Coastal Mist Blog Hop

Welcome to the final day for the Coastal Mist Blog Hop! We are so thrilled that Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis asked us to join in on the fun. We’ve loved seeing all of the gorgeous projects by a truly lovely lineup of designers!  Today, we’re pleased to share a fun project & a fabulous little giveaway!


Coastal Mist was designed by Kathy Engle for Tamarinis with Island Batik. Tammy has been doing some beautiful work with the gorgeous purple, green and magenta hues. She selected threads to coordinate perfectly with the fabrics. The large collection features both 50wt and 12wt threads, perfect for piecing and big stitch quilting. The small collection features 10 stunning colors of our Aurifloss for adding perfect little stitched details. We did a collection announcement for Tammy as a part of Island Batik week back in January. To take a peek, check out some beautiful quilts and learn a bit more about Tammy, click here.


When Tammy asked us to do a small project for this blog hop, she mentioned that she would love something small, perhaps something embroidered. I instantly thought of the sweet style of Minki Kim‘s patterns. The combination of applique with stitched details felt perfect and I knew that it would create a lovely little showcase for the colors in the Coastal Mist collection. In looking through Minki’s patterns, I spotted a little girl holding a basket of flowers. The girl reminded me of my 3-year old daughter, so I knew right away that I’d found my project!


Tammy sent me 4 Fat Quarters from the Coastal Mist collection, absolutely perfect for creating this tiny little work of art. I knew I’d be hand-stitching the details, rather than machine illustrating as with Minki’s preferred technique. Luckily, I had a box of Tammy’s floss on hand!


I followed Minki’s fabulous tutorial for all of the appliqué — check it out if you’re new to this technique.

After prep, I worked on putting all of those tiny little pieces in place and suddenly, my little gal came to life!


Now, all it needed was the addition of some sweet embroidery! I picked out a range of colors, which of course changed as I went along, but still… don’t all of those spools look just scrumptious together?


I set to work with the hand-stitching. I may not be the most skilled at embroidery, but I always enjoy it. There is something about the simple act of stitching something by hand that can be incredibly calming… especially as a mom of two toddlers! It’s like a glorious break at the end of the day. Plus, I’m a huge advocate of stepping outside of your comfort zone, trying new things and of course… practice, practice, practice!


I do love how this little gal turned out and have decided that she will be a gift for my daughter! I’m so grateful to Tammy for including Aurifil in this blog hop! If you’re just learning about the hop with this post, be sure to check out the schedule below and check in with the other participants!


To enter-to-win your very own Coastal Mist floss collection, click here or on the image above to head to the Rafflecopter entry page. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Friday, February 10! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Saturday, February 11. This giveaway is open to our international friends! Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Djoekie Witteveen!

January 24 – Jessica Stewart, Izzy & Ivy Designs
January 25 – Susan Emory, Swirly Girls Design
January 26 – Connie Campbell, Freemotion by the River
January 27 – Katie Laughridge, Live Originally
January 28 – Julie Stocker, Pink Doxies
January 29 – Linda Pearl, One Quilting Circle
January 30 – Laura Conowitch, LC’s Cottage
January 31 – Cheryl Schenck, Unspooled
February 1 – Marian Pena, Seams to Be Sew
February 2 – Vanessa Fromm, Fabric Confetti
February 3 – Ebony Love, Love Bug Studio
February 4 – Erin Sampson, Aurifil (YOU ARE HERE!)

Coastal Mist
12 Large Spools – 50wt (1422yds/spool) & 12wt (356yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
1148 – 2562 – 2568 – 2600 – 2455 – 2845 (50wt)
4225 – 2405 – 2420 – 4026 – 4030 – 4093 (12wt)


10 Small Spools – Floss (18yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
2540 – 1135 – 2311 – 2562 – 4182 – 2455 – 2845 – 4026 – 4030 – 5003


To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

Satin Stitching with Shannon Brinkley


We are so thrilled to welcome designer Shannon Brinkley to Auribuzz! Shannon’s debut thread collection, Dryad, released last year. It is a gorgeous array of 12 colors of our 50wt thread, all selected to coordinate with her fabric line with Paintbrush Fabrics, a lovely combination of richly colored and low volume prints.

Shannon is well known for her Scrappy Applique technique and recently hosted a Scrappy Skyline Sew Along. We loved getting to see all of the different versions created and were particularly thrilled when Shannon chose to make a special skyline, just for Aurifil! So, without further pause, please join us in welcoming Shannon Brinkley!


I am delighted to share my newest project with you as well as my pro tips for mastering my favorite appliqué stitch — the Satin Stitch!

First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Shannon Brinkley, I am a quilt and fabric designer as well as an author and national speaker and teacher. I developed a fun and simple raw-edge appliqué technique I call Scrappy Appliqué. I teach this technique in my book, patterns, and in classes around the country. You can find out more about me and my work, here.

Milan - web-3

I hear from a lot of people that appliqué is intimidating or that they’ve tried it in the past, hated it, and have avoided it since. One of my goals as a designer and teacher is to make appliqué fun and accessible. Scrappy Appliqué is quick and simple to pick up, yet allows for a lot of creative possibilities! I love the freedom that raw-edge appliqué allows — you can turn nearly any image into a quilt! And do so relatively easily.

One of my favorite appliqué designs to create are city skylines! I have over 125 different city skylines in my PDF Pattern shop, including my most recent collection of European and Canadian skylines! This quilt is of the Milan Skyline in honor of my favorite thread company’s home base. 🙂

Milan - web-4

I used all Aurifil 50wt. cotton threads in this quilt, both for the quilting and the satin stitching. These fabulous threads are found in my Aurifil thread box for my recent fabric collection, Dryad. They are a dream to sew with.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

So let’s talk stitching. The satin stitch is my favorite appliqué stitch to use. I love the tidy/crisp finish it gives a project. It is especially ideal for detailed appliqué pieces, like these skylines. Satin stitching, like any skill, takes practice. Your first attempt at satin stitching will be far from perfect — AND THAT’S OKAY! I believe we need to give ourselves grace as craftsmen and women, and to not let fear of not being perfect scare us away from trying something new.

With that said, I do have a lot of pro tips that will help you achieve a much tidier and closer-to-perfect satin stitch!

Mastering the Satin Stitch

Milan - web-6


*I always use a stabilizer when I’m satin stitching, unless my background fabric is a very rigid fabric, like denim or canvas. If you don’t use a stabilizer, you will likely see “tunneling”, where the zig-zag stitch pinches the fabric and creates a tunnel between your appliqué piece and background fabric, as well as puckers. My favorite stabilizer to use with a satin stitch is a Tear-Away stabilizer, because after you’re finished, you simply tear it off.

Prep Work:

  • Make sure the appliqué piece and background are well pressed.
  • Pin or iron on the stabilizer to the back of your work (on the wrong side of your background fabric, behind the appliqué piece)
  • Select either a satin stitch or (if your machine doesn’t have one) the zig-zag stitch.
    • Adjust the stitch width to 2.5-3mm (my go-to is 2.7mm)
    • Adjust the stitch length to 0.5-0.8mm (my go-to is 0.7mm) — this will vary depending on the thread weight.
  • Test the stitch on scrap fabric.
    • if the stitch is not dense enough, decrease the length
    • if the stitch is so dense, it will hardly move forward, increase the length
    • if the stitch is too wide or narrow, adjust the width accordingly

Start Stitching:

Now you are ready to get stitching! Download my Master the Satin Stitch PDF for a complete guide on how to approach curves, corners, and points, to achieve a smooth and tidy stitch.

Milan - web-8

Milan - web-9

I had a ball making beautiful Milan, Italy — this quilt makes me want to go jump on a plane! Check out my other 125 Scrappy Appliqué City Skyline Patterns to find your favorite city and get stitching!

Have you done much raw-edge appliqué? What has your experience been? Do you have a favorite stitch or thread to use?

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screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-8-45-22-amShannon Brinkley is a teacher turned quilter and designer. She designs modern quilting patterns using her super fun and quick raw-edge applique techniques that she developed and wrote about in her book Scrappy Bits Applique. She just released her new line of Applique Patterns called Menagerie. They feature various sweet and whimsical animal templates, all made using her “scrappy applique” techniques.

She nests in the lovely Austin, Texas with her wonderful husband and son. She spends her time sewing, quilting, knitting, reading, writing, cooking, yoga-ing, teaching, and enjoying time with my favorite people.



12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool)
2725 – 6722 – 5002 – 5007 – 2140 – 6728
2850 – 2975 – 2615 – 2830 – 1104 – 2745

Basically Patrick by Patrick Lose


We are so pleased to introduce our debut collection and new partnership with Patrick Lose! Patrick, a quilt industry veteran, prolific fabric and pattern designer, and celebrated author, announced the launch of his new fabric company, Patrick Lose Fabrics, at Houston Quilt Market this past Fall. After 23 years of designing for other companies, he felt it was a natural next step. We adore Patrick’s impeccable style, his creativity, and, above all, his love affair with color! Basically Patrick – A Quilter’s Rainbow is set to be the cornerstone of his new venture, so it seemed only fitting to showcase those colors in his debut Aurifil thread collection, Basically Patrick. We’re excited for all that is to come and can’t wait to share all things Patrick with you throughout the year!


Basically Patrick
12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
1133 – 1231 – 2024 – 2135 – 2265 – 2530
2545 – 2692 – 2735 – 2810 – 2870 – 6725


To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got started in the world of sewing and quilting?
I’m probably a pretty complicated person to answer this one because I have so many and varied interests but one thing that makes it easier to describe myself is that I feel that most of my traits stem from being creative. So I guess I’d call myself a “creative”. I usually look at things around me with a creator’s eye and mind because I’m always catching myself trying to figure out how things are made or how something works or what was going through that creator’s mind as they worked through their own process.

Patrick Lose fabric display at Houston Quilt Market, 2016

A display of the ‘Basically Patrick’ releases at Fall Quilt Market 2016

Did you have another career prior to this one?
In all honesty, I feel like I’ve had many because my creative personality is also a curious one and I’ve tried lots of different things. I was bit by the theatre bug in high school and I’ve worked as an actor/singer and costume designer alongside any other job I’ve had. I’ve also worked simultaneously as a florist, graphic designer, illustrator, teacher, and fashion/bridal designer to name a few.

Basically Patrick colors on display at Quilt Market in Houston, Fall 2017

A peek into the Patrick Lose Fabrics booth at Fall Quilt Market 2016

Do you remember the process of making your first quilt and how you felt once it was complete?
I remember it well but probably not for the best of reasons. I’ve always loved log cabin quilts and decided to make my own version and really enjoyed the process until it came time to quilt it. It was a large throw size, maybe 60 inches square, and I decided to try my hand at free-motion quilting on my domestic machine at my kitchen table. It might have been okay if I hadn’t decided to do a loopy meander over the entire top, with none of the loops larger than about a half inch diameter and spaced an inch or two apart. I thought I would never finish it and I also thought I would never quilt again when I finally did finish. But I sure got over my fear of free-motion quilting fast.

You’ve just launched your own fabric company, Patrick Lose Fabrics. What inspired the shift and what excites you most about the resulting new collections?
I can’t even describe how excited I am to be at this point in my career. It’s like it’s all new and every day there’s something even more exciting to work on or experience than the day before. I always enjoyed being a designer for someone else’s fabric company but I’ve been doing that since 1993. There were always limitations to the number of collections or designs I could put out in a season, though one of those companies, in particular, had offered me lots of freedom. Now I decide for myself how much I want to produce and I’ve never been more prolific in my entire career. I just feel like the sky is the limit and I’m investigating so many opportunities now that the companies I worked with in the past weren’t able to offer. I really feel as though the work I am doing now is the best I’ve ever done because of this freedom I’ve been fortunate enough to achieve.

Patrick Lose Fabrics

Patrick Lose Fabrics

 What is your favorite quilting technique and why?
There are so many, but I design and make lots of appliqué projects because it’s a way for me to put my illustrations and characters into my quilted pieces. The fans who follow what I do, especially in appliqué and machine embroidery have been so loyal and I try to offer them lots because it’s a smaller niche audience that doesn’t alway get the attention it deserves in the industry.

Basically Patrick Fabrics

Basically Patrick Fabrics

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
I’m pretty sure I was already using Auriful thread when I opened my first studio in 2010 and I’ve been a fan for as long as I’ve used it.

Do you have a favorite color/weight and why?
Color is my “thing” and, maybe because I love working with all colors, it’s really impossible for me to pick a favorite. Those who know my work would probably be surprised to hear that some of my all-time favorites are Aurifil’s neutrals and I love using them in 50 weights for piecing. But, if I have a color on hand that is an exact match for what I’m piecing, I go with that. That’s why I love having so many Aurifil colors at my disposal. I love the range of colors Aurifil produces!


How did you go about selecting threads for your latest Aurifil collection?
I wanted our customers who use my “Basically Patrick” collection of blender basics to have a great starter set of colors that coordinate well with the palette of the fabrics. Of course, you can’t have too many colors of either “Basically Patrick” fabrics or Aurifil threads so we’re working on another collection to coordinate with all of the new prints and colors that are constantly being added to my collections.


What excites you most about your partnership with Aurifil?
I love the fact that so many of my customers already use Aurifil threads and are always asking me for the specific threads and colors that I use in my projects. Now I can have them assembled all in one place for them!


What’s in store for 2017? Where can we find you this year?
Although I enjoy traveling, one of the things I’m loving most about the launch of Patrick Lose Fabrics is that I’m getting lots more studio time for designing – whether it’s drawing and painting or digital design. I’m also spending more time sewing and quilting and that’s been a luxury I didn’t have as much time for in recent years. So, I imagine it will be easiest to find me in my studio in 2017 but we also have a Party with Patrick at Sea cruise next month that I’m really looking forward to. We’ll be spending 10 days in the Caribbean with a really fun bunch of quilters. Every summer I head back to my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa for the truly-awesome Iowa State Fair, where I help to judge the quilting, garment sewing and machine embroidery competitions and teach classes for 11 days in the Fabric and Threads Department. If you have a chance to join us there, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it! The fair runs from August 10-20.



To enter-to-win 1 Large Bascially Patrick Thread Collection and one Basically Patrick “Land and Sea” Bundle of Fun™ (20 Fat Quarters!), click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Saturday, February 4. Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Sunday, February 5. Giveaway is open to our international friends! Good luck!

The lovely prints of Land and Sea

The lovely prints of Land and Sea

WebsiteBlogFacebookInstagramTwitter — Pinterest

patrickgranddaughterA renaissance man by the very definition, Patrick Lose has spent his entire professional career being creative in one medium or another. An accomplished actor, singer, artist, illustrator, award-winning costume designer, author, fabric designer, pattern designer and outside-of-the-box quilter, Patrick is always looking for new ways to inspire and bring color to the world around him. “When I sit down to doodle at the drawing board, I never know what one of my designs might become.” Whether it’s unique fabric prints, quilts, clothing, stationery products, or home decor, he enjoys creating it all.

Patrick is well-known for his playful novelty designs and colorful trendsetting basics, which he’s created over the 23 years he’s spent designing cotton fabric collections for the industry’s leading companies and, now, for his new company, Patrick Lose Fabrics. As an author of dozens of quilting and crafting publications, Patrick generously shares so many of his creative endeavors. Revered by quilters for his unique method of mixing traditional piecing with contemporary applique techniques, he focuses on creating a variety that attracts quilters of all ages and styles. His quilts, crafts, clothing, and home decorating accessories have graced the pages of such distinguished magazines as his own Quilting Celebrations!, Better Homes & Gardens, American Patchwork and Quilting, Country Crafts, Christmas Ideas, Halloween Tricks & Treats, Love of Quilting and many more.

Always proud to be a longtime friend of independent retailers, Patrick’s fabric collections, books and patterns can be found at your greatest source for inspiration – your local independent quilt shop.

Check out Patrick’s guest appearance on The Crafty Planner’s podcast here.

[All images and biographical text courtesy of Patrick Lose Studios.]

Showcase Sunday {1.29}


It’s our first  Showcase Sunday of the New Year, so welcome back! We are so looking forward to a creative and inspiring 2017. We love having a forum to showcase the beautiful work that all of you do and can’t get enough of the lovely things that you’re making, so keep tagging us and sharing your work and we’ll feature some of our favorites here every other Sunday. Don’t forget to check in on Facebook & Instagram to see more! Happy Stitching:).

(Click on any image below to visit the artist’s Instagram account for more!)













































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Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot: January


Welcome to Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot! On the last Thursday of every month, we’ll bring you a brand new version of one of our 2012 blocks. We simply adore hand-stitching — the way that it slows us down, lets us focus on each and every simple stitch. It’s a glorious way to refocus at the end of a long day. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Aurifil offers 270 stunning colors of Aurifloss, our 100% Cotton 6-strand floss, but… we digress.


Original 2012 Designer of the Month Quilt Setting

These blocks were originally made with Aurifil 12wt. Would you believe that our floss hadn’t yet been introduced in 2012? We love that this reboot gives us the opportunity to try the blocks out with a new thread, share blocks in a new colorway (hello B&W) and reconnect with some of our beloved Designers of the Month! So without further pause, let’s dive right into January’s block!

Roseann Kermes of Rosebud’s Cottage first introduced her Snowbird block in January of 2012. It was a sweet red bird, a cardinal perhaps, accented in cool blues to signify the icy ways of Winter. She used the 12wt in a range of 7 colors: 2260 – red, 2692 – Black, 2975 – dark gold, 4182 – turquoise, 4663 – variegated turquoise, 4671 – variegated brown, and 5006 – light turquoise. Learn more about Roseann in the original post, right here.


We absolutely love how a few key color changes partnered with an entirely different border can give the block such a different look. Our very own Hilary Jordan (also of Young Texan Mama) stitched this version using Roseann’s original block pattern. She used our Aurifloss in the following colors: 2888, 2024, 2250, 6010, 1320, 2630, 5006, 5024.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What colors will you choose for your own block? Will you keep a B&W frame or opt for something else entirely? We can’t wait to see what you make!

To keep things exciting, we’ve got a special giveaway. Stitch up the block and upload it via the linky party below. Each month, we’ll randomly select a winner to win one small Designer Aurifloss Collection. Who doesn’t love free thread (especially when partnered with such delightful free block patterns?)

So, in the words of our DOM Queen, Pat Sloan… Let’s Go Sew!!

Stitch up your very own version of Snow Bird and upload a photo of your block to our linky party. We’ll randomly select one winner per month to receive a small box of our 100% Cotton 6-strand Aurifloss. Simply click on the button below to head to our link party page to add your block image. Entries will be accepted until 11:55pm on Feb. 22. Winner will be chosen and announced here on February 23, the date of our next block!

Original January 2012 DOM Post
Snow Bird Pattern
Aurifil Patterns Page

January — Roseann Kermes/Rosebud’s Cottage
February — Sherri Falls/This and That Patterns
March — Victoria Findlay Wolfe
April — Gail Pan
May — Thimbleanna
June — Pam Kitty Morning
July — Sarah Fielke
August — Bari J.
September — Amy Ellis
October — Amanda Woodward-Jennings/The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
November — Emily Cier/Caroline Patchworks
December — Lizzie B Cre8ive

Run by industry darling, Pat Sloan, the Aurifil Designer of the Month Program has been a mainstay of the Auribuzz blog since 2011. Each year, Pat brings together a new team of top-notch Designers, featuring one per month throughout the year. Posts generally share an interview, some fabulous images of projects made, studio spaces and more, a FREE block + a chance to win Aurifil thread. At the end of every year, Pat shares a suggested quilt setting. It is a great way to get to know new designers, to try new techniques, to share in a quilt along experience, and to do some collaborative quilting!

To find all of our DOM patterns, please visit:


Top Ten Tuesday {Valentine’s Day}


We cannot believe that the first month of 2017 is almost over, and February and Valentine’s Day are right around the corner! It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas, but now decorations of hearts and kisses fill our homes, and there is candy everywhere! 😉 Check out these fun quilting & sewing Valentine’s projects that will make your home look festive, but won’t ruin your New Year’s diet!

1 – Mosaic Heart Tote Tutorial by Olivia Jane Handcrafted


2 – Valentine Throw Pillow by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter


3 – Be My Everything Embroidery by Mollie of Wild Olive


4 – Shades of Love Table Runner by Amy Friend of During Quiet Time


5 – Heart Hoop Art by Lauren Makes


6 – Big Love Quilt by Modern Handcraft


7 – Sweetheart Zip Pouch by Polkadot Chair


8 – I Heart You Mini Quilt by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew


9 – Half Hearted Block by Amy Sinibaldi


10 – Makin’ It Cute Hearts with Me & My Sister Designs + Fat Quarter Shop


Quilting Tips with Amanda Murphy

Hi there everyone! My name is Amanda Murphy and I’m a BERNINA Quilting and Longarm Spokesperson, fabric designer for Contempo/Benartex, pattern designer, and author with C&T Publishing. Like many of you, I’m a huge Aurifil fan. I love to use their 12 and 28wt threads for embroidery and applique, and their 50wt thread for piecing. Their 50 wt. thread is also my first choice for quilting, whether I’m on my Q24 longarm or domestic BERNINAs. It stitches beautifully in the machine with very little lint build up – I find it works great for any job! (I answer questions about quilting threads in my Facebook group – feel free to join!)


My Starstruck pattern in Nordic Holiday fabrics (shipping this spring), quilted in Aurifil in the top and bobbin.

Recently I created a whole cloth quilt inspired by Aurifil using Art and Stitch software and stitched out on the BERNINA Q24 with Q-Matic software. It was based on quilting motifs from my Sewing Room Quilting Collection, which is digitized for both longarms and embroidery machines. There are 28 spools in this piece but in reality I have many more than 28 real spools in my stash! (I choose not to count because I don’t think one can have enough!)

Wholecloth quilt featuring motifs from my Sewing Room Collection

Wholecloth quilt featuring motifs from my Sewing Room Quilting Collection

Wholecloth quilt featuring motifs from my Sewing Room Quilting Collection

Wholecloth quilt featuring motifs from my Sewing Room Quilting Collection

When I don’t have time to change thread colors on a complex piece, I like to pair Aurifil Monofilament in the top with Aurifil 50wt in the bottom. The two work together beautifully without my even having to adjust the thread tension settings.! (Hint: I like to use a thread stand when quilting in monofilament on a domestic to allow the thread more distance to relax.)

Sewing Room Sampler, quilted with Aurifil monofilament and 50 wt. cotton.

Sewing Room Sampler, quilted with Aurifil monofilament and 50wt cotton

Northern Lights, quilted with Aurifil monofilament and 50 wt. cotton.

Northern Lights, quilted with Aurifil monofilament and 50wt cotton.

Starry Night Placemats and Runner (pattern shipping next month), quilted with Aurifil monofilament and 50 wt. cotton.

Starry Night Placemats and Runner (pattern shipping next month), quilted with Aurifil monofilament and 50wt cotton.

I love Aurifil’s brand of monofilament in particular because it results in a very soft quilt, even when you do lots of quilting! In fact, I’m such a fan of this thread that the folks at Aurifil let me include it in my Piecing and Quilting Collection! I also have a smaller Appliqué Collection featuring Aurifil’s 28wt. and 12 wt. threads. This is perfect for trying out these threads for other applications without a huge financial investment.


Both of these collections coordinate with my Nordic Holiday line, which ships this spring, as well, along with my new collection that will debut at Market.

I hope that you will take the time to try quilting with some of your Aurifil piecing threads – I know you won’t be disappointed!

Happy quilting!

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Amanda and her BERNINA Q24

Amanda and her BERNINA Q24

Always attracted to color, texture, and pattern, Amanda Murphy has been designing, drawing, and sewing since she was a child. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor of fine arts degree and worked as a graphic designer and art director in Alexandria, Virginia, and New York City. After moving to North Carolina with her family Amanda discovered quilting, an art that marries her passion for design with her enthusiasm for handwork. As she gradually expanded her knowledge of sewing and quilting techniques and combined them with the ideas she had been sketching over the years, Amanda Murphy Design was born.

Amanda markets her own full-color pattern line under the Amanda Murphy Design label and has designed several fabric collections.  Her fourth collection with Benartex will debut in Summer 2016.

[For more, please visit Amanda’s website]


Amanda Murphy’s Piecing and Quilting Collection
11 Large Spools 50wt (1422yds each)
2250 – 5017 – 2886 – 1128 – 5006 – 5007 – 2440 – 2225 – 2785 – 2600 – 2021
1 Large Spool Clear Monofilament (1094yds)

Amanda Murphy’s Appliqué Collection
2 Small Spools 12wt (54yds each): 1114 – 2021
8 Small Spools 28wt (109yds each):
5005 – 2425 – 2225 – 2720 – 2250 – 5017 – 2620 – 2785

Aurifil 2017 January Designer of the Month – Janet Clare


Welcome to Year number 7 of our Monthly Designer Challenge & Interview!

I’m Designer, Author, Talk Show host Pat Sloan. We are starting the new year right with our wonderfully talented friend Janet Clare. She is a Moda fabric designer and I personally hoard all her fabric lines!

This year we are celebrating the rainbow of colors in our color wheel. Each designer is assigned a certain color to create their block in.

You can listen to Janet chat with me  on my Talk Show  about her design work.

And the Challenge part continues as each month we select one random winner to receive a 12 spool BOX of Aurifil thread for just making the challenge block and sharing it at my website! (details at the end plus last month’s winner!)

Let’s get to know Janet!

Continue reading

Island Batik Week: Fresh Catch by Jackie Kunkel


Here we are at the final day of Island Batik week. What a joy it has been to not only present these stunning collections but also to learn more about the amazing women who designed them. We’re feeling incredibly inspired and are so looking forward to seeing what you all create with this gorgeous palettes. What is on your batik to-sew list?

As a recap, we featured one Island Batik designer each day this week to showcase new fabric & coordinating Aurifil collections. Each post offers a fabric + thread giveaway so make sure to visit all posts to learn more about our talented designers to enter-to-win some gorgeous prizes!

1/10 – Coastal Mist by Tammy Silvers 
1/11 – Glowing Embers by Cheri Good Designs
1/12 – Dotalicious by Claudia Pfeil
1/13 – Surf and Sand by Fourth and Sixth Designs
1/14 – Fresh Catch by Jackie Kunkel (YOU ARE HERE!)

To learn about Island Batik and the batik process, please visit their website. For a peek at the full range of Fall/Winter 2016 releases, in-stores now, click here or on the image below to browse the catalog. To check in on Island Batik’s news, please visit their blog.


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The Fresh Catch collection by Kathy Engle for Jackie Kunkel is a rich display of oranges, greens, and browns that remind us of a brilliant day of fishing in the NorthEast! Her coordinating Aurifil collection features twelve large spools of 50wt thread that compliment each other perfectly and serve to highlight the rich hues that are so typical of batik fabrics.


Fresh Catch
12 Large Spools, 40wt (1422yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
1147 – 2145 – 2155 – 2235 – 2310 – 2318
2390 – 2887 – 4150 – 4653 – 5009 – 5015


To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

How did you first get started in the world of sewing and quilting?
I actually began sewing in 6 grade Home Economics class back in the early 70s.  I sewed mainly garments, but did make my first patchwork pillow that I still have.  I was also very crafty and loved embroidery.  If I had a pair of jeans or a jean jacket it was like a blank canvas to me… it got embroidered.  But I really didn’t pick up sewing again until I was pregnant with my first child in early 1993.  I took out the sewing machine and began making baby clothes.  Then my hubby prompted me to “get a hobby” so I took a quilting class and it was history!

Link Em Up by Jackie Kunkel

Link Em Up by Jackie Kunkel

Who has been the most inspiring person within your creative career?
Now that is a tough question as there are so many people that I can name and for so many different reasons.  But I guess if I had to pick one it would be Judy Niemeyer.  I have followed her career since the late 90s and then went on to become one of her Certified Instructors.  I love teaching her techniques and patterns all over the country.

Scattered by Jackie Kunkel

Scattered by Jackie Kunkel

Do you remember the first quilt that you ever made and how you felt once it was complete?
Yes I do!  I made a Quilt In A Day – Star Log Cabin by Eleanor Burns.  It changed my life and thinking about quilting.  I thought it was revolutionary, the whole strip piecing, rotary cutting thing.  I was thrilled when I completed it from start to finish!  But I no longer have it, I gave it to my best friend.  It was made of blues and pinks in calico fabrics.  She graced her dining room table with it as it was a table topper.

What inspired you to open up your quilt shop, Canton Village Quilt Works, and what do you love most about being a small shop owner?
Truth be told, I am online only.  I never had a brick and mortar shop.  But I intentionally did online only as doing it this was allowed me to continue to design patterns and travel teaching.  But the inspiration was… of course… FABRIC!!! We quilters love fabric and have to have it.  I specialized in just a few different kinds and that was it.  Batiks were the biggest part of my inventory, then solids, Kaffe Fassett, and black and white fabrics.  So in answer to your question as to what I love most…. it was the fabric and being online gave me different freedoms than owning a physical shop.  It was a win, win for me!  Love every moment.

Asterisk by Jackie Kunkel

Asterisk by Jackie Kunkel

You recently moved from CT to AZ — how did that affect your business and have you found new inspiration with your new surroundings?
As far as the teaching and designing part, it hasn’t really affected it at all.  But the online part has downsized a bit.

What does being a Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor mean to you and your business?
To me it means everything.  I admire Judy as a designer, business woman, and a person.  I have learned many things from her and continue to…. being a Certified Instructor and Certified Shop enhances my career and my business.

A Walk in the Woods by Jackie Kunkel

A Walk in the Woods by Jackie Kunkel

What is your favorite quilting technique and why?
I would have to say that I love to paper piece and have designed a few paper piecing patterns myself.  In fact one in the collection that we are giving away is paper pieced, Spinning Wheels.  I love it for the accuracy in the results that it gives.  Also, it allows you to piece designs that you might not be able to do with traditional piecing methods.  A close second is curved piecing.

Spinning Wheels by Jackie Kunkel

Spinning Wheels by Jackie Kunkel

How did you first get involved with Island Batik?
Well….. I have been using Island Batik fabrics for quite a while, but my first “official” design for Island Batik was launched 2015.  It was my pattern “Who’s Got The Button?”.  After that Island Batik and I met at Fall Quilt Market 2015 and they asked if I would like to come aboard as a designer.  The timing was right and it has progressed from there.

What do you love most about Batik fabrics?
What is not to love?? Batiks are timeless, they don’t go in and out of style.  They are not trendy, they mix and play well with other fabrics, they are versatile, and so much more.  Each one has such variation in color and can give you a look that no other type of fabric can do. All quilters need to have batiks as part of their stash!!!

Treasure Chest by Jackie Kunkel

Treasure Chest by Jackie Kunkel

What do you love most about the Fresh Catch line and how has it inspired the projects you created?
Fresh catch is bright and bold! Anyone who follows me knows how much I love bright and bold fabric and to use these colors in projects is a delight.  One of the colors that is prominent in this collection is orange and some people find Orange difficult to work with and I wanted to show them how they could use it.  I think, I did orange justice… What do you think?


Do you have a favorite project that you’ve made using the fabrics and threads of Fresh Catch?
I love them all… That is a tough one.  I suppose I would pick Fractal first as it is a great representation of the entire collection.  Then I think I would pick Link Em’ Up because it is a very unique design using curves!!!

Fractal by Jackie Kunkel

Fractal by Jackie Kunkel

How did you first discover Aurifil threads?
I remember a friend of mine introducing them to me for piecing. She showed me that little spool and told me to give it a try.  I was all in at that point I love Aurifil’s 50 weight for piecing and for quilting too!

Do you have a favorite color or weight?
The one that I use the absolute most of is 2600  Dove for piecing.  However, I switch between that and 2311 Muslin.  They are both neutrals and are great for any kind of quilting or piecing.  But really you can give me any color and I can find something to do with it!!! So worth it!! Treat yourself right and get some Aurifil in your thread stash!




To enter-to-win 1 Large Fresh Catch Thread Collection, one Fat Quarter Bundle of Fresh Catch fabrics from Island Batik,  and one set of 6 new patterns from Jackie Kunkel & Canton Village Quilt Works click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, January 18! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Thursday, January 19. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Mary Okruhlik!!

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head-shotJackie has been a quilter since 1993 and has owned her own business, Canton Village Quilt Works since 2000. Beginning her business as a long arm quilter and then in 2009 adding an online quilt fabric shop! She has also been a quilt designer for magazines and fabric companies since 2009, a quilting Podcaster – Jackie‘s Quilting Chronicles, and a Certified (Judy Niemeyer) instructor and shop. Jackie travels throughout the country to lecture, do workshops and trunk shows. Jackie‘s first book was published in September 2015 by Martingale & Co-titled Splash of Color: A Rainbow of Brilliant Black and White Quilts. Jackie is also a Craftsy Instructor with two online classes, one is a Quiltworx exclusive and the other is her own!  Also, Jackie has her own line of published patterns in 2015, there are now 9 in the series with more to come!  This year will also mark a new beginning for Jackie as she moves to Arizona and begins designing fabric for Island Batik as well as the patterns that will go with the fabric!!!  

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Island Batik is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of cotton batik, rayon batik and hand-printed cotton from Indonesia. Originally established in 1997, Island Batik’s mission is to share the ancient cultural art of batik and hand-dyed fabric with our many valued customers around the world.

Island Batik Week: Surf and Sand by Fourth and Sixth Designs


We’ve arrived at day four of Island Batik week! We’re feeling inspired and we’ve got batiks on the mind! 🙂 We love seeing all of the projects and can’t get enough of seeing our threads involved in such beautiful works of art, but we also love learning about the designers. It’s fascinating to hear their back stories and to learn about what inspired the collections.

We’ll be featuring one Island Batik designer each day this week to showcase new fabric & coordinating Aurifil collections. Each post will offer a fabric + thread giveaway so make sure to come back daily to learn more about our talented designers to enter-to-win some gorgeous prizes!

1/10 – Coastal Mist by Tammy Silvers 
1/11 – Glowing Embers by Cheri Good Designs
1/12 – Dotalicious by Claudia Pfeil
1/13 – Surf and Sand by Fourth and Sixth Designs (YOU ARE HERE!)
1/14 – Fresh Catch by Jackie Kunkel

To learn about Island Batik and the batik process, please visit their website. For a peek at the full range of Fall/Winter 2016 releases, in-stores now, click here or on the image below to browse the catalog. To check in on Island Batik’s news, please visit their blog.


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The blues, greens and purples of Surf and Sand by Fourth and Sixth Designs provided the perfect palette for some gorgeous works of art. Mr. T is an underwater masterpiece. The way that the batiks combine with the quilting to create movement in the water is absolutely perfect. Barbara and Mary have outdone themselves with this collection! The coordinating threads come in 12 large spools of 40wt, perfect for piecing and quilting.

Surf and Sand
12 Large Spools, 40wt (1094yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
1125 – 1147 – 1243 – 2312 – 2370 – 2525
2783 – 2886 – 2890 – 4644 – 5005 – 5012


To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

What inspired the Surf and Sand collection and what did you like most about putting it together? 
As the collection came together it reminded us of growing up and enjoying time at the Jersey Shore. The calm, tranquility and colors of the beach are all represented in this collection.

What is your favorite project made with the fabric and threads from this collection and why? 
We made two very different projects for this collection so it is hard to pick a favorite. In both projects the fabrics did the heavy lifting and helped us create two beautiful quilts but the thread collection really came into play on Mr T. The thread colors coordinated perfectly with the fabric and makes the edge coloring appliqué shine.

Mr T by Fourth and Sixth Designs

Mr T by Fourth and Sixth Designs

How did you go about selecting the threads for your collection? 
We choose the colors based on the appliqué project. When you can get the correct color match then the appliqué looks great even if you are a beginner.

This collection includes our 40wt threads — where would you recommend using 40wt over 50wt in your quilting designs? 
We use the 40wt for a number of reasons. First, it is our choice when doing our edge coloring appliqué technique because the thread covers the edges quickly and does not have too much bulk. We also use the thread for machine piecing and longarm quilting. So we find this weight perfect for all of our needs. We do find the 50wt to be our preferred choice when doing a very dense quilting fill. When you are quilting this closely you do not want the thread to build up and the fine 50wt thread does a beautiful job.

Strips, Stacks and Stones by Fourth and Sixth Designs

Strips, Stacks and Stones by Fourth and Sixth Designs

Do you have a favorite color from this collection?
Our designs have always been inspired by the fabrics, colors, and textures we are using and the bigger the collection the better, this makes it difficult for us to choose a favorite.  On any given day our favorite will change.  We love them all.


To learn more about Barbara and Mary, how they got started in this business and how they came to start their business, please visit our post for 2016 release, Equinox.



To enter-to-win 1 Large Surf and Sand Thread Collection and one Fat Quarter Bundle of Surf and Sand fabrics from Island Batik,  click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, January 18! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Thursday, January 19. Good luck!

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Barbara_Mary1-300x199Barbara and Mary are award winning quilt artists and their quilts have been published in many quilting magazines and have been featured in Keepsake Quilting and Clotilde. They were born the fourth and sixth children in a close knit family in south Jersey. Their mother taught these Jersey girls garment sewing at the young age of ten. Skilled in all areas of sewing, Barbara began quilting in 1983 during the long New England winters while her husband attended the University of New Hampshire. She moved to Pennsylvania in 1990 and continued quilting as a hobby. In 2000 she left the corporate world to start her long arm quilting business, Quilted Heirlooms. Mary began quilting in 1992 when she moved to upstate New York. As a stay at home mom, she needed a creative outlet and immediately knew quilting was the answer she was looking for. She began teaching quilting classes in 1993 and eventually opened a quilt shop in 1999. Despite living 300 miles apart, Barbara and Mary began collaborating shortly after the start of their own businesses. This collaboration quickly became a partnership which has grown into the pattern and design company, Fourth & Sixth Designs. In 2008, C&T Publishing released their first book, StrataVarious Quilts. And in 2013 became fabric designers for Island Batik.

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Island Batik is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of cotton batik, rayon batik and hand-printed cotton from Indonesia. Originally established in 1997, Island Batik’s mission is to share the ancient cultural art of batik and hand-dyed fabric with our many valued customers around the world.