Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot: August

Welcome to Month 8 of our Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot! If you are just joining us, we’re presenting a brand new version of one of our 2012 blocks on the last Thursday of every month. We’ve been loving the opportunity to work on our hand-stitching, particularly because it’s a fabulous beach or picnic activity! This month, we are holding on to Summer with all of our might! Pull up a lawn chair and settle in for what may be your last month of outdoor stitching. We’re sad, but then again, the thought of curling up under a quilt, snuggled by a fire, does sound pretty appealing;). Where are you taking your hand-stitching?

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Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot: July

Welcome to Month 7 of our Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot! If you are just joining us, we’re presenting a brand new version of one of our 2012 blocks on the last Thursday of every month. We’ve been loving the opportunity to work on our hand-stitching, particularly because it’s a fabulous beach or picnic activity! This month, we are celebrating Summer! Where are you taking your hand-stitching? On the porch… at the pool… or still cozy on the couch with a great movie?

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Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot: June

Welcome to Month 6 of our Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot! We are halfway there and guessing you have a nice little stack of fabulous hand-stitched blocks. If you are just joining us, we’re presenting a brand new version of one of our 2012 blocks on the last Thursday of every month. We’ve been loving the opportunity to work on our hand-stitching, particularly because it’s a fabulous beach or picnic activity! Where are you taking your hand-stitching this Summer?

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2017 Spring Quilt Market, Part 1

Bradley Mitchell, ready for day 1 of Market!

There is an old Welsh proverb that seems to work particularly well with International Quilt Market…

“In like a lion, out like a lamb”

Market prep is always a beast, working on those last minute details, setting up promotions, confirming collaborations, and preparing booth activities. It often seems that the industry comes to a collective standstill for a week, but in fact we’re all running around furiously for 4 days to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that we’re able to visit with as many of our friends and colleagues as possible. And then… just like that… it’s over! It’s always hard to believe and we always find ourselves sifting through photos, trying to recapture the pure inspiration felt while walking the aisles of the show.

We’ve been back for a little over a week and have been bursting with excitement over new ideas, still reeling from the wonder of the demos and events we were able to share. We wanted to take some time over the next few days to share some of the magnificent madness with all of you, in hopes that you might all feel as inspired as we do!

What would Market be without Sample Spree? The frenzy and the excitement… the walking away with 10 boxes of thread and 10 new Fat Quarter bundles;). We’ve always loved seeing photos of the loot after the fact and love the buzz of energy that rolls through the room. This time around, we brought a mix of House & Designer Collections in a variety of weights, including a handful of our 80wt Best Selection 45-spool boxes — a HUGE hit!

L to R: Jenni Smith, Alex Veronelli, Hilary Jordan, Bradley Mitchell, Elena Gregotti, Erin Sampson, Alexander Winton, Donna Morales-Oemig, Kristi McDonough

We expanded our booth this year to allow for a bit more space to showcase displays, offer a separate meeting space, and introduce a demo/event area. We absolutely love how everything turned out and are looking forward to improving on the space even more for our Fall Market booth in Houston. 

We absolutely love the opportunity to showcase completed pieces by some incredibly talented Designers. This year’s showcases pieces were by Heather Givans, Pat Sloan and the 2016 Aurifil Designer of the Month team, Karen Miller, the Designers of Art Gallery Fabrics, Sari Thomas of Sariditty, Jenni Smith, AnnieMarie Chany of GenX Quilters, and our Sew Many Colors contest winners, Laura Piland, Jenny Nault Meeker, and Nicole Buckley. Thank you to all for so generously loaning us your art!

Full disclosure… the lighting in the convention center was terrible! I can’t help but share a few other images of the feature projects so you catch just how magnificent they actually are;).

Here is our Facebook Live tour for a little peek into the full booth layout and all that was presented there! I may have missed a few collections, but have no fear… we’ll be sharing more of that info with you soon!

Our demo table was one of our new additions and a focal point through Market. We had embroidery hoops ready for a bit of slow-stitching and loved that so many people popped by to join in, including our very own Elena Gregotti and Alexander Winton!

We were incredibly lucky to partner with Bernina to have a few machines at the table. Without their generosity, our demos would have been a total bust!! We also loved that Alex Veronelli spent a few moments at the machine! Thanks Bernina!!

We were so honored to welcome a top-notch list of Aurifil Designers throughout the weekend — Heather Givans, Pat Sloan, Karen Miller, Jenni Smith, Carolyn Friedlander, and Annie Smith showcased projects & collections, gave us tips & tricks, and even taught a few mini classes! It was such a delight and we were thrilled to broadcast each one out on Facebook Live to give everyone an opportunity to join in on the fun!

Heather Givans:


Pat Sloan: 


Karen Miller: 


Jenni Smith: 


Carolyn Friedlander: 


Annie Smith: 

We welcomed Aurifil Designer and Author Kathy Flowers to the booth on Saturday for a meet & greet and book signing in partner with Martingale. Kathy was at Market to launch her new book and coordinating thread collection, Oh Glory. The signing was a hit and Kathy quickly ran out of books! Thank you so much to all who attended!

At the end of the weekend, the booth got torn down and looked like this:

Everything is now packed and sorted and back in our US warehouse, ready and waiting for Houston;). We can’t wait!!


The Splendid Sampler Giveaway!

Today kicks off round 2 of The Splendid Sampler Sew Along! Event hosts and authors Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson released The Splendid Sampler book through Martingale last month and it is now shipping worldwide. The book offers 100 FREE quilt blocks from over 80 designers!! Are you ready to sew along?

The Splendid Sampler Quilt — from the book, now living with Jane Davidson in Australia!

The original event kicked off on February 14, 2016 and quickly became a worldwide movement! Quilters everywhere were sewing along, meeting for weekend sewing groups, sharing blocks online in the Splendid Sampler Facebook Group, supporting each other on Instagram, and collaborating with each other to learn new techniques. It was amazing to follow along, to witness the pure genius of it all…  We are proud sponsors and are thrilled to have the opportunity to watch a whole new wave of quilters join in, sew along, and become inspired.

[Our Facebook Live with Pat & Jane from International Quilt Market — May 21, 2017 in St. Louis, MO.]

click image for rafflecopter entry!


Want to WIN a copy of the book + a Large Let’s Go Sew Aurifil Thread Collection by Pat Sloan?


You don’t have to complete all of the options to be entered, but the more options you choose, the more entires you have! Tires will be accepted from now through 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, May 31. Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Thursday, June 1. Good luck!

Want more chances to win? Make sure to visit the Instagram pages for both Aurifil and Martingale


Want to grab your own copy? Visit the links below.

The Splendid Sampler Website
Blocks & Bonus Projects
Fabric & Tools
Meet the Splendid Designers — Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (there are 83!!)

— Tag #TheSplendidSampler on photos that you share
— Join the Facebook Group to meet other participant, ask questions, get sewing support and make new friends
— Add the blog button to your site – grab it here

We are honored to be a part of such a wonderful event and have to say a huge THANK YOU to both Pat and Jane for including us!the-splendid-sampler-industry-banner-v1-1

[Images courtesy of Pat Sloan, Jane Davidson, & Martingale.]


Splendid Sampler Book Release

The Splendid Sampler kept us sewing for a whole year and we LOVED it! The wonderful Sew Along hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson, kicked off in February of 2016, offering 100 FREE quilt blocks from 83 designers.  The 6″ blocks were offered every Sunday & Thursday and we know that many of you have already collected your blocks in files, folders, books, and more.

For everyone else, have no fear… Pat & Jane have compiled all of those fabulous blocks into a stunning book, available NOW via Martingale/That Patchwork Place


We are so incredibly excited to get this one in hand — a true collector’s item for what was a remarkable quilt along. Be prepared to learn new techniques, be exposed to new styles, get to know new designers, and, best of all, make new friends all over the world.

Co-Authors, Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan

In celebration of the release of The Splendid Sampler book, Martingale is hosting an EPIC giveaway featuring prizes from Moda Fabrics designers, Reliable Irons, Aurifil Threads, and Schmetz Needles in addition to copies of the book! To learn more and to enter-to-win, click here or on the image below to visit the Martingale blog.

Introductory Post for The Splendid Sampler
Sewing Along with the Splendid Sampler
Showcase Sunday: The Splendid Sampler Edition {6.19}
Splendid Sampler – Block 50 Celebration!
Splendid Sampler – Block 100 Celebration!

The Splendid Sampler Website
Blocks & Bonus Projects
Fabric & Tools
Meet the Splendid Designers — Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 (there are 83!!)

— Tag #TheSplendidSampler on photos that you share
— Join the Facebook Group to meet other participants, ask questions, get sewing support and make new friends
— Add the blog button to your site – grab it here

Moda Mondays: Pat Sloan, Let’s Go Sew!

Now that the snow is finally melting and Spring is actually in the air, we’re kicking off Moda Mondays, a super fun series designed to showcase a stunning lineup of thread collections by our treasured Moda Designers. Check in here every Monday to learn more!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to start up our Spring Moda Mondays with industry icon, Pat Sloan. Pat has written over 30 books, designed hundreds of quilts, designs fabric collections for Moda, curates thread collections for Aurifil, hosts a weekly podcast for American Patchwork & Quilting, organizes the Aurifil Designer of the Month program, and still manages to travel extensively for her lectures while peppering in fun events like The Splendid Sampler Sew Along and so very much more. She is a tireless crusader for quilting and sewing education and is generally seen as an inspiration to all;). So… we love Pat. Pat is just amazing.

Pat’s latest collection with Moda Fabrics is Sunday Drive, a group of incredibly versatile prints and colors all inspired by her memories of Sunday drives. Reds, blues, greens, and neutrals come together to create florals, batiks, and lattice prints. The coordinating thread collection shares a title with Pat’s motto, Let’s Go Sew! It is a terrific range of colors in 50wt that complement her fabrics perfectly, but would also make a terrific stash building box. The collection is available in both large and small spool boxes.

Let’s Go Sew
12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
4060 – 5021 – 2605 – 2630 – 2850 – 2720
2730 – 2785 – 2890 – 2882 – 5002 – 2260

10 Small Spool, 50wt (220yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
4060 – 5021 – 2605 – 2850 – 2720
2785 – 2890 – 2882 – 5002 – 2260

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got started in the world of sewing and quilting?
My first career was 20 years in computers. I’m a geek – I wrote code and managed very large teams of software engineers doing very long term projects. This means I’m a juggler and I know how to whip up a mean schedule.

In 2000 my husband and I decided to leave the corporate world and start our own small design business. So now we have been small business owners for 17 years.

You can read more & check out several other interviews I’ve done by clicking here.

Fall 2016 Quilt Market Booth

Do you remember the process of making your first quilt and how you felt once it was complete?
That was a long time ago, I was making a ‘bedspread’. You can read my sort of epic story about it right here.

For some reason that didn’t inspire me to continue quilting.  So, fast forward to when my girlfriend Gwyn signed me up for the 12 week, all by hand, cardboard template, ‘Learn to Quilt Class’ and for some reason, I loved it!

Let’s Go Ride by Pat Sloan

How did you first connect with Moda?
As a hobby quilter, my favorite shop loved Moda and carried mostly Moda fabric, so that is when I first used it. Every designer Moda has created fabric that I personally love… the designs just speak to me! So when I started designing patterns, I used Moda fabrics and eventually submitted designs and joined their team! It’s a dream come true to work with them.

Pinwheel Park by Pat Sloan

What do you love most about working with them?
There are so many reasons that I adore ‘My Moda Family’.  Every person from Mr. Dunn, the man who had such vision to start a business providing fabric to quilters, to the Design team with Cheryl Freydberg and all the Marketing folks, each and every person is a class act. They are generous, they are helpful, they are kind, and they give back. They give back to the designers, the quilting community and the world via their charity work.

I’m lucky enough to have gone to an event in South Africa with Mr. Dunn and his sons Brian and Josh. The company made sure all our instructor things were shipped over months in advance. Then the three of them helped the designers when we got there to be sure we had what we needed to teach. Plus they set up their entire booth for the event and talked to quilters for every day of the show. At the end we all took a day trip safari which was so much fun to do! That is just a little peek at how the Moda team supports and helps its designers and the industry.

What did you love most about putting your latest collection, Sunday Drive, together for them?
Every time I start a new fabric collection I have a theme to build off of. This is my write up I did for myself to start the collection:

“When was the last time you took a Sunday Drive? Maybe you left the city for the country market. Or you went from the country to take in a museum. A Sunday Drive was the highlight of the weekend when I was a little girl, and to be honest, it still is! The joy of exploring around the area with no plan is thrilling. We might find a new park to walk in, or a fabulous ice cream stand. Round the next corner and there is an adorable garden center or a fantastic farmer’s market. The part I love is having it unplanned. When I was little and family went for a drive, we didn’t know where we’d go, and we didn’t mind that. We rolled down the windows, enjoyed the wide open spaces and explored each stop on our Sunday drive! “

Do you have a favorite project made with the collection?
The Round About is my favorite made with Sunday Drive. I decided to use a lot of my light patterns from the collection and mixed my cottons and batiks into the same quilt. I wanted the quilt to feel very fresh and airy! It was so fun to see it come together and I like it in fabric even more than I thought I would!

Round About by Pat Sloan

What is your favorite thing to make?
I really love to do wall hangings and machine appliqué. I’ve done my fair share of small, medium and large quilts, but time and again I love to hang my quilts as art. I want to be able to see them. Creating ‘Let’s go Sew’ with my black polka dot sewing machine has been such fun. I am planning to make another in red & white and surround it with Splendid Sampler blocks that are sewing themed. Stay tuned for a challenge on that!

Let’s Go Sew Pattern by Pat Sloan

When did you first discover Aurifil threads?
I was part of an internet community called Second Life, where I hosted a group of quilters (of course!) and this guy named Alex wanted to join my quilt group. So, I asked him to tell me a bit about himself. He said he worked for a thread company and could they send me ‘some spools to try’.  I thought, why not…

Next came a suitcase of all the colors of Aurifil, from Italy… and THAT is how I found them! I kind of like Alex..

What do you love most about them?
The entire Aurifil team is passionate about Quilting. When I introduced Elena and Alex for their 30th anniversary party, Elena talked about how she saw these amazing pieces of art and was inspired to talk to her father about opening Aurifil USA. Their goal is to celebrate quilts, sewing, and the makers. They are also incredible team players working with all the companies in the industry.

On a personal level they are my friends. I met them very early on in the start up of Aurifil USA and we worked together to get the word out about this incredible thread.

You’ve been a champion for Aurifil threads for years, including being the creative genius behind the Aurifil Designer of the Month program. What do you love most about the collaboration?
I love interviewing the designer each month to learn more about them. It’s so easy in this fast past internet world to just see a photo and move on. But that photo was taken by a person with a story. I want to know how they got where they are, what inspires them, where and how do they work and create.

The designers really have fun, too, looking for just the right photo to share.

Then we do the fun block patterns, and it’s a surprise each month that I truly look forward to!!

Pat with the finished 2016 Designer of the Month quilt

Do you have a favorite color/weight and why?
Is this a ‘turn the table’ question? I ask the Designer of the Month the same thing and they also cry ‘uncle’! So now it’s my turn to pick ONE… (note- I allow them THREE colors!)

If I had to only have one color of thread, it would be from my Perfect Box of Neutrals,  5011, but you really should have the whole box!

How did you go about selecting threads for your latest Aurifil collection, Let’s Go Sew?
I put in a range of yummy shades that work with my Moda Fabrics. From aqua to blue, navy, red, green and that great pinky red (5002). There are 3 neutrals and then a fun neutral variegated 4060.

What top thread tip would you want to share with our readers?
Buy the big spools, they are a better value, and you can keep the threads tidy by locking the tail under the cap!

Where can we find you this year?
If you go to my website you can find all the projects I’m hosting this year.

Then sign up for my newsletter  where I give updates, tips & finds!

On Facebook, you can join me at my super fun group, Quilt with Pat Sloan.

and on Instagram too!


To enter-to-win 1 Large Let’s Go Sew Thread Collection and one Jelly Roll of Sunday Drive by Pat Sloan for Moda, click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Sunday, April 9! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Monday, April 10. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to our winner, Sylvia Lopez! 

Facebook Group:

Pat Sloan is a designer, author, and lecturer, and with her weekly radio show, Pat truly is the “Voice of Quilting”. She has a deep passion for making quilting fun for herself and everyone around her. Pat loves to hang out with quilters on the internet as well as visit you in person. Be inspired to get more done!

Having sewn since she was a child and quilted for over 20 years, Pat eventually looked to her craft as a business. After a few years quilting she started to teach quilt making to others and then turned her skills to pattern designing. She found that she really enjoys designing and seeing how other quilters made her patterns. In 2000 Pat’s designs became so popular that she and her husband Gregg formed a design and publishing company called Pat Sloan & Co. In addition to designing and publishing her work, they now travel around the country teaching and showing her quilts to quilt guilds and quilt shops. Also, Pat has had her designs published in all the national magazines, she has written 31 quilt books and has designed many lines of fabric for Moda Fabrics.

Visit her website for more info.

WebsiteBlogModa BakeshopFacebookInstagramTwitterYouTubePinterest

United Notions, Moda Fabrics and Moda Home is a multi-line fabric, notions and finished product manufacturer and distributor selling to the trade. We offer a wide range of fabrics, notions, patterns, books, quilting supplies and finished product in our Dallas warehouse. We have been in the quilting and fabric industry since 1975 and are constantly striving to bring you the latest and greatest in both our fabrics and other quilting and home products. Moda currently has independent designers as well as an in-house design staff bringing you some of the hottest new lines of fabrics and home product available in the industry.

We are committed to our dealers and retailers, and will not sell directly to retail consumers. Moda prides itself in being innovative and creative market leaders. High quality products and customer service will remain the cornerstones on which we base our growth and expansion.

We keep our information fresh, so bookmark us and check us often. We look forward to hearing from you.


Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot: March

We’ve made it to Month 3 of our Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot! On the last Thursday of every month, we’re presenting a brand new version of one of our 2012 blocks. What a great excuse to slow things down a bit and work on our hand-stitching. We love the portability of a hand-stitched project. It’s just as easy to stitch on your couch as it would be at a friend’s house, on a trip, or even by the pool! (Can you telling we’re dreaming of Summer days?)

Aurifil offers 270 stunning colors of both our 100% Cotton 12wt thread and Aurifloss, our 100% Cotton 6-strand floss. This year long stitch-along is a wonderful excuse to give some of those colors a try. 😉


Original 2012 Designer of the Month Quilt Setting

These blocks were originally made with Aurifil 12wt. Would you believe that our floss hadn’t yet been introduced in 2012? We love that this reboot gives us the opportunity to try the blocks out with a new thread, share blocks in a new colorway (hello B&W!) and reconnect with some of our beloved Designers of the Month! So without further pause, let’s check out February’s block!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe created her Spring if We’re Lucky block in March of 2012. She selected the image for this block because…

“I had to go with the shamrocks and flowers designing “Spring if We’re Lucky.” March used to mean “Spring”, so I added flowers to the shamrock. Although these days… it might be wise to start adding in some snowflakes.”

Amazing that her statement still rings true 5 years later. Depending on where you live, you may still have some snow kicking around in your own yard! Victoria used our 12wt in a range of 4 colors for this original block:

  • 2140 – Golden Yellow
  • 2865 – Dark Green
  • 2888 – Light Green
  • 4660 – Variegated pink

Learn more about Victoria and her block in the original post, right here.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
DOWNLOAD the Spring if We’re Lucky Pattern
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We were thrilled that Victoria stitched up this lovely new version of her block! Don’t you just love how the colors pop against the black and white? Victoria loves stitching with our 12wt thread and used 5 colors from her Fresh Modern & Timeless Collection to bring this beauty to life: 2975, 2520, 5017, 4020, 2430. The fabrics used are the Black Chevron and White Chevron prints from her Meadow Storm Collection. Perfection!

To keep things exciting, we’ve got a special giveaway. Stitch up the block and upload it via the linky party below. Each month, we’ll randomly select a winner to win one small Designer Aurifloss Collection. Who doesn’t love free thread (especially when partnered with such delightful free block patterns?)

So, in the words of our DOM Queen, Pat Sloan… Let’s Go Sew!!

Stitch up your very own version of Spring if We’re Lucky and upload a photo of your block to our linky party. We’ll randomly select one winner per month to receive a small box of our 100% Cotton 6-strand Aurifloss. Simply click on the button below to head to our link party page to add your block image. Entries will be accepted until 11:55pm on April 26. Winner will be chosen and announced here on April 27, the date of our next block!

Original March 2012 DOM Post
Spring if We’re Lucky Pattern
Aurifil Patterns Page

January — Roseann Kermes/Rosebud’s Cottage
February — Sherri Falls/This and That Patterns
March — Victoria Findlay Wolfe
April — Gail Pan
May — Thimbleanna
June — Pam Kitty Morning
July — Sarah Fielke
August — Bari J.
September — Amy Ellis
October — Amanda Woodward-Jennings/The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
November — Emily Cier/Caroline Patchworks
December — Lizzie B Cre8ive

Run by industry darling, Pat Sloan, the Aurifil Designer of the Month Program has been a mainstay of the Auribuzz blog since 2011. Each year, Pat brings together a new team of top-notch Designers, featuring one per month throughout the year. Posts generally share an interview, some fabulous images of projects made, studio spaces and more, a FREE block + a chance to win Aurifil thread. At the end of every year, Pat shares a suggested quilt setting. It is a great way to get to know new designers, to try new techniques, to share in a quilt along experience, and to do some collaborative quilting!

To find all of our DOM patterns, please visit: