Aurifil & Quiltmania reward the loyalty of a lucky FAN on Facebook pages

post within October 10th your picture with a Quiltmania issue & an Aurifil spool on BOTH : and

pages and be eligible to win a 48 large spools Aurifil case + 2 wonderful books by the famous Japanese artist Yoko Saito published by Quiltmania ……on October 11th we will extract ONE random lucky winner within all the photo submitted
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Share your Love of Aurifil with your Facebook Friends – Find a treasure …100…500..1,000 friends and win, win, win …

Aurifil is giving away thread to it’s Facebook fans and you can get in on it .. if you hurry!

Three Categories, Three different thread giveaways… all for “Sharing”  your love of Aurifil thread!

  • Category 1  -You have at least 100 friends who also love Aurifil.

◦      First 100 people receive 3 large spools of thread

  • Category 2 – You have at least 500 friends who also love Aurifil.

◦      First 3 people receive a Thread Art box of 12 spools

  • Category 3 – You have at least 1,000 friends who also love Aurifil.

◦      The First will receive a box of 48 spools

What you have to do.

Step 1

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Give voice to your preference

Here we are with the final votes . Tell us your favorite animation within Friday July 8th between the 3 nominated for the votes , you can like or comment them on Aurifil Facebook Page , the Winner will be awarded with an Aurifil suitcase with 48 large spools

give voice to your preference if you like 3 Cheers for Aurifil Thread! by @Thearica Burroughs

give voice to your preference if you like Quilting Class 101 with Auriful Thread by @Lisa Papineau Burmann

give voice to your preference if you like Aurifil Thread -Three Wishes by @Patricia Land

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Aurifil supports : Quilters Take Manhattan

A Summer Fundraiser for the Alliance for American Quilts
Asheville, N.C., May 16, 201–The nonprofit Alliance for American Quilts will present a special Big Apple fundraiser with three linked events in New York City on August 5 and 6.NY Modern logoOn Friday night, August 5, attend the event “Modern Stories: Documenting the Modern Quilt Movement” an intimate gathering at a Garment District loft.  The evening includes a panel of in-the-know bloggers, fabric designers and A-list quilters discussing the Modern Quilt movement. Also, witness Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Bumble Beans Inc.), custom quiltmakerand co-founder of the New York City Metro Area Modern Quilt Guild and Bumble Beans Basics charity project getting interviewed for the Alliance’s oral history project, Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our Stories (Q.S.O.S.). Refreshments and door prizes.
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Can’t afford to hire a ‘Big Name’Teacher ? You can’t afford NOT to! by Sharon Pederson

1. Who’s in the headlines?

One major advantage to hiring a ‘name’ quilter to teach at your store is the im- mediate recognition that your customers will have. His or her name will have appeared in publications, on title pages of their books, on television programs and in social media. Obviously not all will be household names but in many cases your customers will be excited to meet a ‘famous’ teacher.
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A Peek into “The City Quilter”

Hi this is Pat Sloan, the other weekend I had the wonderful experience of two full days of quilting in New York City!

Besides seeing the once in a life time “Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts” I also had the chance to see the Empire Quilt Guilds quilt show and Visit “The City Quilter” an Aurifil Quilt shop! Owners Dale and Kathy Riehl are warm and friendly and SUPER busy the day I visited!

I visited on Saturday when there where lots of quilters in ton for the show and the exhibit. This is the front from their website

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