilt market!

  93. Working on a new pattern – Nine Quarter Tote Bags – using Aurifil, of course; and dreaming of going to Market one day.

  94. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a generous prize! I have always wanted to sew with your Aurifil Thread and I love Moda fabrics! Currently I am working on two quilts ~ denim blue jean quilt and a scrappy string quilt. Have a great time at Quilt Market and thanks for considering those that can’t be there!

  95. Drooling over all post, wishing I could of been able to go. Started a piggy bank fund to save money so I could possibly go next year with a friend. Collecting fabric planning next projects and ideas to be one of the groupies.

  96. I spent some time sewing with some of my quilting friends and then later today I will be working on getting my globetrotting quilt ready for quilting!

  97. I made a mug rug last night, did a bit of knitting yesterday. Love the chance to win some of these projects!

  98. Feeling under the weather this A M. Will miss Church,stay in bed and dream of those projects that I am working on. Probably dream of the beautiful Aurifil thread colos as well. Maybe check a football game & the World Series tonight. And wait for more postings.

  99. I’ve been out yarn bombing this morning to celebrate a tourists ‘fish trail’ reopening here in Hull’s city centre ( UK ). I doubt I’m entitled to enter but gosh, I love my Aurofil so please pop my name in the draw please : )

  100. Going to church and about to sandwich two Elsa and Ana Quilts. Thanks for the this opportunity! I’d love to win Aurifil thread.

  101. worked my 2nd job yesterday (Saturday) and doing my 3rd job of alterations today (Sunday) on a pair of tuxedo pants, a formal gown, 2 pairs or jeans and then getting caught up on personal and family owned business paperwork and bills…. would love to find time in there to put a couple of things on the machine for Thanksgiving decorations… but have to get off the computer first…LOL

  102. Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway!

    I’m finishing up my weekend by clipping threads and ironing a quilt – not my favorite thing to do but has to be done! I’d rather be sewing!

  103. This is a wonderful giveaway I actually quilting on the shoo fly top we sewed on earlier this year as a scrap a long.

  104. Fall prep, checking FB for new posts on Market, raking leaves, Checking for FB Market Posts, Cooking dinner checking for new Market posts……..Ahhhh to be in Houston

  105. This weekend, I’m prepping my sewing space to work on a new commissioned project that’s coming in next week. I’m also making a boxed pouch that was requested by my husband to carry something or other back and forth to work.

  106. This weekend I am working on a baby quilt for grandchild number six, who is due to arrive before the end of this year. Also have a 50th wedding anniversary party to attend for my Aunt/Uncle, so I will get to spend some time with the extended family. 🙂

  107. Would have loved to be in Houston.. as I quilted one of the quilts on Display for the 40th anniversary.. but I am home…. focusing on parents/dementa/alzheimers… and senior facilities!! so I’m loving seeing all the pictures that everyone is posting!!!

  108. What a wonderful giveaway! Yes, I have been enjoying all the quilt market photos. Wish I could see more Moda! Thank you

  109. Of course I couldn’t attend but what made my heart glad was seeing pictures of some of the local quilt shop owners, all together,, hanging out., talking and working together to improve each shop’s offerrings so that we the customers, can shop each one of their places and have fun also. They all want our business and we all want their offerings. Chose wonderful things for us if you will and we will reward your efforts,. I love that we can all bbe friends.

  110. Although I couldn’t attend, I am following FB and blogs to see what is coming out and what fun everyone there is having. Getting together with friends for stitching and gossip.

  111. I will be recuperating from a terrible sinus infection that had me in bed for 3 days this week…I will also be finishing the binding on my latest quilt finish…

  112. I will be snooping on the internet, hoping for some photos from quilt market. Love all things Pat Sloan and would love to be a lucky winner.

  113. Taught my Round Robin in a Day class as a mini retreat on Saturday. Loved these ladies and they made some serious works of art. Spent a little time drowning sorrows of not being in Houston, but overall still a quilty weekend.

  114. I will be enjoying the above average warm weather here in southeast
    Missouri. I will also getting fabrics ready to mail for my swap groups that I belong to. Thanks for the chance to win!
    wigglypup2 ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com

  115. I am still unpacking my sewing from quilt weekend, but I am setting up a new sewing area in what was formerly the guest bedroom. Excited to be getting a dedicated quilting room.

  116. In would be like all my birthday’s have come at once if I could attend Market Day! I just watching people rushing in to get their favorite giveaways would be so dreamy I think the shock of just walking in would be a miracle too. Just like winning a prize from Market Day would be so special and a miracle.

  117. I have always wanted to go to Houston,maybe next year. I am working on wool project and embroidery project. Wonderful giveaway!

  118. Quilting, of course! Getting inspiration from all the pictures I’m seeing from Quilt Market! Oh yes, and trick or treating with my kids! 😉

  119. Working on a wall hanging, love Aurlfill and would be fun to finish up my projects, UFO,s and my Cedar chest full of kits to be finished ! I Love moda fabric designs. Thank you for an opportunity to Win a fabulous give away! Be well and happy sewing!

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