Moda Mondays: Everyday Escape by Franny & Jane

Welcome back to Moda Mondays, a super fun series designed to showcase a stunning lineup of thread collections by our treasured Moda Designers! Check in here every Monday to learn more!

Manderley, by Franny & Jane (Frances Newcombe and Jane Davidson) for Moda is a unique collection of ocean and mansion inspired fabrics. The collection was born out of the desire to tell a story, something that the two designers did from across the globe with Frances in California and Jane in Australia!

The complementary thread collection, Everyday Escape, is a range of 50wt thread in sweet coordinating colors. Though the colors were selected to coordinate with Manderley, they represent an extremeely versatile palette — all the colors needed for an ‘everyday sewing escape!’

Everyday Escape
12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
2780 – 1320 – 2805 – 5017 – 2110 – 2311
5002 – 2530 – 2610 – 2600 – 4060 – 2021

Do you remember the process of making your first quilt and how you felt once it was complete?
Fran: Yes! I love appliqué, because I was an illustration major, so it was like illustrating with fabric! I went crazy when I made my first quilt with simple folk snowmen using the fusible appliqué technique.

Jane: I do. I went to a class when I was 19 and drew my own pattern, made templates, hand cut, hand sewed and quilted a queen sized quilt. I felt inspired and it ignited a passion for quilting that remains with me still.

Who or what has been your greatest creative inspiration?
Fran: Painting and textiles.

Jane: Nature and social media. I draw so much design inspiration from the beautiful flora and fauna and the landscapes that surround me.

Lotus Quilt by Jane Davidson

How did you first connect with each other and what do you love most about working together? How did the Franny & Jane collections come to be?
Fran: Jane and I met at Quilt Market in 2014, Jane called me a “soul sister.” I somehow knew intuitively that we were meant to work together.

Jane: Franny and Jane started as a conversation about fabric design. We sort of went from there and Manderley was created.

What drew you to Moda and what do you love most about working with them?
Fran: There is a wonderful timelessness connected to Moda and their fabrics… a sweetness to the fabrics and products that I think brings joy to the world. Also an excellence to their design and products. I have dreamed of working with them since I fell in love with fabric design.

Jane: Moda has always been a part of my quilting journey. I feel so welcome in the Moda family. I love their diversity of fabrics and the new and wonderful colours and prints that appear each season.

What inspired Manderley?
Fran: Manderley is based on the movie and book “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier. Jane and I loved the first screen and quote from the film…

“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”

There is something beautiful about driving up to a mansion near the sea. So we wanted to explore that time period of elegant fantasy and some of the Asian textiles of the 1940s…

A beautiful country estate near the sea: secret gardens and passages filled with treasures; a trove of blooms featuring Honeysuckle and Jasmine; a decorative style with an Oriental-inspired twist. Journey into a world of seashells and delicate motives, fresh colors that will excite any quilter.

Read more about the story of Manderley here.

Do you have a favorite project or favorite projects made with the collection?
Fran: I would say one of my favorite quilts that Jane designed was “Enchanted Garden” and I love the quilt we designed together, “Baltimore by the Sea.”

Jane: It is hard to choose a favourite. I designed and made 9 quilts for market last year but I must admit I have a soft spot for Enchanted Garden and Double Crossed. (see attached photos)

Enchanted Garden Quilt

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
Fran: I first discovered Aurifil in 2010. The colors are gorgeous and they are like butter to sew with. I feel like I have something luxurious on my machine when I have a spool.

Jane: I fell in love with Aurifil thread when I started long arming in 2011. It gave an elegance to my quilts with its silky appearance. I have an extensive colour and weight range to finish my projects from fine appliqué threads (80wt) to embroidery floss.

Do you have a favorite color/weight and why?
Fran: 5021 in 50wt. I love this neutral grey it goes with any color fabric and blends beautifully for piecing!

Jane: What can I say…”I’m in love with Dove”. I find I use 50wt 2026 for so many projects. It blends with so many fabrics.

Fran’s dog Rudy with her favorite spool of Aurifil

How did you go about selecting threads for your Aurifil Everyday Escapes collection?
Jane: Using the collection of spools I have in my quilting room, I laid the thread across the prints to see which matched or blended with the fabric colours and designs of Manderley. I took in consideration colours that could be used everyday. The thread collection contains many neutrals, including a soft, grey variegated thread. 50wt threads are perfect for piecing and I love the subtly of the 50wt when I quilt.

Baltimore by the Sea

Where can we find you this year?
We are busy designing and creating constantly, I think it is in our blood, and we both have different skills that work together. Jane has worked so hard releasing her new book with Pat Sloan “The Splendid Sampler” and I am working on my illustration and design portfolio.

Double Crossed

What’s next for Franny & Jane?
Bloomsbury, our next collection with Moda! It is inspired by the Bloomsbury group in London, which merges today’s modernism with the past influence of the Bloomsbury’s aesthetic in design, art, literature and textiles.


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Frances Newcombe (left)
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Frances graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1988 with a BFA in illustration. After college, she returned to her native Los Angeles, and began working in Broadcast Design for television. For over twenty years she has created on-air graphics, promos, and main titles for every major network including CBS, ABC and NBC, where she currently works freelance, as well as the Discovery Channel, TLC, E! Entertainment, and Buena Vista Television.

Her first love, however, is sewing, particularly quilting, and in the last several years she has devoted much of her time to various sewing projects and fabric design. She lives in California with her husband John and son Jonah.


Jane Davidson (right)
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Jane started quilting over 20 years ago by designing and hand piecing a queen sized quilt. Caught up in study and travel, it was not until 2010 did she rekindle her passion for quilting again.

“I love everything about quilting and the quilting industry. I am so inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity I see everyday.” A scientist at heart, Jane loves the engineering behind the quilt making process, the planning, the fabric selection, the designing and construction, and of course the quilting. She is always ready to challenge her skills when designing a new block or quilt.

These days you can find Jane in her studio running a professional long-arm quilting service, teaching, designing and planning her next publication.


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Splendid Sampler Book Release

The Splendid Sampler kept us sewing for a whole year and we LOVED it! The wonderful Sew Along hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson, kicked off in February of 2016, offering 100 FREE quilt blocks from 83 designers.  The 6″ blocks were offered every Sunday & Thursday and we know that many of you have already collected your blocks in files, folders, books, and more.

For everyone else, have no fear… Pat & Jane have compiled all of those fabulous blocks into a stunning book, available NOW via Martingale/That Patchwork Place


We are so incredibly excited to get this one in hand — a true collector’s item for what was a remarkable quilt along. Be prepared to learn new techniques, be exposed to new styles, get to know new designers, and, best of all, make new friends all over the world.

Co-Authors, Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan

In celebration of the release of The Splendid Sampler book, Martingale is hosting an EPIC giveaway featuring prizes from Moda Fabrics designers, Reliable Irons, Aurifil Threads, and Schmetz Needles in addition to copies of the book! To learn more and to enter-to-win, click here or on the image below to visit the Martingale blog.

Introductory Post for The Splendid Sampler
Sewing Along with the Splendid Sampler
Showcase Sunday: The Splendid Sampler Edition {6.19}
Splendid Sampler – Block 50 Celebration!
Splendid Sampler – Block 100 Celebration!

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The Splendid Sampler — Block 100 Celebration!!


Happy Valentine’s Day! What an amazing year it has been! We’ve absolutely adored the unveiling of each and every new block for the Splendid Sampler week after week. It’s hard to believe that we’ve already hit block #100! Though the blocks have all been revealed, this is by no means the end of the journey. We know that many are just getting started and we hope that you will continue flooding our feed with the stunning renditions of the blocks that we’ve come to know and love.

This magnificent Sew Along has been presented by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson, and we are endlessly grateful. They’ve inspired thousands of quilters, worldwide, to step outside of comfort zones, experiment with new techniques, collaborate and share with new friends, and contribute to something that is both inspiring and educational. We can’t wait to see the book and just know that thousands more will be inspired by this terrific year-long event!

Today, we’re thrilled to showcase your blocks — from #91 – #100. There are so many more to admire, so don’t forget to check in on #TheSplendidSampler on Instagram and visit the photo gallery in the Facebook group for more. And, once you’re done ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over all of the block beauty, don’t miss your chance to enter-to-win some amazing prizes!

The Splendid Sampler Banner

[note: Mouse over each image for the image source. An @ symbol means the image is from Instagram, a name means the image was taken from our Facebook gallery]

Block #91 – Gran’s Button Jar by Lynette Anderson

Block #92 – Double Bees  by Beth Bradley

Block #93 – Tiny Miracles by April Rosenthal

Block #94 – Skyscrapers by Stacey Lowe

Block #95 – Sunshine by Kim Niedzwiecki

Block #96 – In the Sunshine by Cheryl Arkison

Block #97 – First Purse by Di Mill

Block #98 – Fleur de Lei by Lynn Harris

Block #99 – Four Corner Spinwheel by Kimberly Einmo

Block #100 – Centered by Kate Spain

Introductory Post for The Splendid Sampler
Sewing Along with the Splendid Sampler
Showcase Sunday: The Splendid Sampler Edition {6.19}
Splendid Sampler – Block 50 Celebration!

The Splendid Sampler Website
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Meet the Splendid Designers — Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 (there are 83!!)

— Tag #TheSplendidSampler on photos that you share
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There will be not one, but MANY giveaways today on the Splendid Sampler site! Prizes include fabric, Aurifil thread, quilting books and MORE! All you have to do is head here, add a photo of your blocks and share what this journey has meant to you. It’s the perfect giveaway to finish up this fabulous event! Good luck and Happy Stitching!!

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